Nikon Wednesday 2015: #32

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Good Nikon Wednesday, everyone. You know why I don't mind staying up until midnight to launch these threads? Because I've always got something else to do anyway. If nothing else, it's Trash Night (our local contractors start making rounds about sun-up to pick up trash and empty the recycle bins, so it's put it out the night before or too bad!).

    And that means wandering out into the sickly, hellish glow of the sodium vapor street lights that give so many suburban neighborhoods their wan, monochromatic flavor after dark. There's no moon to speak of, so orange it is. Here, our noble Mixed Recycling Bin will stand its lonely watch until sunrise. Are you up too late, too? Share some photos that seem like a good idea when you're tired!
  2. It's a trash night here, at the California's Central Coast, too. My shot is two young dogs at play: a year old Dalmatian and a seven months old golden doodle.
  3. And here is a portrait of a 14-year old dog...
  4. And another old dog: an 11 year old golden retriever
  5. Mikhail: Love the expressions on those two youngsters.
  6. Gimme that camera.
    Nikon V1, 10-30 kitzoom
  7. Hello dear Nikon friends, hope you're enjoying your summer! A couple f photos I shoot recently for a live event...take care!
  8. Here's my friend Mark performing at last week's Cambridge folk festival and looking a bit sinister. Not lit by Sodium light, but the stage lighting was equally impossible to colour balance - hence the B&W conversion.
    D7200 + kit lens at 140mm.
  9. Went to Bushkill falls in PA couple of weeks ago. Here are some shots from there. Enjoy looking. Nikon D800 + Nikon 17-35mm f2.8
  10. Bushkill Falls 2
  11. Bushkill Falls #3
  12. This has been a week of running antique machinery including steam tractors. At the recent Thresherman show, crop rotation changed to corn and I was finally able to take this tractor "portrait" against a cornfield.
  13. Monarch Butterfly Season
  14. and another one
  15. a third one for luck
  16. Last shot of the day before bed, taken from my deck the other night. The green light in the left corner is my wife finding a porcupine in the grass.
  17. Here's my first night shot & long exposure, done a few weeks ago. Not too bad for my first one.
  18. A mix of late night lighting
  19. Chris Speaker, I'm in PA and so will have to find your Bushkill Falls. Here's a piece of Buttermilk Falls from a recent trip to the Finger Lakes in NY:
  20. Low tide Wachapreague, Va.
  21. I certainly hope I never consider this a good idea for myself even when tired: saddle up a Brahman Bull and ride it in the El Desfile Histórico! Rider appears quite confident though! Old Spanish Days Fiesta in Santa Barbara. D810 with AF-S 80-400 at 290mm, 1/400s, f/7.1, ISO 200
    Fiesta Stock Horse Show & Rodeo "Controlling the Cow", D810 with AF-S 80-400 at 135mm, f/8, 1/1250s, ISO400

    D810 with AF-S 80-400 at 155mm, f/8, 1/1250s, ISO720

  22. Well the D810 can do rodeo :)
    Mine is Gas Works Park
  23. s/v When and If off Vineyard Haven harbor at sunset.
  24. Well the D810 can do rodeo :)
    In hindsight, I should have used the D700 - my hard disk space would have shrunk a lot less ;-)
  25. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon D7200 with 600mm lens, f4.5, 1/1600 sec, ISO 250
  26. [​IMG] I just happen to have a recent night shot at an open air concert held in Candiac Quebec.
  27. Late-evening/night glow, but the sodium-vapour colour allowed itself to stand corrected this time...
  28. Harthaven, Martha's Vineyard, by moonlight
  29. Sunset over the Elizabeth Islands from Prospect Hill, Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard.
  30. better late than never. Some sport pic's using my old D7000.
  31. Melbourne, FL
  32. [​IMG]These geest came out of nowhere and quite unexpectedly. I was lucky to get this. Location Candiac
  33. Went to San Diego for a few days to entertain my little girl. Visiting the Sea World is a must. Although the Shamu show is still a big attraction, I think the Dolphin and Sea lion shows are much better now.
  34. After 2 months of non-stop canicular weather, finally I have time to spare and decided to find some cooler areas along the Danube river , relax and take pictures...
  35. ...and the last one :
  37. Started taking my camera out to work with me now ...

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