Nikon Wednesday 2014: #35

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Aug 26, 2014.

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    A good Nikon Wednesday to everyone, and here's hoping you're not spending it wondering if there's soon going to be a phantom D750 body available. I haven't managed to destroy my D600 yet, so that's fine. Just go make some photographs!

    After a long day of wading through a swamp of entrepreneurial paperwork, it's midnight and I've just nuked a cold cup of coffee that I hope will get me through one of my annual indulgences. Sitting on my desk, unopened for three weeks, has been the August issue of Communication Arts - it's their Photography Annual, and it's as compelling as always. Some great editorial work, PJ exploits, portraiture, adventures in post-production, nature in its glory and fright, product photography - all terrific examples of communication by photo. Sure it costs what a pizza costs. But I've never regretted picking up a copy yet. Finally, I get to paw through it. What have you been doing, finally? Share a photo of it!
  2. Earlier this month we rode the Canadian No.1, first class all the way. What a trip! Below photo, train stops for supplies and fresh crew in Jasper AB.
    Nikon D7100, 17-55mm, f2.8 1/30s ISO 4000.
    Kent in SD
  3. Here is an artistic looking scene that I spied in the 大芬油画村 (Dafen Oil Painting Village) in Shenzhen, China. This is the place where thousands of artists make reproduction oil paintings --- and where you can take your own photographs to have them turned into oil paintings. In addition to the many technically qualified artists doing reproductions, there are also creative artists who are located there.
  4. More flowers from Deep Cut Gardens here in NJ. Nikon D800 + Voigtlander 28mm. Enjoy.
  5. Visited some friends in Gladwin, Michigan last week and paid a visit to the Whitetails Live, Petting zoo, and Archery Shop where our friend Rhonda volunteers by taking care of the fawns and adult deer.
  6. Long bus rides Monday, decided to try the V1's smart photo selector mode for passing scenes. It seems to favor higher shutter speeds (at cost of forcing higher ISO), which helps minimize motion blur. The larger bracket aids quickly composing passing scenes too. Never really gave this feature a serious try before but it's handy for some situations.
    The late afternoon light reflected onto this wall from the passing bus and nearby buildings caught my eye.

