Nikon Wednesday 2016: #25

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    Hello everyone and a good first Nikon Wednesday of official summer (north of the equator, anyway). Around here, the corn is growing quickly, and looks well on its way to being "knee high by the 4th of July," a good sign for a healthy crop. While I was waiting for the sun to go down before sending a drone up for some "strawberry moon" moonrise shots last night, I had a chance to wander around in some corn to hunt for any interesting critters. But, I had an ultrawide lens mounted - so this little blue fellow was good to sit so still just inches away. A nice summer evening, not counting the mosquitoes. Been out in the summer heat? Share some photos!
  2. Hood reflection at Zion Natl PK.
  3. Been out playing around with flowers again. Nikon Df v/ Voigtlander 125mm SL.
  4. Here's one from my backyard over the weekend
  5. A well camouflaged frog. Almost missed this little guy, he was so well hidden.
  6. Now that I reduced the size, I will try it again.
  7. Gold Belly Dancer
  8. Purple flower
  9. Gull Wing
  10. Spirit of Dubuque heading out into the Mississippi.
  11. Last week I was privileged to video an informal recital by international concert organist Brink Bush. Brink was in the UK from Massachusetts to visit friends, but took time out to play the organ in Coventry Cathedral.
    As you can see by his smile, he was very pleased with the sound it made.
    D7200 + 18-140mm zoom-Nikkor @ 18mm - 1600 ISO.
  12. Here's a still-frame from the video.
  13. Another Nikon photographer...
  14. An iron man race passed close to where I live so decided to try some action shots of the cycle event. To best show motion I chose to use a slow shutter speed and pan with the riders.
  15. One of the last flying B17's was in town past weekend. The Experimental Aircraft Association was giving tours and taking people up for rides to help raise funds for the associations work keeping the planes in repair and flying. I was able to wait under the flight path and get a few photos as they came in for landings. Wanted the images sharp as I was shooting handheld at 300mm so was using a fairly fast shutter, perhaps too fast as some blur of the props might have looked better.
  16. Another closer..
  17. NIkon FE, 50mm 1.8 AIs, Fuji Provia 100.
  18. Glenn S.: Was that B-17 flying right over us in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle (where I took the picture above) into Boeing Field?
  19. [​IMG]

    D700 + 50/1.8"E"
  20. Use of my then-new toy - the PC Nikkor 35mm f/2.8. On Nikkormat FTn.
    Same lens still in use today, 45 years later
  21. No Brad, the photo location was Victoria airport on Vancouver Island. They were on tour so Seattle was likely on their route.
  22. Helsinki Samba Carnival was unfortunately rained upon, and there was some wind as well.
  23. But the participants remained in fairly good humor. The audience was not what it would have been on a nice day.
  24. The evening party fortunately was indoors. I guess the carnival suffers from bad weather every five or ten years.
  25. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon D750 with 24-120mm/f4 AF-S VR
  26. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    The richer part of Cape Town feels more like an European city than an African one.
    Nikon D750 with 24-120mm/f4 AF-S VR
  27. Feeling a bit abstract this week
  28. The bird flew away!
  29. My wife's camera has a nicer viewfinder, so I swiped it.
  30. [​IMG]This is a boat in the St.Lawrence river in St.Catherine Quebec. Boat locks to lower or raise boats like the one you are seeing here is just to my left. I am on a dirt road which may be part of Native Indian territory. There were two bright and shiny spots on the boat so I ended taking three shots two stops apart so in essence this is an HDR image. The tech specs is based on the first shot.
  31. Some unusual clouds in parc st.catherine.
  32. Nectarine. My daughter says there's a smiley face in the stem.
  33. Granddaughter at the beach making mud pies
  34. Playing
  35. Posing on a log
  36. oops, here it is
  37. Steve - favorite granddaughter and a tree trunk. Does not get any better. Have a great day!
  38. Boat lock in St.catherine Quebec - boats are raised or lowered in this body of water.

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