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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Happy Nikon Wednesday, all. Our local farmer's market is a never-ending supply of faces. We're fortunate in that the people running the recurring event invite musicians, chefs, and other interesting folks to keep the place lively. This three-piece was delivering some truly sublime jazz for a couple hours straight, and out in the sun. A labor of love, surely.

    Speaking of trios, I'm happy to see that once in a while we get a three-fer from some contributors to this thread each week. Keep it up!
  2. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    I went to this location to capture some test images with the new 18-35mm/f3.5-4.5 AF-S, and I brought the 14-24mm/f2.8 AF-S along for comparison. I captured this image at 14mm, f11 on the D800E. The glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly occupies across three stories.
  3. hbs


    Happy almost-summer everyone:
    I love the sharpness of this nearly 1:1 shot taken with my newly acquired [but used] 300mm AF-S f/4 plus TC-14E. It was taken with the lens wide open, handheld, in my back yard.
  4. Hello All, a few shots of Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo,Japan...
  5. Congratulations to all who Graduated :)
  6. Testing the D7100
  7. This past weekend, I returned to a favorite setting of four years ago. Wanted to do SOMETHING different this time while being true to the original. The time of day was right so I decided to go for a sunburst in the upper left corner of the frame. Composed the shot carefully, adjusted the f/stop and waited for the results.
  8. [​IMG]Good morning to everyone - fine shots indeed!
    I took mine a few hours ago in a farmers field just as the sun was setting.
  9. Good Wednesday morning everyone!
    I continued testing my new D600 with speedlights, and this was one of the test shots from weekend.
  10. Good morning everyone, have a nice Wednesday and enjoy shooting!
  11. Happy wednesday!
    PC-E 45
    PC 85/2.8D
    200/2 +TC17
  12. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    Another from Joshua Tree...
  13. This past weekend we flew into Peoria, Illinois ...there last month for the Susan B Komen/Race For The Cure (Susan Komen's Hometown) ... got invited back by the locals for the 40th Annual 'Steamboat Classic' ... billed as "The World's Fastest 4 Miles" Runners in from all over the World. Left the hotel at 'zero dark thirty' with my dx body (D7000), and my FX lens bag...wake up, wake up. Here is an out-take from the finish ...Shadrack Kosgei with a run time of 18m5sec (about 4:30per mile!) ...Organizers set up on the Riverfront and gave away some 27 kegs of beer (cup at a time) to the runners and volunteers ... quite a party rolling by 9:30 am. This one, D7000/70-200.
  14. We landed at a suburban airport in the middle of an airshow ... gave a few rides, and took a few. D600, 70-200.
  15. And had time for a quick self-portrait at a nearby car show. Chrome work on the spare tire of an excellent vintage Hudson ... D600/14-24.
  16. Great shots everyone! I took this in the early evening walking my dog. There was a light behind the foliage making for an interesting shot.
  17. Baby deer in my backyard.....
  18. I went out into the yard to try my ancient 28mm F3.5 AI on the D7000
  19. Half fly half bee.
  20. Just a Butterfly
  21. A few babies have survived our tropical storm. Nikon D3X, Nikon 300 2.8,1/320 sec, f/7.1, ISO 50
  22. On Monday, she who is my life and I, celebrated out 13th anniversary. She got some nice flowers and a crystal vase from me...
    Nikon D7000, 35mm 1.8 G lens
    But she topped me. This is only one of the reasons I love her so...
    Her gift to me...
    Nikon D7000, 35mm 1.8 G lens
    I am a lucky guy.
  23. Hi, all and everyone,
    My contributions for this week, transformed in B&W.
    First one: Nikon D200, Sigma 10-20mm at 12mm.
  24. Second one: Nikon D200, Sigma 10-20mm at 15mm.
  25. picture by the pool at Treasure Cay, the Abacos in the Bahamas
  26. The third one:
    Nikon D300s, Sigma 10-20mm at 20mm.
    (A lot sipmler picture. In the upper right corner you can see a seagull, not a dust spot.)
  27. beach at South Lynyard Cay in the Abacos
  28. Here are mine for the week. Nikon D800 + Nikon 105mm macro D. Enjoy.
  29. Here is another shot of Rigby (with Ina, his trainer), the dog who's learning to bowl to help publicize the annual "Bowl-4-Animal" Rescue fundraiser held every August here in the Detroit area.
    Since last time, Rigby has started using a ramp, which helps a lot with both aim and ball speed. He's very enthusiastic. After rolling his ball, he races up to the foul line to watch it hit the pins, then runs back to the ball return to see it come back. In between shots, he likes watching the other bowlers.
