Nikon Wednesday 2014: #40

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Sep 30, 2014.

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    Hello and a good Nikon Wednesday to everyone. I had a chance this past weekend to accompany a client to an event where they were showing off some of their wares. As it was 16-hour marathon, I had lots of opportunities to capture the scene around me.

    I put several cameras to work, including multiple Nikon bodies as well as some others (onboard two different drones) to capture some sights and sounds. If anyone's curious, here's a quick 3-minute montage.

    But for this venue, it's three stills for the weekly thread. Below, a crew member walks a virgin tire from the Hoosier truck down to his team's trailer.
  2. Brent Marks' car 19M is prepped for his time trial.
  3. Car 1080 slides through a turn during a heat.
  4. Hi everyone in Nikonland, I’ve been absent I know. It’s just been a horrible year. Too many losses & struggles for our family near & far. I’m hoping for a change with a turn for the better for the rest of the year. With this I’m hoping to get back to my photography, though the subject may become boring for most.
    Matt - that looks like a fun experience. I bet it was loud :)
    Meet our new horse Jamestown. He’s only 17 months old so I have some waiting to do to be allowed to ride him. But lots to do until then & many opportunities to photograph him. Most probably I’ll bore most with my photos, but ultimately all I care about is what I want to photograph. Not so artsy I guess, but my photography has really been put to the side for a while now. Hoping for a change....
    These are shot with the D800 paired with the 24-70mm f/2.8
    #1 D800, f/3.2 @ 70 mm, 1/1600, ISO 400, -2/3 EV Shutter priority (My favorite photo of him so far)
    # 2 D800, f/5 @ 70 mm, 1/1600, ISO 400, -2/3 EV Shutter priority
    # 3 D800, f/8 @ 55 mm, 1/1600, ISO 400, -2/3 EV Shutter priority
  5. Nice to see you again, Lil. Lovely young horse, there. Nothing will make one pick up a camera more than something new and interesting in your life - he'll be a great subject.

