Nikon Wednesday 2017: #2

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Hello Nikon folks, and no doubt at least a few people who have finally seen some actual wintery winter at long last. Didn't have time to be out shooting this week, but was doing a lot of overdue systems admin on the household network and pawing through some archived stuff. So with snow on my mind, here's a Wayback Wednesday from a pointing dog hunt test I shot in Pennsylvania once upon a time. These two gents are judges, on their way into the field to watch some dogs work birds in the snow. Hopefully there are some more 2017-ish winter scenes from the Nikon family this week. Let's see 'em!
  2. Winter at the South Coast of California: Isla Vista - Island View
    D500 with AF-S 80-400 at 80mm, f/8, 1/1000s, ISO100.
  3. We had a few really cold days; this is from Friday, Nuuksio, -22 C. In the forest it is not as hard as on open areas, but my camera was covered in white and my glasses were iced up when I stopped.
  4. This is from New Year's Eve.
  5. Way back to 2012 with this shot of Lexie who loves the snow.
  6. Here are some B&W reworks that I did. Hope your like them. Nikon Df
  7. Rowing in Austin in 20-degree F. weather.
  8. Here is a picture of my wife's Honda Pilot that's been moved off the driveway so the plower can do his job. We have a garage, but it is filled with stuff worth a fraction of the value of the vehicle - that makes sense, right?
  9. Ysgolion Duon
  10. Our snow is all but gone at the moment. This vegetation-covered fence is evidence of greener days in the recent past.
  11. Just before the snow a bird on the fence.
  12. Finally we get snow but it doesn't stop this jogger.
  13. NYPD on the job in the snow.
  14. The river freezes and then it warms up.
  15. Very nice, everyone. Sorry I can't follow the wintry theme while still getting rid of my holiday snaps - I'll try to make up for it once I'm back in Yellowstone.
    Speaking of Yellowstone, last week I (belatedly) did "earth" - ground animals. Next is "air". Watch the birdie.
    There appeared to be three young ospreys here, but they tended to trip over each other compositionally - plus I almost always blew the feathers (so much for highlight priority - some day I'll learn to check the histogram). I imagine in this one the youngster at the top is threatening to claw the face off anyone who comments on his paternity, given how different the eye colours of the two are. Or something.
  16. A man walks into a bar and asks if he can bring his pet in with him. Only guide dogs are allowed, but the man complains that it can get fierce when left outside alone, so the bartender relents. They stay there all evening, with the man sharing each drink, until, just before closing time, there’s a thud on the floor by the bar, followed by loud snoring. The man turns to leave, and the barman calls out to him “you can’t leave that lying there”. The man says “it’s not a lion, it’s a bald eagle.” The bartender couldn’t tell because it was in da skies.
    Or maybe they're laughing because I should have brought my teleconverter with me... (I do have much more dignified images of these guys, but everyone's seen a bald eagle looking dignified.)
  17. And finally a shot that isn't a 1:1 crop of me wishing I'd got a longer lens. (Actually I was expecting access to my camera bag for a wider lens, but got confused about logistics, so the 200-500 is all I had with me, and this was a creative workaround.) From Yellowstone I have many blurry attempts to shoot flame skimmer dragonflies, some fairly dull images of a heron, and lots of shots of swans which would be more exciting if I didn't live and work near swans all day (there are literally a load of swan statues just outside my work building). So have a nice sunrise, instead. For the air theme, there's a duck in it. Geysers next week.
  18. Winter hit pretty hard here in MN this week. I did get a shot of a Sharp-shinned hawk standing on our bird feeder platform in the back yard, shooting from a window in the house. Of course, all the other birds and squirrels were gone!
  19. Sunrise at the power plant
  20. Tim,
    That hawk looks like he/she is in good form. Must be eating well!
  21. Horse-drawn Carriage Ride.
  22. Best I could do was a cold, foggy shot. Ok, cold 71 degrees.
  23. For a number of years I've been keeping track of a place down the road - the old Hyde Manor, once a large, thriving resort hotel, long fallen into ruin. The owner has sought funds to maintain it, but it has been a lost cause for a long time. This winter, after years of threatening, the tower fell in.
    Here it was in December, 2015
  24. And here it is today....
  25. Just a minute ago my daughter alerted me that we have a Northern Flicker at our bird feeder just outside the kitchen window. I had to shoot through the screen.
  26. NO! I recently achieved my 'four score and ten', and consider myself to have earned the right to deny winter... From the summer...
  27. .....
  28. Female Cardinal during our rare snow here in the piedmont section of North Carolina over the weekend.
  29. [​IMG] In a city park in Candiac Quebec.
    PS Marcel I like that ice,. Some great bird shots also.
  30. His Majesty in my neighbor's back yard at lunchtime today. (Shot from my back porch.) He turned and cleared a six foot high fence in one bound immediately after I took this shot.
  31. Umbrellas

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