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    Continuing work on a year-long video project at a nearby farm, I was strolling through the March mud in a sleet storm last Sunday. Lots of good budding plants with wind-driven ice bouncing off them and other seasonal delights (note to self: buy a Goretex jacket for this stuff!). Having had my fill of trying to keep the camera and tripod something like dry, and having my hands frozen into claws, and popped into the farm's incredibly steamy greenhouse. Woops. Instant lens fog - that big hunk of Sigma glass was chilled to about 35F, and the greenhouse was 100% humid and almost 85F. Everything kept working just fine, but I ended up with Nature's Own Vignetting System.

    Here's a simple screen grab from HD video captured inside the structure. Outside, it was a dark and stormy, muddy and gray ... but inside, the potted market flowers felt riotously tropical and vibrant. March! An exciting month.

    So a good Nikon Wednesday to all. Looking forward to seeing everyone's weekly photographic adventures.
  2. Trying out the HDR feature on a Nikon D5200.
  3. And for a little Railroad action on the CSX P&A Sub, in the Pensacola CSX Terminal, Pensacola, NW Florida, USA:
  4. Here are a few from a visit to Brown's Diner, a legendary dive in Nashville, Tennessee.
  5. The chef, having fun.
  6. Typical Nashville stuff
  7. This week its cats! First Gus, posing near the front window.
  8. Next, Shorty, outside wanting to come in.
  9. And Lydia, "helping" my wife at her desk.
  10. Last Thursday evening began with an attempt at using a new homemade pinhole on the D2H, but I didn't like the results.
    D2H, homebrewed body cap pinhole, ISO 200, exposure data not recorded.
    I noticed an anvil cloud brewing in the distance, and it appear to be puffing up quickly. I had to hustle home, about 400 yards across a field, to swap for the only other lens I had handy, the 85/2 AIS Nikkor (everything else was being temporarily stored at a friend's home).
    By the time I found a clear spot between the fence and utility lines in the back yard, the cloud was puffed up into a supercell with some impressive lightning. The enormous size made it seem close, but it was actually so far to the east I couldn't hear a hint of thunder.
    This was the only photo of a dozen or so attempts that had any clear lightning. A large aircraft with radar dome was circling our area as well - not sure whether it was military or weather from the nearby reserve air base. I tried without luck to snag a photo of the plane and lightning in the same shot.
    D2H, 85/2 AIS Nikkor, ISO 200, f/8, 2.5 seconds.
    A couple of neighborhood kids noticed me taking photos and joined me at the fence to chat and watch the distant, receding storm.
    D2H, 85/2 AIS Nikkor, f/2.8, 1/2 second.
  11. Although it appears as quite large parking puddle, it was only around 3' wide. This was appx week ago and during my trip to Crater Lake Natl PK.
  12. Wow, some amazing shots already! I especially like Daniel and Bogdan's contributions.

    My photographic adventure shows a canoeist "overtaking" some ducks. (We thought they might fly off, but they didn't!)

