Nikon Wednesday 2014: #13

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Mar 25, 2014.

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    Hello Nikonistas, and a good Wednesday to all. Some of you in the US may have encountered Flat Stanley once in a while. My first encounter with him was just in the last few weeks, when we received Stanley himself (colored in various shades of pink!) from the kindergarten-attending daughter of some friends who live half a continent away. Her class read a book of Stanley's adventures, and then mailed his two dimensional clones out to folks who might take him along for new ones, shoot some photos, and send him back with tales to tell. People who know me can probably sense what's coming.

    After some stewing on it, we decided to take him to one of our state's historic old one-room schoolhouses, and to combine that back-in-time visit with a bit of cutting edge 21st-century-ness. So of course I put Stanley on a camera drone, and took him for a 10 minute treetop tour of the old structure. Here, he's on the ground, having safely completed his mission. I'm hoping that I'll get a gold star from the kindergarten teacher at St. Agnes in South Dakota. Sure, the people with the frequently flyer garden gnomes are more worldly, but how many Flat Stanleys have co-piloted a hexacopter? Taken any oddball shots that someone else talked you into? Share!
  2. Inaugural Los Angeles County Air Show in Lancaster, all image D300 with 80-400 AF-S VR.
  3. [​IMG]
    Mabe be Strollin'
  4. Nikonstein digital/film hybrid D2H. Body cap pinhole holder, with pinhole made from a bit of black film leader from a roll of slide film. Took a heckuva lotta spotting in Lightroom - the tiny pinhole aperture shows up every tiny speck of dust, although there was only one really significant bit of fiber or fluff on the sensor that I hadn't noticed before with regular lenses.
    D2H, body cap pinhole, equivalent to roughly 50mm, 0.6 sec @ ISO 200. Aperture priority mode worked pretty well, despite being left at f/4 for the 100mm f/4 Spiratone Portragon I'd last used. A +1 EV exposure compensation worked best for these scenes.

  5. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    Oceanside pier view
  6. Just baked, still pending of being washed and toned :)
  7. Been trying digital B&W this week... if that's not a contradiction in terms!
  8. Sunrise on Virginia's Eastern shore at Wachapreague.
  9. Got a chance to see my Great Grandson James while visiting Wachapreague, Va. last week.
    8 mos. old and quite the character.
  10. Morning commuters contend with yet another winter storm.
    Retired person takes pictures through screen door.
  11. Nap time, almost
  12. Are you ready for some baseball?? Ben Zobrist putting the ball in play on Saturday in Port Charlotte Fl. Nikon D3, Nikon 28-300, 210mm, F/5.6, 1/1600 sec, ISO 500
  13. Hello everyone ! Great shots.
    I am still enjoying the hummingbirds.
    D800 500mm f/4
    Adult Male Ruby Throat
    Adult Male Rufous
    Adult Male Ruby Throat
  14. Under the white stuff again. Groan.
  15. Snow coat.
  16. Grain train in Benson, MN. Camera: Nikon D7100. Lens: none.
    Kent in SD
  17. Drone flying over Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin.
  18. Charlie Musselwhite
  19. I know Matt will mark me down for being late, but I missed out on metal reflections day last week. Here's one from Ft. McDowell, AZ following an auto auction. 1958 Intl Harvester pick-up. No paint - just an even coat of rust. Night shot using parking lot sodium lighting.
  20. My image this week was taken last Saturday morning (3-22-14) in Fort Mill, SC. The peach trees were in full bloom. We had a hard freeze last night. Hope the peaches made it.
  21. Bogdan - that's a great pic, lots of irony in it!
    Roberta - wow, those hummingbird pics are stellar. So sharp and clear!
  22. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Anna's hummingbird, Nikon D4S with 600mm/f4 AF-S VR lens @ f4, 1/1000 sec, ISO 400, all natural light, although it may appear that I used a flash.
    Using the D4S is like driving a race car. Its ability to capture action is amazing.
  23. Last week a neighbor asked me if I could take some photos at her son's wedding the next day at a Justice of the Peace ceremony. I was off that day so I photographed the event. It was a very nice courthouse, small family group. Anyway, this shot pretty much sums up the ceremony.
  24. Here are mine for the week. Just some abstracts. Enjoy. Nikon D800 + Voigtlander 58mm.
  25. Wow. Flat Stanley.... Brings back memories of a Flat Ashley from a granddaughter. We took Flat Ashley to visit San Francisco with my wife and I and my "new then" D70s. Great memories
  26. I love the hummingbirds - all four shots.
  27. Happy Wednesday everyone :)
    Here's some pictures taken at our local beach on Sunday. They are all 3 shot HDRs ......
  28. No. 2...
  29. No. 3 ..........
  30. The first sign of spring showed up this week.
  31. Is it Spring yet?
  32. Gup

    Gup Gup

    I was sitting here at 3:00pm with nothing worth contributing when the dog barked. I got up to investigate and found this youngster from last year browsing on the remnants of last summer's petunias. It's through a thermal pane window. I tried one with it open and she took flight. It is amazing, though, how comfortable the deer are here with a big burly dog on the other side of the door. They tend to yard up here for the winter and most have been here longer than him, I guess.
    I, too, love the hummers this week.
  33. The Principal Viola - D800 with Nikkor 24-70 mm at 60 mm and f2.8
  34. It's nice to look at the postings and see reminders that there are seasons other than winter :)
  35. [​IMG]Part of the reason I like the Wednesday group is because I get to see a remarkable variety of high quality images and it is my perception is that I not likely to see them if I visited the Critique Forum and I think this can be a good thing. I wish I could write all the names, but here are a few that caught my fancy: Dieter, Lex, Chris, Shun, Roberta (those humming birds don't remain more than a second or two in one position which makes your capture even more remarkable). John H at least you have growth with snow - surrounding my residence it is 3 feet of snow with no growth).
    My shot is from last year. I am reluctant to show you more snow and ice images in case anyone gets despondent. I was walking down the main street in Montreal (St. Catherine) when I saw this old VW Beatle that if the bumper got any lower it would scrape the ground. I knew I had to capture it.
  36. At an Orchid Show on the weekend the owner of this guy pointed out the special features
  37. of what she called the "bug"
  38. resulting in this portrait
  39. mbh


    Hiking on a Hot Day, Blue Icey to Cool Off
  40. Nikon Buddies,
    Another great week for the Nikon shooters. My favorites are Roberta's hummingbird pics, showing the amazing detail and iridescence of their throats and such, as well as Lorne's Orchid images. Thanks for sharing!
    Mine is an outdoor portrait of a favorite subject of mine. The rainy day turned into a sunny afternoon.
  41. Sheila E video shoot, oakland, CA
  42. Night shot with D300
  43. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    This was among the first images I captured that day, and I didn't check my settings beforehand. As a result, I was using the base ISO 100 and the shutter speed was a slow 1/250 sec. Needless to say, I got a lot of totally blurred wings. This is one of the few that was decent from the first batch.
    After a quick image review, I immediately noticed the problem and moved up to ISO 400 and 1/1000 sec.

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