Nikon Wednesday 2015: #18

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, May 5, 2015.

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    Greetings, Nikon people, from our local avian biker gang. What have you been shooting? Share!
  2. Wings of Freedom Tour of the Collings Foundation was in town: Dual Control North American TP-51C Mustang “Betty Jane” on landing approach about one hour before sunset:
  3. Same North American TP-51C Mustang “Betty Jane” shortly after take-off:
  4. Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress “Nine-O-Nine” shortly after take-off:
  5. Lovely shots Dieter. Ok, so flying things it is. Coventry airport last weekend. Classic air force open day. An old non flying Avro Shackleton was to be run up for the crowds. Was worth going just to see, and hear, that.
    Running in full harmony, three out of four, one would not cooperate unfortunately.
    D700, iso160, f/13, 1/160, 38mm


    Six blades to each engine, swinging the props prior to start up to circulate the oil
    Another crew member outside watching over the engines in direct contact with the cockpit.
  6. Hello dear Nikon friends, how's your week so far? Keep your beautiful shots coming. Last Sunday we went for a ride to lake Vouliagmeni in Loutraki. The weather was excellent and I took some pictures, Cheers!
  7. Sitting in Burnett Park recently, I noticed for the first time the enormous Man With A Briefcase cut-out silhouette sculpture was reflected in the building windows across the street, and visible through the cut-out.
    Looked like Rorschach from Watchmen.
    Nikon V1, 50/1.8D AF Nikkor via Fotodiox adapter.
  8. [​IMG]
    d3, iso 800, f6, 1/6400 @130mm
    rasputin, a siberian eagle owl.
    i went to this birdshow because it was announced as rasputin's first attempts to fly.
    he was 4 months old by the time and already quite big.
    beautiful birds.
    i wish i had a tele :)
  9. Here are some more flowers from me this week. Nikon Df w/ Voigtlander 180mm SL macro.
  10. flower 3
  11. I don't normally do the bird thing, but this past weekend my wife excitedly called me into the kitchen to see this bird hanging around our deck feeder. I ran into the office grabbed my camera and took this before it flew off.
    D4 + AFS 70-200 @ 200mm.
  12. So I thought I'd like something closer - ran into the office and mounted my 200-400. Woody didn't come back so instead I took this. How many of you have shot at 400mm inside your family room?
    D4+AFS 200-400 @ 400mm
  13. resent trip to New Mexico to visit my son.
  14. photo #2
  15. photo #3
  16. A different kind of flying...
  17. 2nd shot...
  18. Dragged the shutter on this one
  19. Bringing things back down to earth here are some Grape Hyacinth, I think? in the front yard.
  20. Spring is here at last, in Wisconsin.
  21. Derby Day ball event photo. d700 135 2.0 at 2.0 and matching bokeh setting. L side bounce off white wall with un-gelled flash for cool light on face to contrast with warm light from setting sun illuminating rest of hotel area.
  22. This week Dick and Jane go to the Big City....
    More specifically to the great bustling mall. Well, the mall anyway. Things are not looking too good there. In its heyday there would have been at least a half dozen cars visible!
  23. The mall still has a few amenities, such as kid rides. Rumor has it that Generalissimo Franco is dead, but I'm not sure the news has made it to Falgas, the Spanish manufacturer of these.
  24. Don't worry, though. If you can find out where the adult in charge is hiding, you can get into the bouncy castle ride. Just make sure you follow all the rules. Have a smiley day.
    All these pictures, by the way, were taken with the usual D3200 and kit lens.
  25. May Fair at the local historical house.
  26. From the other day just before the full moon
  27. In Helsinki, a May Eve tradition is that students put on a white cap on the head of a statue downtown.
  28. [​IMG]Mine is from Candiac in Quebec. A strange section of trees look as if some very strong force went through and yet we are not a tornado area. I thought I saw a wooden flower with this one.
    PS Great shots as usual and as always the variety is stunning. Panayotis - wish I was there at that lake. Les, Bob and Lex - love the portraits. Chris and Scott - love the clarity and details, Elliot - outstanding timing and focus to name but a few.
  29. A samba percussion group appropriately dressed for May Eve.
  30. And on May Day there was a march organized by some anarchists...
  31. [​IMG]Taken two days ago in Laprairie Quebec down by the waterfront just after the sun set. New Spring buds.
    The image was rotated horizontally.
  32. [​IMG]St.lawrence river scene - Laprairie Quebec
    the 10-20mm is Sigma
  33. Happy Wednesday, I've been continuing a river documentary project so I have a lot of new images to sort through and available to share. Enjoy!
  34. Red Tail off in the trees
  35. One more of the hawk.
  36. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Harbor seal (Phoca vitulina), D7100 with 500mm/f4 lens @ f5.6, 1/1600 sec, ISO 360.
  37. " a march organized by some anarchists..."​
    Wait, what? Anarchists can organize? Who's in charge of organizing? Wouldn't that make them hierarchists?

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