    And yes, it was loud. I wore heavy duty hearing protection, and was glad I did!
  6. Thanks Matt, he is a sweetheart & we've only had him less than a week, & you're so right :)
    I'm glad you wore hearing protection. You could have damaged your hearing.....
    You know, I do check the thread at times, but don't comment. So I have been visiting. Always wonderful to see what people share :)
  7. Trying to decide whether to keep a 28mm f/3.5 PC-Nikkor I hadn't used much since finishing a film project several years ago. Occurred to me I hadn't tried it yet on the Fuji X-A1. So far the results look better than this same lens on the D2H. Now I'll need to keep it awhile longer and try it downtown on the renovated Sundance Square buildings, and some of the refreshed art deco facades. While a 42mm equivalent isn't wide on the Fuji, it's still adequate for many of the not-so-tall buildings downtown.
    And the PC-Nikkor's very finely tuned shift knob is handy for recomposing slightly without needing to reorient the tripod. If you've ever tried to finesse a composition slightly for a closeup after setting up the tripod, ball head, etc., you know how annoying it can be without a macro rail or geared head when you realize you're a fraction off the desired composition.
    This is the tree I photographed earlier this year that has some interesting natural graffiti, courtesy of some creative wood boring beetles. I'm a fan of graffiti and street art, so I'd like to meet the Banksy Beetle responsible for these etchings.
  8. As long as we're talking tires here.....
  9. Having ton's of fun with my new Nikon Df. Here are three from a trip fro Jenny Jump State Park in New Jersey. Enjoy.
  10. Swallow Falls, drought
  11. [​IMG]Abstract but natural capture of water reflecting some Fall colors.
  12. [​IMG]Red Maple leaves back lit.
  13. Last days of summer in Vama Veche, Romania
  14. Lil,
    It's great to see your name and your photos back on the Nikon Wednesday thread.
    That is a beautiful colt.
    My first photo is the Island House restaurant and marina at Wachapreague, Va. Eastern shore.
  15. Early morning shot of some sea grass. Eastern shore, Wachapreague, Va.
  16. Sunrise
  17. Another
  18. clouds
  19. I recently purchased a used Sigma 50-150 f/2.8 EX APO HSM non OS for my D7000 under the advice of fellow member Eric Arnold. I couldn't be happier, thanks again Eric. So I know I've posted shots of my Boxer Lilly before, but she was handy.
  20. Last one
  21. Oyster Catcher searching for Sand Fleas. Nikon D3X, Nikon 300 2.8, 1/800 sec, F/4.0, ISO 64
  22. For Lex
  23. Waiting for the rain to clear out of Jackson Hole, our hikes have been around the neighborhood looking for local wildlife. We have heard this moose at night for several days, and yesterday found him bedded down near the condo.
  24. From last weekend as the storm was moving in. Reflections of Aspens in a stream.
  25. After many years driving this road, I finally got this shot with the light and clouds just right and the traffic light enough to step out of the car to take it.
  26. End of the day at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas
  27. John Harper, your Autumn Reflections shot is beautiful! My contribution this week is from a walk in a local park yesterday. The colors will be at peak here in S.E. Wisconsin, this weekend.
  28. Hello good friends, lovely shots you got there, keep sharing them! The weather is still fine here and we keep enjoying the pool and the sea...(all shots taken with D700, Nikon 24-70, 16-35 and 70-300 VR)
  29. Cabbage white - in our garden
  30. Winterberry - Bowman's Wildflower Preserve - Delaware Valley, Sept 30 2014
  31. One from my Welsh trip of a couple of weeks ago, one of the Lakenheath aircraft training in the Welsh hills.
  32. Elliot Bernstein - great color in your clouds shot
    Bill Boyd - likewise, great color in that silhouette
  33. A nearby village holds a scarecrow festival every year. This year it took place last weekend and below are a couple of pictures from it.
    I thought this one was particularly inventive, but apparently it never won a prize. Judges eh, what do they know?
    D800 + Tamron 28-75mm SP zoom used for all 3 submissions this week. I meant to take the 70-300 VC lens but forgot to pack it - Oldtimer's disease strikes again!
  34. Another "scarecrow" from the festival.
  35. And a chocolate box view of the village stream.
  36. Rats! Here's the picture.
  37. had the opportunity to shoot the legendary Wu-Tang Clan from the photo pit at the Warfield Theater in SF. that was fun!
  38. Canada geese eating grass and hanging about in Otaniemi.
  39. I tried to include seasonal signs. It is harder to include multiple animals and expect them to be organized for my picture. ;-)
  40. My poor directing skills show up in this image as well, as one of the geese is hiding in the treeline.
  41. Welcome back, Lil!
    So I shot a dog's birthday party recently. (Looks like my photographic career is really starting to peak!) Anyway, this is Sophia, bearing the humiliation like a trooper.
  42. Early picture taken with my then-brand-new PC Nikkor 35mm f/2.8 1971
    The reason I switched from Pentax M42 to Nikon at that time.
  43. It's getting to the end of the swimming season. Brisk!
  44. Morgan Point Lighthouse in Noank, CT.
  45. Ilkka: beautiful pics, but not Canada geese, they are Barnacle geese. Here a pic a couple of weeks ago.
  46. Thanks Markku for the correction. :)
  47. Daniel--excellent! Pretty derelict Ford...
  48. Last Dance
  49. I want to take the opportunity to say that I've truly enjoyed this weeks photos & I want to thank Matt Laur, John P. and Kent Shafer for welcoming me back so kindly.
    My favorites from this week are;
    John P.'s Seagrass
    Elliot Bernstein's Sunrise
    Kyle Bybee's boxer - especially # 1 (yes I'm extremely fond of boxers, especially those which make me think of mine from when I was a little girl ) ;)
    and last but not least
    Kent Shafer's ever so patient Birthday Rottweiler

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