Nikon Wednesday 2013: #5

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Jan 29, 2013.

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    A pleasant Wednesday to you Nikonophiles. If you're in much of the US, you've been on the Weather Rollercoaster this week. We've had some wild swings!

    Right after single-digit colds, we got a warm snap that woke up the leaf mold, some flowers, and ... the robins. Millions, probably billions of robins. They're like locusts, stripping every bud, berry, grub, and old french fry for miles around.

    This guy was downing slightly fermented holly berries like a frat boy at a keg party. Shot as we pulled up in the driveway, through the car window. He swallowed half a dozen whole while we watched. Did I mention there were trillions of these vagrants?

    Shot anything that popped up out of order this season? Share!
  2. hbs


    I guess winter time is good for bird photography. Here's one at the suet feeder in our back yard. I call it "Hungry Birds".
  3. Interesting phenomenon happens here occasionally in the Portland, OR area during the winter. Freezing fog combines with steam from a nearby Intel plant to produce a thick frost. I shot this image at a local park. It may look like snow but isn't.
  4. Also captured near Portland, OR, in a rural area: a tired, weatherbeaten agricultural building. Shot in color, converted to black and white in post-processing.
  5. i've been getting into my sigma 85/1.4 lately. it's fast and sharp. works well on a D3s.
  6. but i still use my trusty d300s and tokina 12-24 from time to time...
  7. This little guy has made himself at home on a branch outside my front door for the past week or so.
  8. Mostly working on documentary projects recently. The overall theme hasn't quite gelled yet - something involving the daily routines for elderly and disabled folks, with frequent medical appointments, that sort of thing. I'm hoping the theme will gel after I sort through enough photos.
    All taken with Nikon V1 and 10-30 zoom. I'm really liking the discrete V1 for this sort of candid documentary photography. These photos are all JPEGs straight from the V1, just resized in Lightroom. I shoot NEFs simultaneously but so far the V1 b&w JPEGs look great, a nice neutral look reminiscent of Kodak T400CN and Ilford XP2 Super.
    Sign-in for neurological exam to check for Parkinson's, one of four medical exams over three days last week.

    Checking for strength and tremors.

    A hug for the doctor after hearing the good news - it's not Parkinson's.
  9. Here's a 1:1 crop of the eye. I admit to being a bit of a pixel peeper, and it's details like this that still have me seriously jonesing for a D800 (or preferably "e").
  10. Marsh Arabs
  11. Out of season, out of year - reworked image from awhile ago
  12. Hi everyone - almost didn't do this yet again. I have to force myself to remember the Wednesday thread.... Bad, but such is life.... I want to thank everyone who wished me speedy recovery last week. I appreciate your thoughts. I'm unfortunately no better & at this time waiting on MRI test results. I do wish this to end...
    So far great shots as usual - always fun to catch up with everyone this way. :)