    Both with Nikon V1, 10-30 VR kit zoom, set to "action" VR mode. Both 1/500th @ f/4, ISO 1000-1100.
    High ISO noise hardly matters with scenes like this.
    I seem to use the 13mm setting quite a bit - wish Nikon would make a fast 13mm prime, 35mm equivalent
    I did some very minor vertical straightening in Lightroom. A bit more adjustment was needed than LR4's default for correcting distortion - the default left some obvious barrel distortion that was a bit distracting in subjects like this with lots of straight and parallel lines.
  7. Sometimes they stop in the prefect light and take a quick look at my equipment:) Nikon D3X, Nikon 300 2.8, 1/3200 sec, F/4.5, ISO 400
  8. Nikon D800 w/16-35
  9. With time before an appointment I stopped for a chai at a local coffee house. These flowers were beckoning from behind a rain barrel. The new D3300 kit was in the car, so I tried out a couple of in-camera NEF variations for these shots.
  10. Another one
  11. Field outside of Stratford PEI. Here on vacation.. beautiful spot.
  12. Winspear Opera House in Dallas where I saw The Phantom of the Opera.
  13. Another one ...
  14. and the summer flower
  15. Finally got around to repurposing the old Gra Lab as a kitchen timer. (When those hard cooked eggs are done, we know it, and probably our neighbors do too.)
  16. D1X, 80-400
  17. This morning, Cwm Clyd
  18. ... and Tryfan (even 3 stops of ND grad weren't enough)
  19. Not much new and imaginative this week, still staying close to home.
  20. Couple nights ago there were amazing storm clouds over the city. I went to a lookout point over the Mississippi and caught a couple taking pictures of the clouds.
  21. Noticed some cobwebs and dust in the bay window yesterday. Close-up shows a lot of detail!
  22. Just have to do another portrait of my granddaughter, Iris, a year and a half old now.
  23. Bogdan,
    I like that shot with the F6 and the Portra 800 film
  24. Mt. Hood, as seen from Timothy Lake in Oregon.
  25. Love the Eagle a missile leaving a silo!
    Macro shot from my garden pond....A Green Bottle Fly.
  26. Finally got around to doing some work on my car
  27. Put a polarizer on my old 28/3.5 lens when I went out today.
    It's 1:30 PM in Fair Haven Vermont. Time stands still here.
  28. Weather rolling in. Gotta get the hay done NOW!
  29. My idea of a relaxing end to the day. The comfy armchair and a bit of strumming or fingerpicking on "Ole Faithfull". Wonderful tone!
    Tech data: D800 with 105mm AF Micro-Nikkor + Speedlight in a softbox/brolly camera right and 42" silver reflector camera left. Softbox could have been placed a bit higher after viewing on computer, but can't be bothered to retake now. After all, this is about relaxing; right?
  30. Okay, hopefully the picture will upload before the gateway times out this time!
  31. Seeing how much glass I could stuff between my D7000 and a subject... This is from about 20 feet away, with a Canon 300 2.8 Fluorite FD lens attached to a Vivitar 2x Macro converter attached to an unbranded FD to Nikon F adapter. And yes, the adapter has another piece of glass in it.
    Maybe I should have listened when they said "Don't try this at home".
  32. Hi everyone. Lovely photos as always.....
    All my submissions this week are taken on the 85mm f/1.8G. The first shot is an HDR of Merlin our black lab in the rock pools at low tide
    The second is an informal portrait of one of my daughter's friends by the sea wall
    The last shows Mittens in her favourite place for sitting and observing what Merlin is doing
    Happy Wednesday :)
  33. Matt:
    If you got that clarity in that light with a shutter speed of 1/35 th. of a second with that beast of a lens then you are a better man that I am Gunga Din.
  34. Went out the other morning to try to get a sunrise shot, this one over the Potomac River. Tried to do an HDR in Photoshop but I have yet to do an HDR that I am happy with, just haven't gotten the hang of the tone mapping. This was done by combining layers with masks.
  35. Back to low light: Some of us were doing this before 25,000 ISOs and VR
    Here, from a moving vehicle, the Syntagma in Athens. Probably Hi-Speed Ektachrome in this case, with a Nikkormat EL and a 55mm f/1.2 lens.
    Hey, it's not the art of it, but the technology FCS
  36. I have been bitten by the gardening bug for almost two years now. I have planted a variety of berries, fruit trees, and flowers, of course. I was glad to catch these two fuchsia columbine blooms a few days ago as they peaked. Yes, the colors are real. :)
  37. Owen: better than 1/35th, it was actually 1/13th! The VR in the lens helps, but it's really the fact that the FX-sized body (which had the grip and extra battery mounted) with that large lens mounted and with an SB-900 flash mounted (though it was not turned on for that exposure) is a pretty heavy rig. All of that mass helps to reduce the jitters, even at over 100mm with that long exposure.

    Nice Nikon Wednesday, everybody! Always good to see the weekly contributions.
  38. Jon Eckman, I love classic sports cars, and yours is a special classic. It looks very nice in BRG.
    The Exif reveals that you keep classic cameras around too. I was thinking that these days, digital cameras age faster than cars.
  39. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

  40. Thanks David, it is in great shape for a 48 year old car and is a joy to drive. In my film days, I never considered the Nikomat FTn I used for decades to be a classic, yet you are right that the digital era has changed all that.
  41. Seabrook, WA, Lemonade stand.
    Nikkormat FT3, AI 24/2.8, Panatomic-X in Diafine.
    The FT3, unlike earlier Nikkormats, uses AI lenses. Bought from Goodwill for a low price.

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