Nikon Wednesday 2016: #2

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Jan 12, 2016.

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    The holidays are more or less over ... but the bigger the light display, the bigger the procrastination when it comes to taking them down. These big old retro-style lights have been strong together for nearly a quarter of a mile along the field stone wall at one of our favorite orchards. We happened by just as the sun had set and an arctic front was marching over the dark rural horizon ready to deliver a snow squall.

    Hello Nikon people, and a good second Wednesday of the year to everyone. Share some photos!
  2. A freight train in Crestview, NW Florida.
  3. One photo the lead locomotive moving a empty coal train through Crestview, NW Florida.
  4. It was 3 Kings' day last week, but this guy did not come by. Drat.
  5. Sitting at the kitchen table I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today.
  6. From back in the summer
  7. Spent the weekend in Yosemite Valley, weather was cooperating rather nicely. And I wasn't the only photographer taken in the Valley View.
  8. A little later with the setting sun illuminating El Capitan
  9. Ahwahnee Elevator Lobby; over-mantel stencil by Jeannette Dyer Spencer.
  10. Laguna Gloria in Austin was built in 1916.
  11. Packed away this past weekend
  12. Cold start of 2016.
  13. I've previously posted a similar colour shot to this, but I actually prefer this monochrome conversion and crop.
    D7200 (MKI!) + 18-140 kit lens.
  14. Back in the Nikon fold! Got my D750 Christmas gift+lens! Here is the very first (accidental) shot.
  15. This Blue Jay was kind enough to stop and pose.
  16. Pot holes.
    N90s and BW conversion from Velvia
  17. First chance I had to see the wintering Monarchs
  18. Phil, I like your Monarchs shot. Where did you take this?
  19. Bob, on the Ellwood Mesa in Goleta, CA there are large groves of Eucalyptus trees that are wintering places for Monarchs. If you're in the area drop a note and I'll give you detailed directions, or go to I'm very fortunate to have this place about 3 miles from home.
  20. From a club appearance of some friends of mine...Cheers!
  21. From Taos, New Mexico. A random shot through window while driving.
  22. Some lights in S. Korea.
  23. [​IMG]
    Nikon D750 with Nikon 17-35F/2.8
    Large here.
  24. D7200 with Tamron 17-50F/2.8
  25. D7100 with Tokina 12-24F/4.0
  26. Taken in the town of Laprairie Quebec. this is part of a low-to the ground trailer connected to a vehicle in a parking lot. Looked abstractedly appealing to me.
  27. In a candiac quebec backyard
  28. First time contributor here in the Nikon forums. Some of my first shots with my new D7100 while trying to get the hang of it...
    Nikon D7100, Nikkor AF-S 55-300mm F4.5-5.6 G ED VR, 270mm, f14 @ 1/250, ISO 400

    Nikon D7100, Nikon Series E 50mm f1.8, f8 @ 1/100, ISO 200, natural light from window

    Lisa - D7100, Nikon Series E 50mm f1.8, f1.8 @ 1/40, ISO 1600, light from ceiling fixture

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