Nikon Wednesday 2013: #40

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Oct 1, 2013.

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    A good October to everyone! Just when I thought it was getting to be fall like, we're back in the upper 80's again. Ugh! But the plants still like it. We came across a right proper thistle growing in the margins of a farmer's field. She said it's been a terrific year for the weeds. Shoot any attractive nuisances? Share!
  2. Samantha & Michael
  3. "Shoot any attractive nuisances?"​
    Yup! I was adopted by a tabby kitten a few weeks ago who followed me home from a dumpster and insisted she was mine, or I was hers... probably the latter, if you know the typical tabby attitude. I'm not a sucker for strays but this one couldn't take a hint. Her name is Eartha Kitty. Besides playing a great Catwoman, Eartha Kitt also played the role of mehitabel, the alley cat from the Don Marquis "archy" stories, in the short-lived theatrical run of "Shinbone Alley" based on Marquis' stories. And Eartha Kitty has all the sass of her namesake.
    Been down with a respiratory infection for a couplafew weeks, not much energy, but bored of piddling on computer and reading. Doing some experiments with the camera in one hand and flash in the other, via optical trigger rather than sync cord/cable. All involved at least some Nikon gear, especially the SB-800 flash, which is outstanding for its ability in SU-4 mode to sync with almost any camera brand TTL flash by ignoring the preflash. I'm looking for that old school, hard edged b&w flash look with deep shadows, something you can't get with any on-camera flash, even with a bracket.
    These impromptu cat spats between Eartha Kitty and our two adult models are unpredictable, so mobility is a must. No sync cables - tried 'em, including my SC-29; good way to get tangled up in a furball. No tripods or light stands. I need my left hand free to extend the outboard flash overhead, to the side, or from below, as needed for the situation to ensure plenty of tonal separation and shadows. And I'm not traveling much farther than my resting perch on the sofa while I'm recovering from the yucks.
    I like the effect so well I'm looking for a smaller, lighter on-camera hotshoe flash to pair with the off-camera SB-800. I have several good manual and auto-thyristor flashes but they're all larger and heavier than my compact film and digital P&S cameras.
    Ricoh GX100 P&S digicam in one hand, with built in flash triggering Nikon SB-800 in SU-4 mode held in left hand.
    Ricoh GX100 again, this time with the old Nikon SB-10 auto-thyristor flash on the camera (the SB-10 outweighs the GX100 by about double), and the SB-800 offhand.
    Finally, an all-Nikon version, this one with the D2H, SB-10 on the camera at the lowest auto-thyristor setting to just trigger the offhand SB-800, which provides the main light. I gave up on this technique pretty quickly - the D2H is a beast to hold in one hand for any length of time.
    But I'm encouraged enough by the possibilities to consider buying one of those stupid proprietary Nikon 1 System flash units for my V1, which would be much easier to handle one-handed than the D2H, while providing better overall IQ than the teensy sensor Ricoh GX100 (a great little camera but uber-noisy at any ISO above 80, the main complaint about that model).
  4. Good Wednesday, everybody!
    Lex, a great story and great shots of cats!
    I often happen to be in the vicinity of these three towers -- the headquarters of Oracle computer company in Redwood City, CA. Usually it happens in the middle of the day, and the sky is really boring -- no clouds at all. This time I was lucky -- the sky was more interesting, and the sun was setting.
  5. Good morning all...
  6. It took me 42 years for me to officially finally visit the largest city in my home country (Sydney, Australia) and I'm left wondering 3 weeks post visit why it's taken me so long to make the relatively short 1,200km journey from where I live?
    As a fan of very few big cities around the world, the Sydney CBD and Quayside area is every bit as photogenic by day and night as San Francisco (which I adore..........)
    Iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge with the famous Manly Ferry working it's way across Circular Quay
  7. Attachment here....
  8. Is cloud on the mountain a nuisance? It is if you've forgotten your compass.
  9. Good morning
  10. This 'attractive nuisance' is a Harlequin Ladybird larva - a nuisance as it's a relative newcomer to the UK (first seen here 2004; I believe it arrived in the USA in the 1980s) and is displacing many native species. At least two thirds of the ladybirds I've seen this year have been harlequins.
  11. An old barn's tale. This first one I did in HDR to get the detail on barrel.
  12. same barn
  13. last one
  14. Love the barn pics, Kyle. There's a barn up the road I intend to shoot - thanks for the inspiration.
    Indeed it was a good year for weeds. This is the neighbor girl who has grown up as fast as a weed.
  15. Wow great shots to start of October with. Mine are all from our daily walk at Byers Woods Park Ashland, Ohio.
  16. A young button buck who greets every morning on our walk.
  17. Last one. Game over he says. See ya later.
  18. D7000 with an old 28mm F3.5 AI
  19. Rowing in Austin
  20. Hello dear friends, how you all doing? Last Saturday we had great time by the beach, but the stars were Bobbie and Max hahaha! here's some snapshots...take care!
