Nikon Wednesday 2013: #6

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Hello loyal Nikonistas (and you Canon people that stop by - it's OK, we will never tell). I was reminded again today why the camera bag is always with me in the truck. Even if it's a smaller rig, with the petite D3200. Because I like me some dog photographs, and out in the world is where the dogs are.

    This fine German specimen was using her owner's SUV sunroof to keep an eye out for her return from the post office, across the parking lot. I'm going to guess that the driver feels no particular need to lock the car when she dashes in to drop off packages. Photographed any car alarm systems? Share!
  2. Not an alarm, although they do get alarmed ...
  3. And two
  4. and three
  5. More from Puerto Rico.
  6. This alpaca had a field day in Oregon last Saturday. What grass he didn't eat, he wore.
  7. Deira fish market
  8. Sago palm sprouting new frond.
    Nikon V1 w/ 50mm f/2 AI Nikkor via Fotodiox adapter
    In-camera JPEG b&w sepia tone. Manual focus is surprisingly easy with the V1's EVF.
  9. oakland first fridays festival
  10. [​IMG]Lex - Great shot.
    Mine is just outside my front door in Candiac Quebec.
  11. Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, South Daytona Beach Florida.
  12. Mountain waterfall. Cwm Gafr.
  13. Close up of eye
  14. Chartreux at 3 weeks.
  15. This is the Penobscot Annex in Detroit as seen last week through my office window.
  16. I met Snow at a motorcycle rally. No, she doesn't ride.
    Nikon D90. NIKKOR 85mm f1.8 @ f3.4.
  17. Good morning to all. Some excellent shots this morning.
    Our alarm system Lexie, checking out her new "old" oak hardwood floor since I removed the wall to wall carpeting. Well worth all the work she says.
  18. This tapir is two weeks old. It didn't stand still for very long.
  19. That's quite the car alarm Matt! lol Lex, thanks for posting the instructions about "How to attach multiple photos in a single post." Very helpful. :)
    I bought a Nikon V1 right before Christmas when B&H had them on sale, along with a F1 adapter. I've been experimenting with the V1 and my Sigma 150mm macro lens and am really liking this combo. My photo this week is of a teeny tiny crab spider on my Mexican milkweed. (V1/Sigma 150mm/F1 adpater@1/1800, f/5.6, ISO 400)
  20. Black Capped Chickadee from my back yard here in upper Michigan...
  21. I like John's waterfall. Nicely serene. :)
    Here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we have several places named after the Wright brothers. As far as I know, they never visited. Last weekend though, I came across at least the second sculpture in town of their Wright flyer...
  22. Here is mine for the week. Just a walk in the woods. Nikon D700 + Nikon 28-70mm f2.8. Enjoy!
  23. one of the daily pelican show
  24. Cold morning on Lake Michigan
  25. Cold morning on Lake Michigan
  26. acm


    Good Morning Nikon people!
    Today I am uploading three of my recent dabbling with D800.
  27. Snapshot from Chistmas with the F4 and 35-70 f2.8
  28. acm


    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Good Morning Nikon people!
    Today I am uploading three of my recent dabbling with D800.
  29. Last Friday's "snow flurries" according to the Baltimore forecasters turned into 5"+ in my town.
  30. Matt with that car alarm I could leave my camera in the car without fear. Jeannean, Richard A and John McCosh some favorite pics so far . Spent some time at Kapok Park Saturday just before sunset. So many beautiful colors reflecting in the water. Nikon D3, Nikon 300 2.8, Nikon TC-20E III, 600mm, F/5.6, 1/1600 sec, ISO 800
  31. D80, Tokina 50-135 f2.8
  32. acm


    Opps. Didn't succeed in putting all three at one go.
  33. Something from last year.
  34. Lamar Street Bridge in Austin, Texas.
  35. acm


    Third Try
  36. acm


    No. 2
  37. My new hundred buck F4's first roll
  38. I haven't had much time for photography this week other than a few shots of our dachshund puppy. He's not much of a car alarm yet, but he's definitely a good alarm clock. he likes to wake us up at about 4 a.m. everyday.
  39. acm


