Nikon Wednesday 2017: #43

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Matt Laur, Nov 1, 2017.

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    I suppose I don't even have to guess whether or not we'll be seeing some Halloween stuff on this right-after-the-day Nikon Wednesday. So for those worrying if that would feel silly, I'll spare everyone the anguish and throw this one out there. My wife likes carving pumpkins, but she's pretty old school about it. So: Halloween if you've got 'em, or anything else! This JPG got a little wacky in the odd front porch light, but what the heck.
  2. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Red Dao women from northern Vietnam D810, 24-70mm f/2.8
    -c20171001158810_5940.jpg -c20171001132810_5914.jpg
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  3. kendunton

    kendunton Edinburgh

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  4. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    A walk on the pier in Oceanside, California O'side-pier.jpg
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  5. Last weekend at the French Quarter during the Louisiana Seafood Festival


    crime scene Barbie on Decatur St (sorry for the blown highlights)


    Bonerama (check out their Whipping Post cover!)

  6. Our retired racing greyhounds, both with the D800E and 24-70mm f/2.8 G AF-S ED.

    Mr. Blue
    08-Mr. Blue 2017 (D-2017-07304).jpg

    09-Shayna 2017 (D-2017-07299).jpg
  7. Some seasonal fun DSC_7531x1000.JPG
  8. #3 DSC_7580x1000.JPG
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  9. Power has been off here since Sunday night, making a bit of distraction, but here are a few from recently

    heartbreak hole.jpg

    Down by the river in Manchester, VT (D7100 and 16-85)
  10. A traveling horse

    traveling hoss.jpg
  11. And finally, in deference to halloween, here's a Middlebury propane tank dressed up as a zebra.

    striped tank.jpg
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  12. A moonlit night sky still shows a lot of stars.


    Nikon D800, AF-S 16-35/4 VR
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  13. Saint Mary Lake, Glacier National Park
    D810 with 70-200/4 at 98mm, f/11, 1/800s, ISO 320

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