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    Hello Nikon people, and a good Wednesday to everyone. A great thread last week, to be sure - people, critters, machines, buildings, sports, more critters, more people, the sky in many moods, bugs bigger than your head, flowing water, bird ID mysteries solved - more this week, please! For me, it was that most elusive of subjects: the person who actually uses those wet chalk pens to put up the daily special menu options on the bistro black board. Caught him in the act (and glad I didn't catch him in the act of breaking his neck, standing on a table like that!). Did you take your Nikon gear to lunch? Share!
  2. Posting after a long time, only because I have some shots to post! Took someone to Medieval Times here in Dallas, and took the opportunity to try out my redone shooting/custom settings bank for action.
  3. Next one at Medieval Times...
  4. Final one at Medieval Times...
  5. I may have posted this before, but Matt's lunch suggestion reminded me of it. It was part of a recent gallery show. It didn't sell, so I think I'll give the framed 11 x 14 print to the restaurant. I think they might like it.
  6. Hi everyone in the Nikon forum. Hope everyone's had a great week & can't wait to see all the photos. Sasvata - I love your horse photos & would be glad to tell you the name of the movements in photos # 2 & 3 if you'd like. Just let me know & I'll supply them :)
    I'm still work on our large pond and due to that, that's what I have to offer :)
    Shot with my old and much trusted D300 & the lenses are the Nikon 300mm f/4 AF-S or the Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro
    1, NIKON D300, f/8 @ 300 mm, 1/320, ISO 400, -1/3 E.V. "Tiny Visitor"

    2. D300, f/8 @ 150 mm, 1/320, ISO 400, -1/3 E.V. "Hellooooooooo"

    3. D300, f/8 @ 300 mm, 1/640, ISO 400, -1/3 E.V. "Serene"
  7. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Forster's Tern (Sterna forsteri) feeding young chick. Nikon D800E with 600mm lens.
  8. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Another Forster's Tern (Sterna forsteri) feeding young chick. Nikon D800E with 600mm lens.
  9. Nightscape photography from a high desert location, taken this past Saturday night at around 11:00pm. I thought it would be easy to take a "selfie" -- but it's surprisingly difficult to stand perfectly still for 20 secs! Taken with a D600 and Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 lens, ISO 4000, exposure time 20 secs.
  10. Went to a family reunion on my wife's side this weekend. The pics of the kids are the best; they are not inhibited or reserved like adults!
  11. Boys playing football the the reunion.
  12. Grandma and grandchild at the reunion.
  13. Only one photo this week as I am tied up with other things. This was taken while walking in Edinburgh. I was experimenting with showing movement using longer shutter speeds while walking. This is why we buy those sharp Nikkor lenses!
  14. Good morning all.
  15. Good morning everyone.
  16. 16x9 crop with D300s
  17. [​IMG]
    As the sun rises into the ocean....
    Beneath the crosses....
  18. Garden Creek waterfalls, Fredericton, NB after over 100mm of rain the day before.
  19. Really wonderful shots so far today. Can't wait to see them all at the end of the day.
    I went to a car cruise about 3 weeks ago and a fellow noticed me taking photos of his car(s).
    He asked me to come to his house and take some more photos of the cars so he could post
    the photos and try to sell the cars.
    The first photo is the 1947 Cadillac. And third photo is a Chevy SSR.
  20. Second photo
  21. SSR
  22. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    This couple was doing some rural trekking.
  23. 8-point buck came to visit my backyard.
  24. Took this on a Blue Ridge trip a few weeks ago.
  25. From a lunch time walk
  26. Daughter of some friends this week end all with the D7000 and kit lens
  27. Took a trip to the Bushkill falls area this past week. Took in Raymondkill Falls, Dingmans Falls, and, of course, Bushkill falls. Here are some pictures from the trip in that order. All Nikon D800 + Nikon 28-70mm f2.8.
  28. It was around lunchtime that I saw this guy making his way up the beach -
  29. I didn't use my Nikons much last week, so here are some early July pics of two of the more interesting ore boats plying the waters of Lake Superior.
    The first pic is of the Arthur Anderson. At only 700 or so foot long, she's not one of the biggest boats out there, but she's famous. She was following the Mighty Fitz on that fateful night of November 10th.
    And second, the Walter J McCarthy Jr. One of the 12 or so boats that are 1000 foot or longer. She rather dwarfs the other boats when she visits Duluth. :)
    Nikon F6, Agfaphoto CTPecisa 100 slide film
  30. Hello dear friends, How's your week? Cheers!
  31. My wife and grandson on a hot Sunday afternoon.
  32. At the market (Nikon F2 and 28mm f3.5 Nikkor H).
  33. Evangelia, launched in 1942 as Empire Strength, run aground of Constantza in 1968
  34. Either too hot or too much office to get out and play so dragged one out as a follow up on Sue's question on travel w/a. Pike's Peak from Crystal Lake, CO. D700 with Nikkor 20mm AFS-D at f/10 and ISO 800
  35. There were lots of dragonflies on the grounds of Hampton Mansion National Historical Site this week. These two stayed still for a photo.
  36. Another
  37. pge


