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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, May 12, 2015.

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    Hi Nikon folks. Hope everyone's enjoying their May. We were lucky, here in our area, to be able to wander into a river-side park along the Potomac a dozen miles upstream from a unique downtown event. Passionate organizers planned long and hard to arrange for dozens of vintage WWII aircraft to do a fly-by just over the DC mall in honor of the 70th anniversary of VE Day. I'm not sorry we stayed up-county, as the gathering formations lined up right along the river and we got to enjoy it with a small clutch of other people. There were some very knowledgeable folks there to see the spectacle, including the dad you see below, giving a play-by-play as his indulgent daughter scanned the treeline for the next wave. B-17s, B-24s, P-51 Mustangs, the only remaining flight-capable B29, Curtiss P-40s, and more. It was a treat. I shot some not-very-stable hand-held video, which sounds better than it looks!

    Had anything fly by this past week? Share some photos!
  2. Curtiss P-40s, just like those few that were able to scramble during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  3. Hi Matt and the the rest of the Nikon buddies! I wish you had a very good start this week. Share your lovely pictures! Cheers!
  4. Nothing flying by in this shot. Just a quiet still morning with the sun lit trees.
  5. Well, there were a couple of these ...
  6. and a pair of these
  7. and this two
  8. Here are a few things from a recent walk though a local park. Nikon 1 V1 w/ 30-110mm lens.
  9. Good morning. Was able to photograph 15 seconds of excitement Monday when the Amgen Tour of California's second stage passed near my town. The first photo is the breakaway group.
  10. I wasn't able to get closer or increase the focal length for a better shot of this pair of Sandhill Cranes resting yesterday, while on their migration. But here they are, wondering what I'm up to.
  11. #2. Main pack passing under railroad overpass just north of Lodi, CA
  12. #3. Wide angle of group. Rider at far right in yellow shirt is Mark Cavendish from Great Britain. He won this stage as well as stage 1.
  13. Stuck my camera out the car window and snapped this while flying down the road to work the other morning.
  14. I caught a barbell flying from the ground to overhead.
  15. It's freezing and rainy again today, but we had a couple of days of something like spring, and an insect flew by so I chased it. I borrowed my wife's D7100 and used the 85/2.8 on that. This is a crop as far as Capture NXD would allow, no sharpening. Not so bad.
  16. Back to the D3200, it's forsythia time again.
  17. Stopping by a park, some mechanism caught my eye. Fortunately nothing flying out of this one any more.
  18. From a D100 and a favorite lens, a giant 85-250 Nikkor from the 70's. A couple biplanes playing chase.

    Rick H.
  19. Lovely Spring colors now popping up here in MN. Here's my granddaughter out at Great Grandma's.
  20. My wife and my mother enjoying the Spring day.
  21. Spanning 4 generations, great grandma to great grandchild.
  22. Beach Fly-By
  23. Warm weather means getting out on the water. This week's kayak adventure was up Tuckahoe Creek near Ruthsberg MD. Very peaceful with lots of birds, turtles, and assorted wildlife. Photos taken with an AW100.
  24. Reflections and river grass.
  25. flying over.... A chopper on the way to an oil rig in the north sea yesterday.
    df. 300 1,4E PF ED, 1/4000 at f4
  26. same camera, same lens, same settings
  27. the same aircraft just after take-off
  28. I've been out working on one of my river projects so I have a lot of new files that I can share.
  29. More feathers
  30. Lovely Mr Frog
  31. [​IMG]From my afternoon walk in Candiac Quebec - within the last two days, the leaves are really sprouting and this image is evidence of that.
  32. [​IMG]My granddaughter reading in the park on a cool but sunny spring afternoon.
  33. [​IMG] Dandelions and long legs - Candiac Spring - Quebec

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