    But now to my photos. I have a lot of equipment I don't use & am planning to do something with. It's just collecting dust & I have a D800 to pay off ;-) So this week I decided to test a 80-200 f2.8 ED AF Macro Zoom I bought many years ago & haven't used more than the one time I took it out to test. It's great in the fact that it's a push pull, but I also have the 70-200 f/2.8 VR the original one & I don't use it all that much either - - so.... I better test them both & make a decision...
    So I used the D800 & the 80-200mm f 2.8 ED AF Macro Zoom together & my subject is my "munchkin" RCA Cajun Colt 45 aka ColieOlie our little American Shetland Stallion. My husband calls Colie my baby as he'll never get any larger than he is today. He's a pain to photograph due to his coloring... ;) But he is a ham ;) ColieOlie stands 44 1/2 inches tall at the withers (tallest point of his back) weighs in at about 375 lbs, but he thinks he's 17 hands tall weighing in at 1800 lbs. Talk about Little Man issues ;-) But he's by far the most beautiful pony I've ever met & I've met a few ;-)
    I hope you'll enjoy my little ham ;-) Had a hard time picking which photos to present. He's simply too cute ;-)
    1. f/4 @ 170 mm, 1/8000, ISO 220 -1 1/3 EV - talk about strange settings...
    2. f/8 @ 170 mm, 1/640, ISO 400 -1/3 EV
    3. f/8 @ 200 mm, 1/2500, ISO 400 -2EV
  13. F2 + Tamron 70-210 SP...
  14. The Parthenon at Centennial Park, Nashville TN, at sunrise.
  15. One more...
  16. Last one from the other end of the ice...
  17. Mr. Blue had his annual checkup yesterday.
  18. Some of my black and whites of Oklahoma
  19. another
  20. different
  21. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Chris Court, I love the light on your lizard. It is unusual to have so much time to set up studio-type lighting on animals. Typically they don't cooperate.
    The way these kids play soccer is that a bunch of them simply chase the ball. They haven't learned passing and how to use the entire field yet. My wife says it is like people chasing hot stocks. It is quite amusing.
    I know, I am insane using a 200-400mm/f4 while most parents use point and shoots to capture their kids. 400mm, f4 on a D700 at ISO 400, 1/2000 sec.
  22. I was out in the cold taking pictures on the weekend - found this guy
  23. Hello everyone! Please be patient with me - I'm learning! :) As such, I had my first class last week, and our assignment was to put our cameras on P mode and take series of shots playing with ISO. We too were on that wacky weather roller coaster, so I did a few series inside. This series is of a most willing subject, especially since he had to do nothing other than his favorite thing.
    D7000, 18-105mm lens at 105mm, ISO 400
  24. Last year I heard late there were a pair of Great Horned Owls that had two babies. By the time I got to see them they were as big as mom and dad. Still very cute and I had a great time watching them grow up. This year I'm going there earlier and mom is sitting on two eggs again. This is dad as he sits every day in a nearby tree guarding his family. Great macro Chris Court!! Nikon D3X. Nikon 80-400, 400mm, F/8, 1/125 sec, ISO 400
  25. And here is basically the same shot, at ISO 3200. Meet Zeus, our 4 1/2 YO lab mix.
    BTW, I admire everyone's work. I'm bound to have questions so bear with me!
  26. My contribution wasn't made in the last days, but I find it interesting nevertheless. So I hope you'll find it interesting too.
    Camera used was Nikon D300s, the lens was Ai-S Nikkor 400mm f/3.5 ED-IF with TC 301 (2x) plus PN11 extension tube. So the effective focal lens equivalent was 1200mm and the distance was about 2,5 m (about 8ft). I used a tripod with gimball head.
    Exposure data: f/16, 1/400s, ISO 1600.
    The picture shows this combo can be used even for "macro" shots. And for the high ISO value it is not so bad.
  27. Now the 100% pixel level from the previous picture of the frog.
  28. Good morning to all. I have to agree with Matt, many weather swings in the past couple weeks here in Ohio. My shot is a back lit stained glass window in the wine room at the Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Va. Shot through a clear glass door window. The wine room was locked, (darn it).
  29. And now, the same camera, the same lens with the extension tube but without the TC. In the left corner is the 100% pixel level insert of the frog's eye.
    Exposure data: f/8, 1/500 s, ISO 800.
    This picture is understandably even better, hope you'll like it.
  30. Summer in Michigan(we wish):)....
  31. Met on the street - permission obtained.
    Nikon D90, NIKKOR 85mm f 1.8
  32. Here is mine. Nikon D700 + Nikon 28-70. Taken at (a mostly frozen) Hacklebarney state park in NJ. :)
  33. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario:
    I hear you, Matt, about the thermal roller coaster. It was -40 this time last week and 0C now with 1cm of rain so far this morning. It's supposed to return to -17C tonight with 15cm of blowing snow. All thanks to a Colorado low. Harry and Hattie are not pleased.
    It was -6C and sunny on Saturday: nice conditions for the ice fishers. This is a small group out at the sand bar. The water is about 6m deep here and the ice thick enough to support heavy vehicles.
  34. Go Ravens!
  35. These deer came to my backyard for breakfast.
  36. Some really wonderful shots, but I do wish the multiple shots from a single poster would be entered as a single post and not multiple posts. It breaks up the "flow" of a story if someone else enters something in between. Maybe a tutorial for posting multiple shots in one post could be added to the instruction for posting page.
    Anyway, my out of the ordinary shot is a camel I saw this past Sat. I wasn't expecting to see exotic wildlife while driving a back road, but with the 90+ degree weather we've been having, seeing a camel seemed to be fitting. ;) (D7000, Nikon 500mm@1/1250, f7.1, ISO 400)
  37. Over the weekend, I shot a 5K run. Kudos to those who regularly shoot sports. It's not as easy as it looks.
  38. Nikon 5100 last summer
  39. Good day my fellow Nikonians, have a nice week my friends!
    Lil, hang on in there girl, I am sure better days are coming! Lovely photos of that cute horse, great work! Keep it up! See you next week!
  40. another sunrise from a boat delivery a couple of weeks ago. Boring, eh?
  41. Good Morning Wednesday :)
    This weekend I shot "Pennies" which my son was arranging it on his chair. Light was coming in from the french door and I liked it... so started taking few pictures. Here is one using Tamron 90mm on D600, hand-held was about to go out and family was shouting to hurry up :)
    As usual there so many nice and different images... enjoying it.
  42. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    There is an open field not far from where I live. Every winter, we have these wild flowers there and after a few weeks, they would mow it all down. So I need to get there at the right time to catch the peak.
    In this case I used the 24mm/3.5 PC-E to tilt it so that the foreground and background are all in focus, at f8 on the D800E at ISO 100, 1/100 sec. I use live view to help adjust the amount of tilt so that everything is in focus.
  43. These past few days have been trying out the new to me refurbished D800 I just purchased.
    Must say I am loving this camera. Fantastic auto focus !
    300mm with 1.4 TC handheld (1.2 crop mode)
    500mm handheld 1.5 crop mode
  44. Bogdan, nice shots of the fishermen. I liked Harvey's bluebirds as well! We never get colorful birds at our feeder - well, except cardinals and bluejays. And Lex, what a great series. LOVE to hear any good news in this big bad world of ours.
    Mine today is a huge disappointment. Metering failed, camera scratched up the negatives, but Photoshop and stubbornness gave me some small success in restoring it.
  45. A vulture at the Phoenix Zoo shot with a Nikon D80, and Nikon 70-210 zoom
    Giving me the ol' stink eye treatment..
    and finally..
  46. I took advantage of the warm weather this week to get some shots of my wife's new 7 week old dachshund puppy.
  47. Just got back from a wonderful trip to Puerto Rico.
  48. And a 2nd one.
  49. Storm clearing out at home
  50. Weathers good at moment in the southeastern lowlands.
  51. Hi Everyone,
    Wonderful photos as usual; so many talented photographers. Chris's lizard is simply beautiful. Mine's just a shot taken in the back room of our local auto repair/supply store, but I struck my fancy, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

