Nikon Wednesday 2015: #21

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, May 26, 2015.

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    Howdy Nikon people. Yes, it was a long holiday weekend, and across the nation, millions of grills were fired up. Including ours. Sausage, it was. Any primitive rituals happen in front of your camera? Share!
  2. Usually a B&W shooter with film or digital I admit to smiling when I saw the soft colors and tones produced by home developed Portra 160.
  3. ... and I smiled when I saw the contrast and 'drawing' of this old lens. Welsh Poppy.
  4. matt, i hate you for this...
    forgot my wallet at home..hungry..and then i see this.
    now for something completely different
    shun, you should go to one of these ;)
    this band is called sylosis. a british metal band.
    nikon d3, iso 400, 24-70, 1/5th, f 2.8
  5. The annual Airshow visit....well, one of 4 this year! This one is Duxford VE Day Commemoration. (Should read ISO 200)
    Hawker Fury
  6. B17 and Friends.
  7. De Havilland Dominie (DH 89A). Military trainer variant of the more famous D H Dragon Rapide, built 1941.
  8. weekend trip to New Mexico to visit son. Just north of Santa Fe.
  9. Hello everyone. Edwin B Forsythe bird sanctuary birds for me this week. Nikon D800 w/ Nikon 300mm f4. Enjoy.
  10. A ritual for some perhaps, this was my first time there
  11. Mike - I really like the looks of that De Havilland. I'd like to see a shot of it in flight. Thanks for sharing it.
    I am as captivated (or more) by the details and transformation of flowers as they age and wither as when they are fresh and at their 'peak'. This is an older rose on one of our rose 'weeds' (I've tried for years to kill this by cutting it down to the ground but it won't die).
  12. Two different eras, an L-5 and the ubiquitous Huey arriving at the Tuskegee, Al airport for the annual fly-in.
    Rick H.
  13. Tribute to BB King
  14. One More
  15. Purple Lupine in the front yard.
  16. Calico Pennant Dragonfly (Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve, Pennsylvania)
  17. The conductor.
  18. Janna performed at the World Village Festival in Helsinki on Saturday.
  19. Marimekko had their annual summer fashion show outdoors.
  20. Thankfully this time the floor of the catwalk was white, so it was possible to shoot into the light.
  21. Santa Barbara Zoo, Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
  22. White-handed Gibbon
  23. Chilean Flamingo
  24. It's hard to convey pictorially, but we have a Siberian maple tree that, when it blossoms, fills with honeybees. When you step outside, the entire tree is buzzing.
  25. the Korean lilac is also blooming, which bodes well for bug chasing. The butterflies and hummingbird moths have not found it yet, but the bees are getting in. It's not always easy to bag a bee, though.
  26. The very primitive ritual of relaxing in the sun....
  27. [​IMG]Taken late yesterday afternoon with the sun catching some wild flowers. Laprairie Quebec
  28. Our family was fishing at the cottage. No keepers, so we grilled pork chops instead!
  29. A couple of shots while out hiking along the James River the other day, both taken with D80 and taking 50-135 lens
    Dragon fly
    Broad-headed skink
  30. Happy Wednesday, I've been shooting a lot at the river and creek area here in Central NJ. Here are a few shots from this week.
    Edit: This is the Nikkor AF-D 180mm f2.8 @ f4
  31. Frog time from sun down
  32. Frog time at sun down (retry??)
  33. A young deer I ran across at the wood edge.
  34. I was at a "Steampunk" photo shoot on the weekend
  35. and another image from the shoot
  36. and a third
  37. Lorne--all portraits excellent! And the third reminds me of the "Afghan Girl"..very nice!
    Thanks for posting...
  38. Trying out a new D7200 on the spiraea bushes along my front walk.

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