Nikon Wednesday 2014: #53

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Dec 30, 2014.

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    Hello Nikon people, and a happy last Wednesday of the year. Oddly enough, the 53rd one this time. To make it more odd, I'm starting the the thread an hour or so early, as events have conspired to make that necessary. I suspect I won't be the only person posting something from the recent festivities. In our case, it was our first attempt at a flaming Christmas pudding, and my first attempt at photographing one. I was glad to comfortably jump that FX sensor up to ISO 2500 - that and a fast lens got me just enough shutter speed to do the job hand-held between after dinner sips, and catch the blue flame of the brandy. I hope everyone has a had a pleasant end of the season, and will be celebrating a fun and safe New Year's Eve.
  2. Nice shot Matt. The last few days the weather has been raining. My wife had thrown out a poinsettia that was dying, but the raindrops made for an nice shot. I used my Nikon Df with a quantaray(sigma) 60mm/2.8 af lens. I shot it at iso100 as a test shot for manually setting flash power. I have to finish some ektar 100 in my F3, so I wanted to get the exposure correct. I used the Df with my SB-800 and an off camera cord connected to an umbrella flash adapter. I hand held the umbrella but the camera was on a tripod.
  3. I haven't processed any holiday shots, but did make a trip recently to one of my favorite discoveries of 2014, the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, MD. My nearly five year olds love it more than I can convey in writing. I love it because it is filled with amazing behemoths of iron and steel to shoot. If you are within an hour or so of Baltimore and have kids, the family membership is worth every penny.
  4. Found a superb pizza bakery. I enjoyed a Verdura pizza.
  5. 2 of 3
  6. 3 of 3
  7. Using the new Nikkor AF-S 20 mm f1.8 over the holidays I found it to be excellent for close-up portraits as well as wide angle shots with good sharpness.
  8. Also this
  9. And just for fun
  10. It's been a good year and I intend to celebrate into the next year....all year.
  11. Happy new year everyone. Winter winds have their bonuses - if you can keep flying spume off the filters....
  12. Good photos everyone. John, I love that seascape. This is a shot from last week. A western meadowlark.
  13. Some icicles in Nuuksio.
  14. Ice hats over rocks in Lauttasaari.
  15. Ice formations and sea smoke by a bridge where water flows faster.
  16. Here are mine for the final week of the year :). Nikon Df w/ Voigtlander 58mm all.
  17. I took a few pictures of this guy on Boxing Day
  18. Second one
  19. And the third
  20. A window in the side of the Pemaquid Light house. Pemaquid Point, Mid coast Maine.
  21. I'm with Les, and Happy New Year everyone!
  22. [​IMG]Wishing everyone good health and a year filled with photographic opportunities. Mine is a shot taken in St.Lucia (Caribbean)
  23. Have a great start to 2015!
  24. Mid Christmas day
  25. Post Sunset, Christmas day
  26. Recent local festivities gave me a chance to get a fresh photo that actually looks ahead to later today.... Wishing you all a great 2015!
  27. We had 23mm of rain Xmas eve which turned to 10cm of wet, sticky snow around 2:30AM Xmas morning. That led to frequent power outages from 5:00AM to 5:30AM when the 4hr blackout began. The statue in the backyard helped to express what the morning was like. Thanks to the Hydro gangs that worked Xmas day!
  28. [​IMG]Taken in my area (Candiac/St.Phillipe Quebec) ISO 500
  29. This is from Christmas 2 years ago F4 35-70
  30. Sure Christmas is great! Although Nikon did not make a camera to tempt me recently, they finally got the price for some of them right. As long as the price is right, I am ready to compromise. So I jumped on a D7000 to replace my seven-year old D200. Compared with that from D200, images from D7000 were "lighter". At low ISO they were almost uncomfortably clean, while at high ISO they looked right and did much better in color. It seems I am good for a while untill Nikon brings out something interesting to me or at least gets the prices right :).
  31. Hello my dear friends! How was your Christmas? Excellent I would guess...In Greece the Santa comes on New Year's eve, so everybody is keen to see what Santa will bring them. I wish for all of you that 2015 will fulfill the things that 2014 could not. See you next year! Cheers!
  32. Joel, you make me want to move... I would go nuts in that place!
  33. Matt Laur : I wish you and your family all the best for the New Year! Thanks for hosting the Nikon Wednesday, successfully, for one more year! Cheers!
  34. Driskill Hotel Bar
  35. Not a holiday pic as such, but does contain some holiday imagery.
  36. Same as my last
  37. This was our daughter's first Christmas.
    Despite having a pretty nasty cold, she was all smiles.
    D600 with 50/1.8 D
  38. [​IMG]Some ice
  39. Thank you, Panayotis, for the good wishes! It's very nice to see the same familiar photographers here every week throughout the year, year after year. It's a large family, brought together by something we all love. I hope that your week-late Santa has treated you well :)
  40. Happy new year to everyone. Some nice photos from everyone. Did a bit of spotting at London City few days ago, and these are couple of shots of that day. Enjoying a new lease of life with some old mirror lenses, and this is the result.
    D700, 1000mm Nikkor Mirror, iso6400, 1/500th

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