    The members of this forum are very talented. Shun, Tom, Martin and Simon, extra super shots this week.
    My shot was from a 169 Megapixel camera! Let me explain. Obviously it is a composite shot. I shot it with a D800 and after cropping and slightly resizing down so that each cell would be the same size, the cells were 4350 pixels square. 3 up by 3 down means that the final image was 13050 pixels square, which is 169 Megapixels. Interestingly my computer handled this file reasonably well.
    The shot was done at my cottage on the deck with 1970s Norman studio lights, a D800 on a tripod, shot through a computer with Lightroom. This was the first time I triggered my camera with a mouse.
    By the way, my daughters name is Zoe Evans.
  38. Wishing everyone a great Wednesday, another excellent week with fantastic images! Thought i would give landcape a try this week.
  39. Looking forward to seeing what everyone puts up this fine Wednesday.
    This shot is a tribute to my husband who spent an arduous week installing a slate floor in the kitchen; not the easiest material to work with.
  40. Wonderful shots everyone !
    Mine are just some from my backyard. Still far too hot to wonder around the marsh .
    D800 500mm f/4
    Blue Jay
    Juvenile Ruby Throated Hummingbird
  41. I finally started sorting and editing images from a trip to Wyoming last month. I found that the mountain was watching me while I photographed the clouds clearing from (aptly named) Storm Point that guards cascade Canyon in the Tetons.
  42. Clouds wrapping Storm Point
  43. Cascade Canyon at dawn.
  44. At Lunch
  45. from a photo walk at Turkey Creek a week ago
  46. last one from the Abacos, the Bahamas.
  47. Nant Ffrancon
  48. [​IMG]I think I missed last Wednesday but here I am today. Some great shots as usual from everyone but here are a few I would like to mention:
    Shash - fabulous horse image; John P -- an amazing 1947 cadillac whose design looks way ahead of its time; Jon Eckman - that is a very colorful lobster which I might want to preserve and not eat; John Harper Your mountain/clouds speaks to me of tranquility and I wish I was there; John Farrar - great light and with that d800 and no-zoom lens, the definition must be terrific. Little Jud and John r - your use of the sigma 150 is tempting me even though I have the Tamron 90mm macro.
  49. Walking on Water:
  50. Red costume - taken downtown Montreal near Berri and maisoneuve street
  51. God Morning Friends, Many beautiful and interesting shots so far this week. John, that Caddy is wonderful; many, many hours went into that. Mine for the week is of coastal fog coming over a nearby ridge and vineyards.
  52. Balloon Flower: taken on walkabout in the yard with the dog and a camera.
  53. Tony and Young James,
    Thanks for the comments on the 47 Caddy. It's for sale and would look great in your driveway. ;-))
  54. Simple yellow lily. Lit by flash + softbox. Taken with D800 & Tamron 90mm AF macro.
  55. John Farrar,
    Very much like your capture of the tonal subtleties in those mountains. While I might have looked/waited for a stronger patch of sunlight, that would have overpowered the delicate shadings. Well done.
    What was your aperture on the 85 and the ISO setting?
    I take it you like your 800?
  56. Mirror and reflection.
  57. Mark - thanks for the comment. Love the D800; ISO 200 (a mistake - should have left it at 100); f8; tripod, remote. Waited about 30 mins and that was the 'best' patch of very changeable light. The cloud had to have form too.
  58. Its been a few years since I have posted anything, I miss the ol girl and trying to be inspired again. Photo from a trip to Wilmington, DE that was cut short due to huricane Sandy. Hope you like it!
  59. That lobster shot is very arresting! I got this today.

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