  30. Happy Wednesday to all!
  31. Sorry, i guess a photo would help:)
  32. Great stuff so far, especially Elliott's foliage and Miha's black & white series.
    I'm not a huge fan of the multiple posting thing, so here's just one from a family photo shoot over the weekend.
    "Brotherly Love"
  33. Summer Time & It's Baseball
  34. Woodstock festival Port Washington, NY. This was the Santana cover band. Other bands covered were the Who, Grateful Dead, Hendrix, Creedence and The Band.
  35. Chinatown, Motomachi, Kobe. Nikon F3 + Nikon 35-135/3.5-4.5.
  36. Another Woodstock Festival shot. Great music, lots of sun, lots of fun.
  37. Had a chance to photograph a still rather young Harris Hawk last Saturday evening during a demo to control the pigeon population at our HOA. All images with D300 and 300/4 AF-S (without a TC that usually is attached to it).
  38. Such wonderful shots today. So many great ones. Harvey's Cardinal shot really caught my eye though.
    Thanks to Jamie Harre for commenting on my Buck in velvet shot last week.
    Today's shot is the old Presbyterian church right here in Ashland, Oh.
  39. Wonderful shots ! Happy Wednesday to everyone .
    I found myself taking a walk in the marsh. The dragons were everywhere . The wild coneflowers were in bloom making for some nice backgrounds. It was a wonderful morning.
    D800 , some with the 500mm and some with the 300mm .
    Hope you enjoy
  40. Pictures from my visit 1.5 weeks ago to Stockholm. Here is a guitarist and singer pair.
  41. And a big band who danced while they were playing.
  42. And finally, some Hare Krishna followers walking through the Old Town.
  43. Spent some time in an old barn yesterday and found these.
  44. Also found these. Home made.
  45. Walking around in the woods image
  46. On vacation in Jackson Hole this week. Spent an afternoon kayaking on the Snake River oxbows - calm water with wildlife sightings (moose, eagles, otters, pellicans and other waterfowl) frequent. This time, we had a surprise. We were drifting through a slough 10 to 15 feet from the shorelines when Karen said she saw a black bear. I readied the AW100 and as I drifted past, the bear raised his head ... not a black bear but one of the grizzly adolescents that are in the area. I captured a few images as the bear came to the water's edge to check us out. When the bear splashed the water, I splashed the water too - with a few power stroked of the paddle to get clear.
  47. The bear popping up from the brush.
  48. Checking us out.
  49. Walking the dogs yesterday evening and saw these in the rough by the path
    Northern marsh orchid[​IMG]
  50. had the opportunity to shoot Thomas Mapfumo, the legendary Zimbabwean musician, last week.
  51. Great shots everyone. I particularly liked Roberta's dragonflies, especially the third one.
    I managed to get out in the countryside with the dog on Saturday. It was one of those lovely days with sunshine, rapidly moving clouds and a warm breeze making the crops in the fields sway so they looked like water from a distance. A perfect chance to try a bit more HDR.......
  52. and a second one......
  53. Picture of my 95 year old Grandmother I took the other day.
  54. I slightly overfilled a demijohn and my homebrew beer frothed out of its airlock, resulting in what you see below.
    D800 + Tamron 90mm macro lens. Lit with a single off camera flash held above and slightly behind the subject, triggered using CLS from the camera popup.
  55. Grand Hotel Mackinac Island MI
  56. It's graduation season...
  57. Here I am--a day late, but happy to see that the thread's not closed; I thought I was going to miss out. Budi, that's a precious photo. Mine for the week is a Hollyhock, backlighted.
  58. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario...or rather, northern Quebec.
    We were camping near Fort Temiscamingue. No cell or internet access. I didn't want to miss out on Nikon Wednesday. Better late than never.
    The Fort was a node in the Hudson's Bay Company trading network that stretched from Quebec City to the Northwest Territories. It is found at the 'narrows' of Lake Temiskaming. The Gov't of Canada has set up a display depicting life at the old fort.
    #1 The Voyageurs unloading/loading their canoes. They were massive freight canoes that had to be portaged many times on the trade route.
  59. #2 The Flagpole
  60. #3 The principal reason for the trade route was beaver pelts. Beaver was a 'must have' for hats in 18th and 19th century Europe. This display shows a first nations person trading a stack of pelts for goods.
  61. A first-rate Nikon Wednesday this week, folks!
  62. [​IMG]
    Winter's morning here in Aus - D800 180mm f8 iso640 1/1000

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