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    Hello Nikon folks, and a good Wednesday to everyone. Feeling introspective this week. Some here will know my interest in bird dogs and the people that give them their favorite work to do.

    Bruce is one of the many good souls I've met while chasing dogs around in the field. Salt of the earth, generous with his time and training expertise, and indulgent with this photographer. This past weekend he was 1400 miles away from home, taking dogs to an event, when his house and kennels burned to the ground in a devastating fire. He lost everything, including 20 beloved dogs - though his wife and two daughters are OK.

    As a measure of how well loved he is in the community of bird dog people, hundreds of them have dug deep and quickly raised a fund to help get his family back on their feet. His agony is acute, but his life of gentle good will and cheer is mirrored in the outpouring of support he's receiving. It's a nearly unbearable mix of tragedy and inspiration, and a reminder of how photography can forge connections. Below is a 2007 shot of Bruce and one of his treasured German Shorthair pups.

    Now, sorry to be so heavy on a lovely autumn Nikon Wednesday! There's nothing like the weekly tour through this thread's unfailingly interesting work to lighten the load. Share something that celebrates life!
  2. This past Friday was Philadelphia Photo Day. This is my submission, taken from a moving train of another moving train on the next track while in Philadelphia's Market East station. You can see my reflection in the window of the other train.
  3. A 150 year old grist mill in Wisconsin on a recent fall day.
  4. I still haven't gotten around to adding one of the proprietary flashes for the Nikon V1, and can't even use my Pocket Wizards for off-camera flash (dadgum proprietary accessory shoe). So my makeshift solutions have included a slow shutter speed, around 1/2 to 1 second, with the V1 in one hand and a hand-triggered flash in the other.
    But on this night, a storm was blowing in right after an outdoor theater performance of The Tempest (I know, right!), so instead of the slow shutter speed/handheld flash trick, I set the shutter speed to something manageable for my unsupported right hand, and in my left hand held a multi-LED flashlight. I didn't quite get the background exposure balanced - the music stage lighting is extremely contrasty, a problem every time I've taken photos there. But considering I had only a couple of minutes to work before the rain hit, I'm happy with the outcome.

    Nikon V1, 10-30/3.5-5.6 VR at 10mm, 1/125th, f/3.5, ISO 3200
  5. [​IMG]Good morning or Good Day. Mine was taken of some logs in park Tremblant which hopefully conveys the full sense of Autumn.
  6. Lamb Burger @ Patterson's Pub in Mendocino, CA
    natural light (got lucky, backlit by window) handheld (wish I had a tripod)
  7. Trillium Lake, Mount Hood, Oregon, last Saturday morning. Thank God I didn't screw it up.
  8. Great start so far!
    This years bullfights were fantastic! One of the *Forcados* got his leg broken, capture that on video.

    Nikon D7000 | Sigma 18-250 @ 50mm | f/4.8 | 1/80 | ISO 1600
  9. Halloween
  10. My congratulations to the bull :)

    As you will all appreciate, I am opposed to bull fighting/baiting.
  11. Halloween
  12. Halloween
  13. Halloween
  14. Halloween
  15. Matt, that story is very sobering.
    Green bridge of Wales 1.
  16. Green bridge of Wales 2.
  17. [​IMG]Another Fall image from park Tremblant Quebec.
  18. The only super model I have access to...
  19. Happy Wednesday everyone. What a sad story Matt, but your picture is great. I also loved Tony's second picture and John F's first picture of the Green Bridge.
    At weekend I found time to try out a new flash grid on my SB700. The first picture is of an acoustic guitar which I never had the patience to learn to play properly.......
  20. I then tried it out on a favourite souvenir from our travels, a carved figure bought in Java, Indonesia......
  21. The carving is spooky enough in normal light, but becomes really scary when lit from beneath!
  22. hbs