    The venue is the feeder canal from Horseshoe Falls to Llangollen (both in Wales), which is so shallow as to be essentially unnavigable. Even canoes need permission to go along it and the only narrowboats to use it are special horsedrawn ones, with a very shallow draught.
  13. Image attached...
  14. Applause.
  15. Lovely shots so far, keep up the good work my friends! Yesterday I took my dog for our usual walk around the park. This time I decided to go along the fence that surrounds the park area. We took the outside path and Bobbie (my dog), discovered a homeless shelter. There was nobody there at that time and I thought I could take a couple of shots even though I was a bit nervous thinking that he or she might show up anytime. Here are three shots of that place. Cheers!
  16. Good Wednesday morning to all. Great shots. Mine were taken when visiting the Eastern Shore of Va. a couple weeks ago. All taken with a Nikon D7000 and Sigma 18-250 lens.
  17. As I was photographing this Coopers Hawk eating this Coot he looked up and saw a Buzzard flying low above us. So he completely covered his meal to hide it from the Buzzard. Real cool to watch. Nikon D3X, Nikon 300 2.8, 1/320 Sec, F/4.5, ISO 400
  18. Early morning reflections
  19. D7000 f/5.6 1/60th sec. ISO 800 Sigma 18-250 @ 155mm
  20. My 8 month great grand son learning to text.
  21. Grand-daugthers
  22. Goose, wondering where the water went
  23. Spring has started - finally.
  24. Daniel, that VW Beetle shot is fantastic! My photo is from a recent late afternoon walk at our nearby state park, on Lake Michigan.
  25. Sure sign of Spring
  26. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna) feeding on Pride of Madeira (Echium candicans) flowers.
    I set the D4s to auto ISO to maintain a fast shutter speed to freeze the action, as much as the camera can, of the hummingbird. In this case the ISO is 4500. It shows you how clean the D4s can be at a fairly high ISO, although there is no really underexposed areas in this image. With a 600mm AF-S lens @ f5.6, 1/1600 sec.
  27. Shopper
  28. I set up an impromptu studio in my living room to try to get some decent pictures of my daughter. It was a nice wake up call for how ill equipped I am for flash photography, both in equipment and knowledge. After trying many different set ups and lenses, I got very few keepers. This is one of my favorites from the session. It was actually taken with my old 55/3.5 micro Nikkor.[​IMG]
    D600, 55/3.5, 1/60 sec @ f3.5,
  29. [​IMG]
    The Florida Keys, March 2014
  30. Friend had his group of pilots fly in for a trip they were departing on the next day. Offered to shoot the planes that day and as they were heading out the next morning. Here's a Cessna under the lights.
  31. Another night shot with the moon.
  32. Here are about half of the planes parading down the tarmac waiting for their turn to lift off.
    Lex, very cool lightning shot.
  33. Charleston, SC: Here's where Porgy of Porgy & Bess lived (it's now very upscale).
  34. Planter's Mr. Peanut was on tour with the Nutmobile
  35. Yard Protection: Lookout tower in background was built in early 1800's to catch fires before they got out of control
  36. Happy Wednesday everyone. Lovely pics as always. Bogdan's, Daniel's, and Lorne's really stood out for me.
    Last weekend I took some pictures for a friend's dance portfolio. My SB700 wasn't powerful enough to overpower the morning sun, so we moved into a tunnel leading from the beach.
    This was the first time I've used radio triggers and manual flash to take outdoor portraits, let alone action portraits, so I'm feeling rather pleased with myself :)
  37. and a second.......
  38. Greetings to all! The mercury is slowly starting to creep upwards and we're finally seeing some melt off :)
  39. Great shots. Shun love your Anna's. Glad to see someone else loves shooting hummingbirds :)
    I believe this is a female Blackchinned .
  40. Female Black-Chin Hummingbird
  41. Jerry Litynski--I sure like your UP 4593 shot! Very different than the normal stuff you see--love the lights disappearing into the mists. Thanks for posting!
  42. Spring is finally here along with the humidity. I know our winters here south of the mason dixon line aren't as severe further north, but I'm glad it's out here. This has been the coldest and windiest yet for us. Love everyone's work, keeps me coming back to p-net.
  43. mbh


    A simple shot of a man out walking his dog.
  44. Three scanned prints from the past week, all in MGIV FB paper, image taken with a 28/2.8AiS mounted on an F3. I think aperture was f11, the film is TX souped on D76.
  45. Number 3 is the same but with a slightly different framing. I think prefer #2:
  46. Having finally got my D5100 focussing well, I find some shots are bordering on too detailed. Infromal portraits like this are not flattering when every single blemish can be seen so well!
  47. Since it's been so long since I've contributed to a Nikon shot thread, I hope the members will indulge me with another posting. I tried again to shoot some basketball. Not easy!
    Aargh! Sharpening artefacts on downsampling. THIS is why I hate posting such small images!

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