  52. [​IMG] Mine is my two granddaughters just arriving home after some tobogganing in a nearby park.
    I am pretty sure I used on-board fill flash but the exif data says I did not. Taken in Candiac Quebec two days ago.
  53. [​IMG] Taken this past Sunday in St.Georges Anglican Church - Place du Canada in Montreal, Quebec. The colors are from a stained glass window.
  54. My daughter and her friends at her baby shower last week. These girls have known each other since grade school, and they are now in their late 20's
  55. [​IMG]This one was taken in a greenhouse in Westmount Quebec. It is palm fronds against a red poinsettia in the background
  56. It's been some time since I submitted. Too much else shouting for my attention of late. But got back into studio last weekend. Decided after much thought to start shooting prime lenses in the studio and this was my 1st time trying that. Think it's a good call based on the results.
  57. 2nd time shooting with this borrowed 85 and it's a real revelation.
  58. While I used to not enjoy shooting with a 50 on DX, alot of my pics I shot were with that lens. Evidently it does work for me.
  59. I'm afraid I've come up empty this week, but I'd just like to say "well done" to Martin Z. Best shot of a runner I've seen for some time. A well-chosen background and a nicely caught expression. Professionals that regularly shoot sports may find it easier with practice, but you've made a picture Martin, not just a snapshot of someone doing sports - therein lies the difference.
    Shun, I'm pretty sure that "wild flower" is actually oil seed rape. It's a cash crop in many places, so no wonder it gets cut down. I've also noticed that its bright yellow colour isn't easily captured on a digital camera. I think the particular yellow falls between the too-tightly banded red and green Bayer filters.
  60. D700, 50mm f/1.4 AI reversed on a PB-6 bellows.
  61. Hi Panayotis,
    thanks for your compliments on the shots of ColieOlie. Love yours as well. How's your little dog doing???
  62. Nikon F3, micro Nikkor 55mm f3.5 (I think...) and Agfa APX100, homedeveloped in Rodinal 1:50
  63. Another one with the F3 and APX100/Rodinal
  64. F100 with 85mm 1.4D and Kodak Ektar. By accident shot two stops underexposed and pushed 2 stops in developping. I love the look of this film! :)
  65. Playing with an old D70s and 300/4 on the shore of Danube river.


