Nikon Wednesday 2013: #30

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Hello Nikon people, and a good Wednesday to all. One of the few good things about this steamy weather is that we have a better chance of getting some thunderstorms.

    So while keeping an eye on a line of storms rolling through a couple miles north of us, we drove up onto a parking structure along the railroad tracks so I could try some braced long exposures - it was a gamble that I might happen to catch a bolt or two while the shutter was randomly open during a seat-of-the-pants exposure estimate.

    The shooting position paid off in two ways, because just as I was about to grab another pitch-dark-and-try again shot, I heard an approaching eight-car DC Metro train rolling south into town. So I shot a series of 1 second exposures hoping to catch both the train and some lightning. Voila!
    Hopefully everyone else had a moment of luck this past week, too - share!
  2. For various reasons, I found myself shooting lots of food over the past week or two.
    Here's a bowl of clams, at a wonderful local restaurant.
  3. Wild-caught Sockeye Salmon, ready for the smoker.
  4. And here's dessert.
    Through a random drawing on Facebook, I gave away a free 8 x 10 print. The winner happened to be a wonderful, professional pastry chef. When we met, so I could give him the print, he gave me these fantastic chocolate chip cookies.
  5. Wishing all a very happy Nikon Wednesday. Here's one from the archive.
  6. To the side of a country road near Forest Grove, Oregon sits this ramshackle old farmhouse. The only thing seemingly keeping it from crashing to the ground in a heap is the tree. I'm curious to learn something of the relic's history and the people who lived there. Original color image converted to black and white.
  7. [​IMG]Taken in a Greenhouse in Westmount Quebec
  8. Candiac late afternoon
    Correction: f13 at 1/60th
    This is a Photomatix processed image using 3 images 2 stops apart.
  9. Baptism at St.Georges Anglican Church - Montreal.
    Parents did not want flash used because of possible impact to the baby's eyes so I had to use a much higher ISO.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Hi forum followers, amazing shots so far this week. Matt I just love your shot. But there are some wonderful shots already.
    So here are mine fast put together. I'm still very busy with our new large pond & in trying to get our new koi & goldfish to know me I spend time talking to them. Yes, talking to them. That's what I've been told to do. Talk to them when I feed them etc. So they'll get to know my voice. So far - they're hiding from me....
    So I find other subjects in the pond.
    All shot with the D300
    1. D300 with the Sigma 150mm - f/8 @ 150 mm, 1/200, ISO 400, -1/3 E.V. with some tweaking in Photoshop
    2. NIKON D300 & the 300mm f/4 AF-S, f/8 @ 300 mm, 1/320, ISO 400, -1/3 E.V.
    3. D300 with the Sigma 150mm - , f/8 @ 150 mm, 1/400, ISO 400, - 1/3 E.V. with some tweaking in Photoshop

