Nikon Wednesday 2013: #35

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    Howdy Nikon folk, and a good late August Wednesday to everyone. Seems our strangely hit-or-miss local summer weather has brought us at least one more generation than usual of Cottontails. That's right, I'm posting a back yard baby bunny photo. Youse got a problem wit dat? Share a photo, see?
  2. This gal was dancing around while chattering with my mom as we waited for the bus at the hospital. As the little girl was leaving she turned to say goodbye and I snapped a photo.
    Nikon V1, 10-30 VR at 30mm (81mm equivalent), ISO 100, 1/800th @ f/5.6
  3. No bunnies in my back yard, just some dying flowers thanks to the lack of rain and my inability to water enough. D300 with 55/3.5 AI
  4. He might be a redneck.
  5. Two images of Portland, Oregon as night falls. I chose a different composition for each. Here is the first, captured at 8:50 p.m.
  6. And now the second image. It was captured at 9:10 p.m., 20 minutes after the first photo I posted.
  7. Morning folks. Here's to a great Wednesday of Nikon pictures.
  8. Good Wednesday, everybody!
    Since Matt opened up with a critter, I would use my quota of three shots to illustrate an episode in the lives of ground squirrels in the harbor of Crescent City, CA: someone brought them a tasty loaf of bread!
  9. [​IMG]I took a lily outside my church and I decided to use it to try for the first time the 3d capability of photoshop CS5. I mapped it to a cube and this was the result.
  10. Here is the second one
  11. And the third one
  12. It has been a while. Shot this butterfly on my in-laws yard in South Carolina.
  13. [​IMG] I have been scouting a few places for my upcoming Fall images. I think this location in St.Catherine Quebec has some possibilities. This shot is late in the afternoon with only a few minutes left before the sun would dip below the horizon.
  14. Morning all.
  15. This is my son's pool.
  16. D800 - ISO 200 f11 1/20s
  17. I'll see your bunny and raise you Bambi.
  18. This series is from the Eastern Shore Thresherman's show earlier this month. Power to this sawmill is a steam tractor and lots of hand labor. The log is initially rolled onto the sliding bed.
  19. Simon - that picture really has an 'air' about it.
    From Carnedd Dafydd - sometimes carrying the heavy gear up the hill is worthwhile.
  20. The initial cuts develop a flat face.
  21. And the log is rotated to square it up before cutting planks.
  22. this is from a roll of Fuji film I ran through a recently acquired F2 Photomic that I purchased in mint condition still in its original box. The lens used is a Nikkor 35-105 macro/zoom. This shot was in macro mode, hand held at 100mm, f5.6 @ 250th sec. if my memory is good.
  23. I am still working in Scotland, although an American, finding the place and the people most fascinating.
  24. Another for this week from Scotland.
  25. And finally, even Scottish mannequins are highly expressive!
  26. Good Morning Wednesday :)
    Here are three recent shots from Car show... I liked the old signs on the car. Shot with D600 + Nikon 105 f/2.5 and Nikon 85mm f/1.8 AF-S
    EDIT: was able to delete the image, but unable to add again... so will add in a new response.
  27. Sorry! for the wrong size in earlier one... will try to post again
  28. second image from the outing
  29. here is the 3rd one (resized)
  30. Another Bambi to the mix.
  31. This was from my back yard this week. Nikon D3, Nikon 300 2.8, F/7.1, 1/250 sec, ISO 800
  32. This is Q (named for the James Bond character), who is training to be a leader dog. He was visiting a bowling center to help him learn to focus only on his master, even in a distracting environment.
  33. Blue Darter
  34. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    Nikon V1
  35. Miss Scarlett with her Mom taken with a D7000 and the kit lens
  36. Works at the train station..
  37. Bugs on our spearmint plants.
    I'm pretty pleased with that last one. These small white butterflies are very fast and never sit still for more than a second or two. I was lucky to have been in the right spot at the right time!
    All images, Nikon D7000, Tamron 70-300 lens
  38. Good Wednesday to all! An image from a car show this past weekend of a beautiful 1955 Chevy.
  39. Hi Nikonistas, hope you're enjoying taking pictures this week as well...Cheers!
  40. Here are yet more from Longwood Gardens, PA. Enjoy. Nikon D800 + Voigtlander 28mm
  41. From my upcoming book. :) Note the horrendous noise levels resulting from using an antique camera at high ISO.
  42. A friend's backyard pool
  43. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    There's a lot of discussion about legalizing marijuana lately.
    Here's Hattie and Harry on grass. One thing about Corgis is that they'll seldom get high ;-)
  44. Wonderful shots everyone . The ruby throats are very active now in my garden. Having a lot of fun getting shots of them.
    D800 500mm
  45. Jose R, nice butterfly in flight. Not easy to do .
  46. Shot a wedding; here's one of the bride's flowers & footwear that I experimented with in CS5. Yep, she wore cowboy boots; it's how we roll 'round here.
  47. This photo of Santa Fe Doc was taken in January on a gray morning.
  48. Playing with one of my latest additions some time ago :)
  49. Happy Wednesday everyone. Here's another wheat field picture; this time my youngest is the model.....
  50. and a quick snap of my wife at a wedding.....
  51. Bridge support on new Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Washington DC. Processed in Lightroom and Silver Efex.
  52. At the Edmonton Zoo
  53. More cars - Street Machines National 2013
  54. Greetings! Here's a shot of Fort Snelling, Saint Paul, MN from a look out across the river (Mississippi)
  55. Neighbor's house with vines.
  56. Gus being curious.
  57. So many wonderful photos! I thought of posting a list of special favorites, but it would have been far too long!
  58. Sunset at a local park last Thursday.
  59. pge


    Many great shots, but I want to say to Jose Rivera nice one!
  60. Beautiful pics, especially I liked Chris Wick's girl and field. This is from a cayak tour in lake Muurue, Central Finland.
  61. Alabama Hills
  62. Pat,
    Looks more like "Alabamastan".
    Come clean now, where was that made?
  63. Lone Pine, California, location for many films.
    From Gunga Din, Winchester 76, High Sierra, to Bad day at black rock etc.
    Enormous sand stone formation at the foot of the Mount Whitney Portal.
    East Sierras in the back ground, a shooters mecca.
  64. Times Square (where else?).
  65. That didn't work. I'll try again.
  66. Do they block images if it's not Wednesday?
  67. Old Farm Truck

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