Nikon Wednesday 2014: #27

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    Hello Nikonistas and a good Wednesday to all. What can I say, it's a cat picture. But to make up for that, I've made sure that it's an unusual cat (a hairless Sphinx), and that it's covered in soapy water and none too pleased about that. We were visiting a friend and her house full of creatues, and this fellow was his happy, gregarious, weirdly bald self just minutes after the bath was done. Shot any subjects being mildly abused? Share!
  2. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    From my lil' garden...
  3. I'm still doing the hybrid thing, trying various Nikon F mount lenses on the Fudgie X-A1 via cheapo Fotasy adapter. A couple more with the AI'd 55/3.5 Micro-Nikkor. I toted the M2 extension tube but didn't get around to using it. Maybe next time.

    Freeze-dried artichoke, X-A1 & 55/3.5 Micro-Nikkor.
    Wood borer graffiti, flashlight at night, X-A1 & 55/3.5 Micro-Nikkor.
  4. Good Wednesday, everybody.
    I enjoyed photographing these miniature dachshunds several days ago. I take these photos in the shade of the forest, where I walk my dog; and the high ISO capability of D7100 allows me to use the Nikon 18-200 mm lens.
  5. One more
  6. And the last one
  7. A couple night shots of two very different subjects taken a week apart. Both with D800 and Nikon AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8
    Milky Way over Crater Lake, Oregon: 2 exposures both at 15mm, f/2.8 (30 sec @ 1600 ISO for sky, 6 min @ 400 ISO for foreground)
    Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton, California: 24mm, 0.4 sec, f/11 @ 1250 ISO
  8. George - superb!
    Beach, approaching sunset.
  9. Beach, approaching sunset - detail
  10. Beautiful landscapes above...,
  11. Portrait :
  12. The only mild abuse in this picture is what I did with the curves tool to boost the sky and yellow rape to the intensity that they appeared to my eye. D800 + Tammy 28-75.
  13. mats zuccharello and carl hagelin took time out after the stanley cup final to spend some time with the kids at our local hockey school in norway couple of weeks ago.
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  14. Sweet smelling Milkweed flower.
  15. My first attempt at a Strawberry Rhubarb pie.
  16. Good day my friends and I love your shots! Cheers!
  17. Mother and calf grazing:
  18. Last week, I ordered four packages of negative filing pages, a five-pack of film, and a filter pouch from B&H. As usual, the order arrived promptly and extremely well packed.
    This week, there's no room left in our recycling bin for dog food cans or gin bottles.
  19. Yesterday was Canada's 147th birthday. Fireworks were held in our community on Saturday to coincide with Summerfest/Biker's Reunion. This one burst reminded me of the maple leaf; Canada's emblem.
  20. Hanging out at a local pond. Nikon D3X, Nikon #00 2.8, Nikon TC-14E II, 1/2000 sec, F/5.6, ISO 400
  21. Wow great shots early on this morning.
    Paul B. Great portrait.
    Matt, That looks like one pissed off cat.
  22. A view from my patio. Sibling rivalry???
  23. I wouldn't necessarily call it mild abuse, but sometimes when we are catching dragonflies they don't appear too thrilled to be held. Here is a five-striped leaftail. The labium is pulled down, the mandibles exposed, and lots of spiky catching parts to ensure this hunter doesn't lose his prey.
    Here is the end of the abdomen, giving this fellow the common name "leaftail."
    The dragonfly pics were taken with the 60mm micro-nikkor on a d-800, using a promaster led ringlight for added lighting.
    We see quite a bit more than the dragonflies we are hunting. Below is a pair of Robber Flies, out for dinner and a date...
    Shot with the 28-300 on the d-800.
  24. Torrential downpour, round 2. We had 13.29 inches of rainfall here in Iowa in June. The old record was 11 inches.
    Nikon 1 J1

    Baseball entertainment on a dry day...
    Nikon D7100
  25. Jesse McReynolds at the Grand Ole Opry.
  26. Gup

    Gup Gup

    Well, this would appear to be mild abuse but in fact is the opposite. Elwood is 5 lbs lighter this week. He gets two haircuts a year. I wait in the spring until the annual black fly scourge has ended and before swimming season begins and then I get the scissors out. We spent 6 hours together getting the bulk off but the light failed and we had to complete it the next day. Here are some before and after shots.
  27. Gup

    Gup Gup

  28. Gup

    Gup Gup

  29. While Lex is putting Nikon glass on his fudgie, I have been trying some Canon glass on my D7000. Here is a lily through the 300 2.8 SSC Fluorite from the mid 70's. There is an adapter in between with glass that allows infinity focus, I need to do more testing to see how much it degrades the image quality.
  30. Dr Peter Osborne ( explains the history of Bowman's Wildflower Preserve and the Washington Crossing Park (Pennsylvania) on June 7 at the Wildflower Preserve.
  31. Some papyrus plants, shot a few weeks ago.
  32. At GoogleFest on June 18: Enjoyed exhibits and trying on Google glasses + attended seminars on Google Analytics, YouTube and Adweek.
  33. Happy Wednesday everyone. I'm a little late this week, it's my son's high school prom this evening. Might post some pics next week :)
    Great photos as usual. I really liked your wood borer graffiti shot Lex and your slow shutter fairground shot Georges.
    My first shot is one of my daughter throwing a stick for the dog who loves swimming in the sea....
  34. and a couple more of the kitties......
  35. Having trouble with the second picture, but here goes....
  36. Black-eyed Susan and visitor.
  37. Chris--love the kitty pix! Both are very charming! Looks as if they've found "cat heaven" at your place. Thanks for taking them in--
  38. Crow (being abused by)
  39. A meerkat
  40. The summer is finally here, and the plums provided a good opportunity to test 58/1.4:
  41. Late, but marginal anyhow.
    An apostate's continuing admiration for Nikon glass.

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