Nikon Wednesday 2017: #10

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  1. I found this wood duck downstream from the egret. I tried to get its attention, but all I got in return was a blank, wooden/plastic stare Wooden Duck 2.jpg
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  2. On the matter of sharpening, I don't apply much, but usually put in a little unsharp mask on the final, downsized JPG. I usually use either View NX2 to make the initial raw to JPG conversion, especially if there's any cropping, or Faststone Image Viewer if its less critical, and use Faststone for the sharpening at the end. Here's one straight from View NX2 with no sharpening. weather front.JPG

    D7100, 35/2.8 PC
  3. This one got sharpened a little bit, but the 85/2.8 with a flash does not require much. rectangular ladybug.jpg
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  4. Something in this picture does not belong here.... red chair.jpg

    D7100, 16-85
  5. Thank you very much. I do have a lot of joyful memories of T-Bone. We were very lucky with him - very well behaved with rather minimal training, but lots of love and attention from his human family. He was practically never without one of us, and the last year either my wife or I were always with him. And I have photographs to look at. I got my first DSLR primarily because of T-Bone, when I discovered that the compact digital cameras were terrible at capturing a young dog, always moving. I remember, I think, that you lost your golden retriever a year or two ago...
  6. Thank you. The memory of these dogs stays with us throughout our lives. Your coyote shots are terrific.
  7. I made these shots today when I saw This Red-tail flying with the clutched mouse in claw. Landing in a tree it soon made a quick lunch of the rodent. Shot with D600 70-200 f4 VR at iso 400, f5.6 @ 1/1250 sec. The image is cropped, sharpened and moderate noise reduction applied in Lightroom for viewing on screen.
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    Turkey Vulture

  9. Thanks for the workflow feedback, everyone. I'll kick off another thread as soon as I get the chance and try to get this sorted. (And tsypkin - thank you, glad you like them!) And yes, I'd love to be shooting wild carnivores not through a window, but we were a bit constrained in what we were allowed to do on that occasion!
  10. bnelson, your wood duck looks familiar to hundreds I used to have, plastic seam and an underwater keel with a weight attached on a cord to keep it from roaming.
  11. Dieter, I have the same issue. I regularly walk the beach for a couple of hours and keeping the bag lighter really helps. Have started to take a d200 w/o a battery grip and a tiny 35mm 2.0 giving me about 50 mil equivalent for some bresson type shoots. A 50 1.4 gives me about 80mm and if I feel energetic, an 85 1.4 gives 130mm. But as I await the replacement for the 810 as my d700 is closing in on 8 years old, I I too have been considering another vertical grip and L bracket. For 8 years of use and still doing what I need, they didn't really cost me that much. Maybe that is a way to justify it for you. Besides the comfort, staying tight on vertical shots for hand holding rather than having that elbow flying just could save the shot of a life time.
  12. @bob_bill, considering the "cost over the lifetime" might get me over (a) but does nothing to make the bulk and weight of the grip more bearable (b).<br><br>I don't have one on my D700 (actually had one and sold it); currently only the D500 and D7200 have one mounted to better balance with the longer lenses I mostly use them with. The D7200 definitely needs it and the D500 has it because it came along for free (if it hadn't I could do without).
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  13. Sorry for your loss...
  14. So sorry, Mikhail, about your loyal friend. I know that pain, but I know it passes. Still, nothing can replace that particular relationship. I feel for you, and am glad you've got lots of photos of your buddy. I feel like I've never taken enough with our canine friends.
  15. Dieter, I understand. Last night in the had the d700 with grip, a wide angle zoom, 85 and flash and heavy tripod with ball head on a sling over the other shoulder. Really noticed the difference. I would really appreciate a lama to haul my gear. They used to use them with hikers in the Sierras.

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