Nikon Wednesday 2014: #9

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    A Nikon Wednesday to everyone. This being the official Winter Of Our Discontent (it's supposed to start snowing here again in about three hours), drastic measures are necessary. There had to be someplace to make photographs that would in some way address this ongoing assault. Yes! The local brew-pub's official brewer was just the guy to talk to. He has lots of shiny toys.

    Photographed anything shiny, alcohol-related, or otherwise soothing to the soul in this endless winter? Share! Here's a pump fitting in a row of fermentation tanks.
  2. And, some transfer pipes, with hardware monitoring and control gear in the background.
  3. And once the work's done, it's stored in distribution tanks (giant kegs, really) that feed pressurized service right to the taps on the bar. Science!
  4. Walking through Shadowland on a recent night.
    Nikon V1, 10-30VR @10mm, ISO 3200, 1/13th sec @ f/4
  5. Because it's been so horribly cold, I haven't been to the zoo in a while. Finally, it was warm enough last week.
    This old lady is normally very reclusive. On this visit, she finally agreed to pose for me. As a bonus, she even stuck out her tongue!
  6. Here's a Red Panda.
  7. This comes from the Frosty Morning on the West Course Series
  8. [​IMG] Taken back in December 2013 in my area of Candiac Quebec.
  9. [​IMG] taken around midnight in Southern Quebec. Reports indicated there was a slight chance for the Northern Lights and I was not able to what i was hoping to see.
  10. [​IMG]Banyan Tree details in Fort Lauderdale Florida
  11. Air born
  12. [​IMG]
    Nikon Coolpix A
    Nikon Coolpix A
    Nikon Coolpix A
  13. [​IMG]
    D300 18-70 f5 1/20 @iso3200
  14. At a local cable ski park
  15. We got caught out fishing on Saturday in some real dense fog. We were creeping along real slow and out of the fog came PIRATES :) Nikon D3, Nikon 28-300 3.5, 145 MM, 1/500 sec, F/14, ISO 1000
  16. These guys ....
  17. are watching this guy
  18. who is keeping an eye on me ...
  19. The birds in upper Michigan are still here braving the extreme cold...
  20. And another...
  21. And one more...
  22. This Shayna, our newest greyhound. She came to Michigan from Florida, where she competed in 160 races. She is bursting with energy. She wants to play.
  23. Excellent images everyone! My contribution for today was taken at a car show, when the weather was warm and we didn't have any snow on the ground.
  24. Spring interrupted!
  25. What a great shot Kent! What a beauty! Iowa has had greyhound racing, but its lost money since the get-go and was only kept afloat by forcing casinos to bankroll it. Now they're thinking about eliminating it altogether. I wish the dogs were treated better, and have always wanted to get into greyhound rescue some day. Maybe by the time I actually can, the "sport" will be gone?
  26. Experiment with a plant and lighting at home this week. Nikon D800 + Nikon 105mm macro + SB900 speedlight. Enjoy.
  27. #2 - Plant
  28. Spring is a long ways off, but this Magnolia seems to always start early. Not much development yet but there's hope...
    Nikon D3000 amd 35mm lens
  29. #3 - Plant
  30. Birds this morning in South Florida.
  31. another....
  32. last one.....
  33. Snow Leopard at the Santa Barbara Zoo.
  34. Northern Elephant Seal bull at Piedras Blancas.
  35. How about a shiny Ford Cobra that I think would be soothing to the soul cruising down the roadway behind the wheel.
  36. Correction that photo of the Cobra was actually taken with a F100 not an F3.
  37. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    At a parking area, I saw this sparrow standing on the ledge of a car mirror. It was attacking its own image on the mirror for about 10, 15 minutes. Apparently it was seeing a "rival" bird and was trying to chase it away.
    D7100 with 80-400mm AF-S VR
  38. All I have this week is a photo of a stir fry with spelt instead of the usual rice.
  39. Savannah Sparrow at Pedernales Falls State Park in central Texas.
  40. Grabbed my old 55mm micro Nikkor with extension tube and got a couple more shots for today's pics. First one is the curtains in our kitchen, second one is a schefflera plant in our bay window.
  41. Schefflera
  42. Steve,
    Good choice with the spelt. Much better for you than the rice.
  43. Riisitunturi in Lapland last Thursday.
  44. Another image from Riisitunturi that day.
  45. Saturday was the first real break in the weather we've been having which has been cold and snowy so I had to get out and just enjoy the day. I walked south more or less following the James River and got some views I haven't seen previously.
    The statue on the corner of this historic tobacco warehouse (now converted to lofts) is Connecticut - he was originally the mascot for a triple-A baseball team called the Richmond Braves and the statue overlooked the stadium where the Braves played. When that team ceased to exist the statue was moved to its current location.
    This view is turned just slightly to the east from where Connecticut is but looks more directly over downtown Richmond. I like this sort of view that creates a bit of a palimpsest of old and new architecture.

    After a long wander and a stop over for a beer and fried calamari, my return trip brought me along a portion of the historic canal system that comes through Richmond at a point where the evening light was really nice.
  46. Riisitunturi just as the sun was about to set behind clouds.
  47. And finally an image from Myllykoski in Kuusamo.
  48. Have to get outside to the local woods in spite of the cold.
  49. Saint Martins, New Brunswick
  50. Patrick, thanks. Retired racing greyhounds are wonderful pets.
  51. was invited to photograph an in-office performance by the Coup at Pandora.
  52. last one was with 70-200 VRII.

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