Nikon Wednesday 2015: #26

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    You never know what you'll nearly step on when strolling the grounds with a client. While the shoot was too pedestrian to show the why-we-were-there results here, I was for some reason struck by this display of prime numbers that turned up under foot. I suppose it's possible it fell from space, just like those single shoes you see on the side of the road. Photographed half a pair? It's Nikon Wednesday: Share!
  2. For any Canucks celebrating Canada day.... D800E , 70-300mm @ 300
  3. Usually I'm programed to do landscape work with Medium format, but on this trip two weeks ago, did an initiation of Point Lobos hike with my 35mm Nikon FM3a with a Nikkor 55mm Micro, and some Ektar. It was LIGHT, and fun. Got the end of the day in MF.
  4. Out for a sunset, with strange cloud but this light over The Horns.
  5. Liisa & Dem Babies at Esplanadi stage on Monday.
  6. Second image from the same performance.
  7. Finally a close-up.
  8. Good Day my friends! how's your week so far? Feeling good? have a drink... cheers!
  9. Here are mine for the week. Nikon Df w/ Voigtlander 180mm macro.
  10. This couple was walking in the dunes on Lake Michigan's western shore.
  11. The knob broke off our inexpensive (not Le Creuset) casserole so I went out to the garage to look for a replacement. Found this.
  12. A pair of flowers, some variety of day lilies I think...
  13. If the shoe fits -
  14. Enjoying a rainy weekend.
  15. Rows in front of the money machines...
  16. Happy Canada Day to all.
    Here's 3 of antique fire engines that were on display during Summerfest last weekend.
  17. From an older engine- nice shiny connections.
  18. This seems like a good name for a fire engine manufacturer.
  19. @ Chris Speaker... #2 is a very nice capture. Love the framing and how serene that shot is. Nicely done.
  20. Neighborhood kids going door to door looking for yard work
  21. Don't you ever just feel like shouting at the top of your lungs because it feels good!
  22. Iris talking to the neighbors from the porch
  23. Great photos once again.
    Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot a slalom ski tournament and got some interesting shots.
  24. Another
  25. This has some cool texture
  26. Last nights sunset at Santa Barbara Marina
  27. Pastel Colors over Santa Barbara Breakwater
  28. Fishing vessels Santa Barbara Marina Blue Hour
  29. @Kent Shafer: you may not want to put that lid in the oven though...
  30. A Hooded Oriole upset about a Goldfinch interrupting his bath
  31. Decided to take a break from the household tasks that have been occupying my time lately to shoot some backyard flowers. These were planted by the previous owner and I have no idea what they are.
    While I was shooting, I had a visitor.
    Both shots were with D600 and 55/3.5 Micro-Nikkor. The second is cropped heavily, as the 55 is not the best lens for bugs.
  32. Had a chance to watch all this fab fish coming into the port (Valdez, AK).
  33. Having an issue loading this. Subsequently the system wouldn't let me load another pic. No big.
  34. Pena National Palace in Sintra over a weekend trip to Lisbon
  35. [​IMG]Under some trees next to the river front - Candiac Quebec
  36. [​IMG]Taken in St.Thomas (Caribbean) while I was on a boat.
  37. @Dieter: I was concerned about the oven and kept a close watch, but it survived a couple of hours at 350° F with no apparent harm and no noxious odors.

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