  21. Hello dear friends, how you all doing? Last Saturday we had great time by the beach, but the stars were Bobbie and Max hahaha! here's some snapshots...take care! (All shots are part of burst series with Nikon D7000 & 70-300 VR)
  22. Autumn and Asters
    Potter County in PaWilds
  23. Wow, so many great pics already. Lex, that kitty series is great!
    Panayotis - you're lucky to have a beach that even allows dogs. Great action shots!
    For me it's my son, doing a "I got birthday money!" dance.
  24. And in the category of attractive nuisance, maybe? The partygoers! :)
  25. a Very happy Wednesday to everyone, and a good autumn as well! This past weekend i was up at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut for the season finale of the Grand Am racing series. The competition was very good this season, and the championship was determined at this race. This was also the last ever Grand Am race because the series has been mereged with the ALMS series for next year. this first image is the Action Express racing Corvette DP entry driven by Burt and Brian Friselle, setting up to pass the Stevenson Motorsports Camaro GT-R.
  26. Second image is the #90 Wayne Taylor Racing Corvette driven by Richard Westbrook and Ricky Taylor leading the Chip Ganassi with Felix Sabates BMW Riley driven by Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas
  27. Finally the championship winning Wayne Taylor Racing #10 Corvette DP car driven by Max Angelelli and Jordan Taylor.
  28. Here are a few from a wedding last week.
  29. Grampa
  30. Silhouette
  31. Greetings from the depths of Northern Ontario.
    We travelled the north and south shores of the St. Lawrence River for 3 weeks in September.
    Here's a small sampling the beaches between Tadoussac and Baie-Comeau.
  32. This was a fun shot taken while on the ferry from Tadoussac to Baie-Ste-Catherines. Glad I had a UV filter on. That's salt water on it.
  33. This would be a great way to explore the Saguenay fjord.
    By the way, love John P's last shot of the deer leaping!
  34. No nuisances, but with the rain and change in weather, one would think it is spring around here. So here is a series of what birds, bees and educated fleas do. Apparently their arthropodian cousins all want in on it.
  35. John Rowsell,
    Thanks for the comment on the running, leaping deer. kind of looks like he's auditioning for a job for Christmas Eve. LOL
  36. Oh, it's Wednesday already? Almost missed this one!
    Great shots, wow, this thread has it all - cats, dogs and other critters, kids and jedi padawans, beautiful landscapes and people! I shall add this one to the mix, not surprisingly it's a shot of our puppy, but this time with her mom. Oh, and thanks Lil for your nice words on last week's thread!
  37. Really good stuff this week. I 'cheated' on this one--made with a Fuji X-E1 and a Nikkor 105 f2.5. I think that counts?
  38. "Attractive nuisance" of a pretty little balerina...
  39. Being a port city, Charlestonians are attracted to the rivers for recreation. Attached image shows a dock on the Ashley River on the south side of the Charleston peninsula.
  40. Oh, yeah! That's a spinning saw blade behind him. Powered by an automotive engine. Just looking at the image makes me cringe!
  41. Second image is of "spectators" to activities of fishermen & crabbers.
  42. Third image shows another river activity, kayaking
  43. Great shots everyone. John P, love the jumping deer. Panayotis, love the "I Got you Now". Janne beautiful shot.
    Mine are some visitors to the garden - Flowers with Critters
    D800 300mm f/4 with 12mm extension tube
    Lady Bug
    Hover Fly
    Sleepy Orange
  44. greetings to all on this fine Wednesday :)
    Very tall, very dead weed I came across on a walk a couple of weeks back. I guess it's a nuisance but I absolutely loved the texture.
  45. Attended the annual Pataskala Ohio Antique Power Show last Saturday. I suspect the neighbors consider the show a nuisance. Lots of noise, dust, and traffic.
  46. Another shot from the Pataskala Ohio Antique Power Show. See what happens when a bunch of big boys get together to play with their big toys. These guys spent the whole day digging up the park lawn, moving dirt around, and around, and around. At the end of the day they filled the hole back in and re-seeded.
  47. The final shot from the Pataskala Ohio Antique Power Show. In addition to the tractor pull, they had a bluegrass band, a local RC model airplane club, food, and all kinds of antique cars, trucks, and tractors.
  48. Roberta Davidson - Great shots as always this week.
    Here are mine for the week. Nikon D800 + Nikon 105mm macro D.
  49. Flower two
  50. Flower three
  51. Roberta thank you for your comment on my running deer shot. I do appreciate that.
    Janne, That photo of the dogs is priceless. I love it.
  52. Bookstore
  53. Thank you very much Chris!
  54. Hey, I'm a day late, but what the heck. This little guy was snacking on our porch railing a couple days ago. I shot through the front window from inside the house.
  55. I shot up-and-coming singer Mara Hruby last night.
  56. Happy Wednesday.
  57. Happy Wednesday.
  58. I love Eartha and all the dogs by Elliot, Panayotis (esp #2), and Janne. I decided to combine my own love of dogs with Rodger's In flagrente delicto series--these are my neighbor's dogs amusing themselves after this year's grape harvest--I hope they don't offend (we've all seen it.)
  59. Sorry I'm late! Great dog portrait Janne :)
    I only managed to take the camera out once in the last week. Here's a snap of my youngest with the dog on our Sunday afternoon walk.....

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