  40. Early morning walk
  41. Infared of Hollis Gardens, Lakeland, Florida
  42. Friend's cat prowling on her mantelpiece: She is convinced that cats note any changes and, although not as confrontational as a dog, will show signs of something amiss if you watch them.
  43. That time of year again. First post here, I've been admiring the work in this thread for a quite awhile. This is from the spring before last.
    D90 70-210 f4 @145 1/800-f4 ISO200
  44. Good Wednesday Morning to you all. Lovely work here today as always--my favorites are John's eye (a masterful shot) and Apurva's Tourist #3. I don't have anything new and lovely this week, so here's a shot from the archives; I hope you enjoy it.
  45. Young James - wow, that's simply gorgeous!
  46. Matt, what a wonderful shot. Does make one smile.
    Some shots from the Mississippi River batture.
  47. Cute double alarm in Lee Vining, CA
  48. Love the squirrels,eye and lighthouse so far. Mine are from an unsuccessful early morning fishing trip. Thank heavens I had my camera
  49. 2nd one taken a bit later when people started arriving
  50. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    It's too cold (for me) to go out and try to juggle a camera, 2 retractable dog leads and the inevitable bag of dog doo while wearing mittens; so, my 'models' allowed me to photograph them in the warmth of the sun room.
    Here's Harry.
  51. ...and Hattie.
  52. going back a bit
  53. 2007 view - doesn't show, but people have moved into many of the tombs.
  54. Last week...Big Island's resident.
  55. Happy Wednesday everybody. We had some winter weather around here so I decided to make some portraits of drainpipes. They all smiled and were very cooperative.
    Nikon D5100 ISO 125 on A mode, Nikkor 85mm AF f1.8 @ f5.6 manual focus, Live View and folding screen almost at ground level.
  56. Here's number two:
  57. The wild was shrinking.
  58. here's mine!
  59. Sorry late to the thread this time - - vertigo mixed with severe headaches has been a not too fun combination. So I've been a bit out of it. MRI was unremarkably normal so it's most probably just keep doing my exercises to restore my equilibrium....
    So again I'm testing lenses on the D800 & this time it's the 70-200 VR I since it's the original version the concern is - will it be soft in the corners..... Should it be replaced - - Here's the result from some horse & dog play in the arena at home :)
    D800 with the 70-200 VR I f/2.8
    Kyrie doing what Rottweilers do best - - herd..... f/6.3 @ 200 mm, 1/1600, ISO 320 -2/3EV
    Mighty Mouse aka Colie going up against Naboo at 1800 lbs f/5 @ 160 mm, 1/1600, ISO 320 -2/3 EV
    and my personal favorite
    f/4.5 @ 105 mm, 1/1600, ISO 320 -2/3 EV
  60. So what's your take, Lil, on the 70-200/2.8 v1 in practical use on the D800 - good for your style of shooting? Hard to tell at 700px, but those are pretty likeable from where I'm sitting.

    Nice week of photos, everyone!
  61. Thanks Matt -

    in between the 80-200 & the 70-200VR I'll go with the 70-200VR - - I don't see any problem with softness in the corners. I used it on the D700 as well for my daughter's head shots. Didn't have a problem there either - - so I'm keeping the 70-200VR even though I must admit it's probably one of my least used lenses.
    The 80-200 is listed at one of those places - - I certainly don't need both & its time to unload a few not used lenses. So there it is ;)

    Seem the 70-200 VR likes my D800 so the 80-200 will have to help pay for the D800 ;)
    Great sets of shots in this thread everyone :) Oh and for whatever reason I can still not reply in Firefox. Had to go to Chrome to reply yet again...
  62. Dave W - your first pic reminds me of an alligator for some reason.
    Lil - I sure hope you can kick all your health problems. It must be really frustrating to have to deal with those issues before you can go out and enjoy your photography. I've seen people amazed when there are Rotties entered in a herding trial. A Rottie is a really good all purpose breed: guardian, companion, herder, couch dog, etc.
    I've been shooting with my C330f and T400CN film the last week so I don't have anything recent. I do have cows and dogs though. All are shot with D300 and 17-55 f/2.8 at 55 mm ISO 800 1/250 sec at f/8
  63. It really bites when the IT Admin's own laptop freezes<g>
  64. In my laptop's defense: it started life as XP Pro, was upgraded to Vista Pro, and is now W7 Pro.
    It started life with a 250 HB HDD, was upgraded tp 500 GB, then 750 GB, and now has a 750 GB hybrid Seagate.
    I plan on picking up a Microsoft Surface Pro this Saturday.
  65. For what it's worth, at our farm ear tags are left ear for Ladies, right ear for (rams) steers. 2 and 4 were from our first breeding at our farm. We started with 4 heifers and are now up to close to 40 head of 100% grass fed Black Angus. Theres a bunch(?) of sheep running around now. For both meat (again, 100% grass fed) and wool. We've made our own soap using fat from the steers. We've spun yarn from our own sheering. One year, for grins, we mixed shed dog undercoat with wool. That made for a really warm knit hat.
  66. Mark - - - most people don't know how old the Rottweiler breed is, but it's an old breed. They were used by the Roman legions well over 2000 years ago to herd the vast herds of cattle to feed all the soldiers. So when it comes to herding - Rottweilers have done it for a long time. And people forget that that's their primary job - to be a working dog. Too many people used the herding & especially protecting skills of a Rottweiler for the wrong reason. She's really a goof & a sweetheart - - but we've yet to find out what would happen if anyone broke in into our home. But she's a bit of a social butterfly ;) Smart, highly intelligent & they observe & draw conclusions. Very smart dogs.
    Oh & I shold say the vertigo is getting better - I can walk more of a straight line now :D

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