  66. Happy Wednesday everyone. Lovely pictures as always.
    Last weekend I decided to try and create some low-key pictures with my SB-700 + softbox. This portrait of my daughter is my favourite......
  67. Picture of Dusty learning to drive
  68. Nice shots, Ray. Are the Ektar negative scans or print scans? I ask b/c I've had great luck scanning people pics shot on Ektar, but when printed, the skin tones get difficult.
  69. Chris, like your shot. Trying to take advantage of the first real snowfall we've had this year, I also got a shot of a partially frozen stream this past weekend. This in a local park with a good water fall that was frozen over but I didn't have good light for that shot.
  70. The power plant at sunrise
  71. Lil Judd, Jan 30, 2013; 02:06 p.m.
    Hi Panayotis, thanks for your compliments on the shots of ColieOlie. Love yours as well. How's your little dog doing???
    Thanks Lil, she's much better now and we hope that she will fully recover sooner that we expected. Take care!
  72. Wonderful News Panayotis :)
  73. [​IMG]A 4 year old perspective
  74. From Bulgaria, Europe. Trash the dress photo session
  75. Mooky, my little 4 months old dog :) It's a she. I found her in last days of October in the rain, when she was one or one and half months old.
  76. My heart goes pitter pat over those photos using APX 100.
    "And Lex, what a great series. LOVE to hear any good news in this big bad world of ours."​
    Thanky kindly, I know she was relieved. Her older brother has been diagnosed with Parkinson's and it's slowed him down considerably.

    "Some really wonderful shots, but I do wish the multiple shots from a single poster would be entered as a single post and not multiple posts. It breaks up the "flow" of a story if someone else enters something in between. Maybe a tutorial for posting multiple shots in one post could be added to the instruction for posting page."​
    Good point, Jeannean. I'll post a tutorial and sticky it for awhile.
  77. Swinging in the park.
    As an aside: two cents for V1 raw conversion: no doubt that Camera Raw (and Lightroom) or some others will give you sharper images, but I found that Capture NX2 presents more natural color, at least skin tone (at least for us Asian :) ).
  78. Literally snapshot this with D800 on the way home. By the way I stopped the car, got my camera ready, this blue heron took off.
  79. Chicago Ill
  80. Here's another from Wicker Park area of Chicago Ill
  81. F2 + Tamron 70-210...
  82. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Rodeo Joe, I know very little about flowers, but those yellow ones are common in northern California near where I live. Around this time of the year, you see them on road side all over.
    I captured the earlier image around 7:30am so that the angle of the sun is low and I chose that angle for the background, and I ended up with side lighting. I captured the image below back in 2009 with the same 24mm PC-E lens but on a D700 body. It was overcast so that the colors look quite different.
    If the flowers are there still there, I'll go back next weekend. But it is not hard to find them elsewhere this time of year. I have just reached my limit of 3 images for this week's Wednesday thread.
  83. @Shun - that's rapeseed or canola. When we visited England and France several years ago, there were miles of it beside the train tracks.
  84. Rapeseed is one of my favourite subjects. The best time of year in the UK is April and May.
    I find it photographs best from a distance against a stormy sky. Here's an example from last spring....
  85. Checking the meter on my "new" 99 dollar F4....Yup, it works.





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