    Good Morning:
    I was in Paris a few weeks ago when I saw this sidewalk artist. Camera settings weren't the best, but I had been changing them and didn't have tine to readjust. The shot came out OK though.
    No new pictures for a while. My D600 is at the Nikon camera hospital in Melville, NY.
  23. Matt so sorry to hear the very sad story of the horrible loss that your friend Bruce suffered.
    Thank God that his wife and children are OK. A terrible loss however of the house, kennel, and 20 beautiful dogs.
    Fall is starting to show of its wonderful colors in my neck of the woods here in NE Ohio.
  24. A friends German Shepherd dog Luger, taking a rest on our walk yesterday morning.
  25. A very large buck running full bore through a field of orchard grass. After 3 years of shooting with my D90 using the
    "auto" mode I finally graduated to the Manual mode and as you can tell from this photo I did not have time enough to thumb the wheel to find the correct shutter speed hence the blur. LOL
  26. Some mornings they are jumping in the boat and some they miss. Early morning before the sunrise. Tampa Bay. Nikon D3, Nikon 28-300, 1/400sec, F/5.6, 300mm, ISO 3200
  27. Good Morning Everyone!
    Matt, really sorry to hear about your friend's misadventure. Thank God his family escaped safe with no injuries. But I guess not all of his family...from what mentioned in your introductory text 20 souls were lost to that fire. His beloved bird dogs were gone in an instance. That's a heavy load for someone to carry...I wouldn't want to be in his position...noway. The good think is that there still exist real people out there that can help each other in times of need. This is very encouraging for him and his family. I will pray for your friend and his family to recover soon, and also for the twenty lost souls...thus my picture for this week.
  28. A view from my patio.
  29. With the weather cooperating and fall colors starting to come out in the PNW I decided to take the 20/4 out for a bit of fun. Suddenly 20mm doesn't seem so wide. Unfortunately the 58 doesn't seem to want to focus to infinity after Nikon's latest adjustments to the D600.
  30. Somewhat on track with Matt's theme perhaps, this is my friend, Mary, and her friend, Q. Q is training to be a leader dog for the blind. He'll know in a couple of months whether or not he makes the cut for that job. If he doesn't, Mary might feel obligated to adopt him, which I think wouldn't break her heart.
  31. Here are mine for the week. Some local foliage. Enjoy. Nikon D800 + Nikon 28-70mm f2.8.
  32. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    Fog envelops Perce Rock.
  33. On the Columbia Trail in New Jersey D800+20mm 2.8D slight crop
  34. Columbia Trail No. 2 d800+20mm 2.8D
  35. No. 3: Came across this levitated bridge, apparently raised for easier cleaning and repainting . .
  36. Life: Attached is a picture of an annual oyster roast my neighborhood association has each year. It's standing room only at the tables.
  37. My shot this week is from my trip to the Grand Tetons National Park. Snake river.
  38. These images are from a peaceful morning anchored in "Hell's half acre" near Stonington, Maine.
  39. Seat cushions stacked like cards for drying.
  40. Calm reflections.
  41. Wonderful shots everyone. Matt, nice that the community is helping , nice to see that people reach out to others in need.
    We are back at Dauphin Island, Al.
    Taken with the d800 500mm f/4
    Hope you enjoy
    Wading Willet
    Closest to fall colors I can get this far south :)
    Egret and the Golden Rod
  42. John P - I think that photo of the running buck works great. But I'm partial to blurry photos that suggest rather than define images. I tend to scan through theses photos pretty quickly but that one caught my eye and, as Emo Philips said, dragged it 15 feet.
  43. Celebrating my friend's 60th birthday, in a big way
  44. Fall colours do not seem to be in any kind of rush here - it still seems summer, except for an occassional cloud obscuring the view on Mt. Etna (taken w/ D700 and AF 85mm f/1.8D, 1/250, F/11, ISO200)
  45. Matt, sorry to hear about your friends tragedy, horrible thing to lose everything and 20 dogs at once...
    Dogs and hunting, that's what one of my shots is about - our little one went for her first blood trail training on Sunday and she did quite well. We also had the first snow last week, and I did a small model shoot. :)
  46. First snow.
  47. And a shot from the model shoot.
  48. Helsinki landmarks photographed from Hotel Torni. Helsinki Cathedral.
  49. St. John's Church.
  50. Finally, the tower of the Helsinki Railway Station.
  51. Gup

    Gup Gup

    Matt, a truly touching event. So sorry for your friend Bruce, his family and yourself. I hope he finds his way back from it all.
    This one was taken on a fall run through northern Quebec. It is a roadtrip I look forward to almost every year at this time that I share with my best friend. We take 5 or 6 days living out of our small van looking for photo ops.
    The second one will be of my best friend. His name is Elwood and knows me as well as anyone.
  52. John Harper,
    Stonington, Maine is one of my most favorite places in the world.
    John Pender
  53. Gup

    Gup Gup

    Elwood, Standard Poodle, almost 3 years old.
  54. The fall colors have been slow to fully take off this year. Here's a Sweetgum leaf in the nearby woods.
  55. Gup

    Gup Gup

    I have just inadvertently committed the gravest of errors. Before anyone realizes and condemns me I am uploading another recent shot of Elwood (as the last one is not editable).
  56. [​IMG]
    Delicate Arch, Sunset, Arches National Park
    D300, Sigma 28-70, f/14 @1/20s, ISO 200, tripod, polarizer
  57. Old Indian
  58. balinese dancer.
  59. Bird at Shenandoah River State Park
  60. Recently I acquired one of the legendary 45mm f2.8 GN. Great lens, the only drawback is that I feel it is far most difficult to focus than a f2 lens. The picture was converted to B & W from Kodak Gold 200 film.
  61. Good Wednesday to All, Lovely photos this week as always. Mine is of one of the local roads plus obstacles.
  62. Sunrise in Houghton MI

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