  12. I was trying to see how Nikon's 35/2 holds up to the D600's sensor. The copy I rented was a little sharper than my Russian 35... which makes it that much easier to justify lugging around the giant Sigma 35.
    D600 • ISO 100 • Nikon 35/2.0 AF • ƒ/2.8 • 1/1600th
    Last weekend I figured I'd try my hand at using live view to capture some concert shots.
    D600 • ISO 6400 • Nikon 105/2.5 Ai • ƒ/4.0 • 1/100th
  13. Gator crossing the road while egret looks on.
  14. We had a car show here in Victoria (BC, Canada)
  15. Greetings fellow Nikonistas I have a couple this week to share taken with my D700.
  16. And a second
  17. New Orleans' Running of the Bulls, San Fermin Festival, July 13, 2013
    D700, 70-200 VR
  18. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    Hattie found a good spot to catch some shade.
  19. Harry wanted to play peek-aboo regardless of the heat.
  20. Have a nice Wednesday my friends! Lovely shots so far! keep them coming! Cheers!
  21. Hi, forum friends,
    I was visiting some zoos and nature parks recently. Here are my contributions:
    1. From a raptor show in the Munich (Germany) Zoo.
    2. From the tropical garden in the Munich (Germany) Zoo.
    3. From the wildpark Poing (Germany).
    Hope you'll like them.
    Regards, Miha.
  22. The second one.
    The insert shows 100% crop from the bird's eye. I used a monopod to support the lens.
  23. The last one.
  24. Great shots everyone!
  25. 1934 Ford Headlight...this car is always parked in front of Driskill Hotel, Austin, Texas.
  26. Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
  27. Knik Glacier, Alaska
    Nikon D800
  28. Sunny Summer Sunflower.
  29. Great shots everyone.
    Here is Ellie Rose whose owner makes and sells fancy dog treats at the Ashland, Ohio farmers market.
  30. Vendors table at the Ashland, Ohio farmers market.
  31. picture of a flower sharing a raindrop
  32. Lucky timing
  33. Nice work so far. I'm looking forward to checking in later today to see more.
  34. Greg Jones, love your chimneys photo. Nice symmetry, and the birds are a nice added touch.
  35. Here is a shot I took of Jim Lauderdale at The Ryman Auditorium, the Original Grand Old Opry in Nashville, TN on July 11th
    Used my Nikon D600 and Sigma 70-200 @ f4.0, 1/250, iso3200 no flash
    Thanks for looking,
    phil b
  36. My daughter and her cousins cool off in the spray of Grandma's garden hose.
  37. This American Oystercatcher was keeping a close watch on me. They had babies near by. Nikon D3X, Nikon 300 2.8, Nikon TC-20E-III, 600mm, F/11, 1/1000 sec, IS0 400
  38. The first chance to try out my Nikon Coolpix P7700
  39. Lil Judd- love your pond flower.
    Miha Hadl- so glad you provided the insert...can see the reflections of people in the bird's eye!!
    Jon Eckman- lucky is right!
    I love Wednesdays and the images it brings.
  40. Greetings everyone, mine this week are shots of the summer sky patterns here in Florida.
  41. Several hours ago, I posted my first image of the week, an old, battered house propped up only by a tree. Nearby, on the same property, I found this deteriorating farm building next to thriving wheat.
  42. Skimmer south of Klamath Falls, Oregon, at the game reserve on Miller Island.
    Handheld D800 with Nikon AF-S 300/4, TC-14E, 12mm extension tube.
  43. Great shots today !
    Got luck with some subjects in the garden.
    D800 105mm micro with either 20 or 36 mm extension tube.
    Dragon with Skipper as lunch
    Cabbage White Butterfly
    Close up of Dragon
  44. Twenty-five second exposure of traffic on Damrak in Amsterdam with Kodachrome 25 on tripod to which I recently added 4-Spacetime figure in belly of android image which displays when Google pushes an OS release to unlocked Google phones.
  45. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Mallard family, Antonelli Pond, Santa Cruz, California
  46. Speaking of brace and shoot. This is at 1.3 seconds leaning on the bridge.
    The Truckee River and Sienna Casino, Reno, NV, July 19, 2013
  47. The latter 19th century version of the Internet cafe. Taken at the Goleta Railroad Depot
  48. Wanted soft and dreamy - so a close-up with a non-macro lens on a tubes, wide open. Welsh poppy.
  49. From the pond out back at work.
    Great shots so far everyone.
  50. And zoomed in...
  51. I went to Iceland last week. Weather wasn't exactly favourable; most of the time it was raining or pouring with very little sunlight all week.
  52. [​IMG]
    Nikon F6, Agfaphoto CT Pecisa 100
  53. Waterfalls are abundant in Iceland ...
  54. Lots of rivers to cross on the mountain roads near Landmannalaugar.
  55. Good Wednesday, everybody!
    The other day the cat agreed to pose instead of turning her face away from the camera...
  56. Hello Everyone, Lots of talent on display here today--beautiful work. Mine is of a dried thistle I saw while out walking this morning. Tweaked a bit in Lightroom to minimize the background distraction.
  57. Setting the "way back machine"
  58. Here is one of my favorite birds to watch, mostly because they are always around my local creek, and as in this case are relatively bold.
  59. Rodger - What bird is this? I've seen one somewhat like this, except that it's gray, at the pond out back at work.
  60. Here are mine for the week. Taken at Edwin B Forsythe national wildlife refuge. All Nikon 1 V1.
  61. J1 with 30-110 lens
  62. on "walkabout" with the dog
  63. for the Hummingbirds
  64. Mark - I believe the bird to be a Bittern, American Bittern I think.
  65. Mark
    You may have seen a Green Heron. They are grayish/brown in color
  66. Pamela Moore performing in Fife, WA
    D600 w/ Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G 1/250s ISO 2000
  67. Here is a very poor shot of an unknown (to me) bird. I was shooting through a dirty window and into the morning sun. John P? Lil?
    We do have a Great Blue Heron. This guy has a much shorter neck and much shorter legs. Looked like it was the size of a chicken.
  68. My brother holding my granddaughter.
  69. "The Voyeur" (Actually me photographing my wife sunbathing)
  70. Tomatoes ripening in the garden.
  71. Mark, That is a Green Heron. Very common here in Ohio.
  72. Mark - - I'm afraid my headache tonight has made me answer incorrectly. The bird in the photo is a Bittern. The bird you have seen could have been a Black-crowned Night Heron or a Green Heron. Google them & see which one is the one you've seen.
  73. I was at the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival on the weekend
  74. Winnipeg Fringe picture 2
  75. Winnipeg Fringe #3
  76. It was once a gain time to visit the Smithsonian's Udvar Hazy Center with the family last month. Given than I work about five miles away, my company has some hardware on display, I've got 3 year old twins, and just about anyone who comes to visit DC wants a personal tour guide, I think I've been there about 25 times since it opened. It's one of the places that really allows the dynamic range of the D800 to shine, even if I have to hand hold the camera.
  77. My personal favorite aircraft in the building, although I have to admit the SR-71 is pretty amazing as well.
  78. D80 /w 135mm @f/6.3 & 1/200s
  79. Joel - the Corsair is one of the coolest warbirds ever to fly. My personal favorite has always been the TBF Avenger. I have some shots of one in flight but they're Canon shots. :)
  80. Mark,
    This was a juvenile Green Heron. It looks somewhat like the American Bittern, but has a darker cap and back. We have numerous Green Herons along the creek down here in Austin. This guy while I was watching caught a dragonfly out of the air, a fish out of the water, and then the insect you can almost see in his bill in the second picture. I think along the creek they are fairly used to people, because I can often get quite close before they fly off. The adults have a beautiful green cast to their plumage when the light shines on them just right.
  81. Backyard bugs.
  82. Rodger - appreciate the extra details. The guy I saw was circling the pond just like the Great Blue Heron we have here. He was in the sunlight when I first saw the time I retrieved my camera he'd walked into the dark early morning shade. Your explanation helps explain why I couldn't see any green. Thanks for everyone that helped solve my 'Great Bird Mystery.' - Mark

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