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    A good Wednesday to everyone. A long day shooting at a client's business was wrapped up enjoying a chopped salad served up by a friend in her new food truck. She couldn't be happier in her made-over ex-FedEx delivery vehicle, serving up comfort food. Photographed any simple pleasures this week? Share!
  2. My Grandson Hudson enjoying his own cake at his first birthday party last weekend. He loved His comfort food.
  3. Simple pleasures? Last day of school and kids dressing up at the school party. :)
    Nikon Nikkormat EL, Kodak Gold 100 film
  4. Greetings all! Great shot, Rich, of your grandson in the midst of his obvious delight! My simple pleasure to share is this: Peony, After the Rain.
  5. hbs


    Two weeks ago my dogs got all excited when a woodchuck came into our backyard. Last weekend, it was a large snapping turtle. What will be next? A neighbor has reported seeing a bear.
  6. As fireworks season kicked off for me this weekend, I had the pleasure of sitting behind the control table thanks to the hospitality of the crew at Celebration Fireworks.
    This was also my first weekend shooting fireworks with a fisheye (Nikkor 16/2.8 Ai-S on a D700).
    This shot was 6.0 seconds at ƒ/22, ISO 200.
  7. Here are a couple from a stroll downtown.
    I don't remember the girl's name. The dog's name is Adrian (I don't know if I'm spelling it correctly).
  8. Ryman Auditorium
  9. It was beautiful late last Sunday afternoon in Portland, OR. This first image is of Pittock Mansion, a historic building dating to the early 1900s that was once the private residence of the publisher of The Oregonian (it is now a museum owned by Portland Parks & Recreation). I used a bit of flash to illuminate the sign and the plants in the foreground. The goal was to achieve a balanced exposure.
  10. Not far from Pittock Mansion (previous image) are the International Rose Test Gardens at Washington Park. The flowers are in splendid form these days, befitting Portland's label as "The City of Roses."
  11. [​IMG]Good morning to everyone - as usual, some very fine shots already.
    Mine is a sunset with some unusual textures in the water. A few minutes later a family of ducks came out but by then both the drama in the water and the sky had disappeared.
  12. Good Wednesday, everybody! Here is my golden retriever during our daily walk in the nearby forest.
  13. The simple pleasure of doing something dumb with the high-res D800! Reverse an old, fast lens onto it and use wide open where you get field curvature, coma and a weird CA - not to speak of no depth of field.
  14. And another, same 'technique'. PS should have said BR2A, since the BR2 can apparently damage the camera contacts.
  15. Good morning to everyone and as usual, some very beautiful shots already. Have a nice week! Cheers!
  16. Good Wednesday morning to all...
  17. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    Two shots of wet foliage this week. No shortage of opportunity. It's nice to get the shots before hail, insects and mollusks start punching holes in the leaves.
    #1 Hosta
  18. #2 Lady's Mantle and Wild Sarsaparilla
  19. Wonderful start to the morning. Patrick I like the colors from the old Nikkormat EL. Great shot.
    My first shot is a purple Clematis in the back yard with the late afternoon sun hitting it.
  20. A very serene looking pond on our morning walk at Byers Woods, Ashland County, Oh.
  21. Low key Green Heron.
    D300 w 300/4 and tc-14e
  22. Another shot from Reddington Shores Florida of a Black Skimmer. Nikon D3X, Nikon 300 2.8, 1/320 sec, f/13, ISO 200
  23. a simple sunset in Marsh Harbor a couple of weeks ago
  24. A closed door on Man-O-War Cay in the Abacos, the Bahamas
  25. Happy Wed. all. My simple pleasure is to go to one of my favorite parks, Great Falls National Park, VA side. Tried to get to a slow speed by stacking filters, Pol., ND, etc. Worked but softened the details too much.
  26. A local Detroit TV station is bringing back the popular 1970s show, Bowling for Dollars. This is pro bowling superstar, Aleta Sill, waiting to tape her special guest segment for the pilot episode.
    Strong backlighting, obviously, with TV lights actually in the frame (though cropped out here) and thus a good deal of flare.
  27. Taken with an F3 and a beat up old 50mm F2.0 AI
  28. Lantana
  29. Short, simple ... a tribute to NEWSPAPER PHOTOGRAPHERS ...
  30. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    I went to this location in Southern California for the first time last Saturday. I love this courtyard layout. Unfortunately, I was there around noon time and could only stay for a short while, so the lighting was far from ideal. Hopefully I'll get to visit again some other time, early in the morning.
    Nikon D800E with the new 18-35mm/f3.5-4.5 AF-S @ 26mm, f11, 1/160 and ISO 100
  31. Nikon F3 + Nikon 24/2.
    This took place by the Akashi Castle moat last Sunday.
  32. I had the simple pleasure of watching this snowy egret hunt for breakfast. The rising Mississippi River is allowing the water to flow through the spillway, bringing all kinds of food to the birds and other critters in the area.
    All shot with the D800 and 500mm .
    Hope you enjoy.
    First you've got to spot your meal
    Then you have to catch it
    But you always have to be on guard for what lurks just feet from you and the photographer so you don't become the meal !
  33. First the pigeons got in on it, then the swan, then the turtles and the carp. The Akashi Castle moat has a lot of residents. My F3 was equipped with a motor drive.
  34. Happy Wednesday everyone, mine are from a dance recital, setting all the way in the back of the theatre, I was shocked that any came out.
  35. Great shots everyone, my favorites are Rick Moran, Richard VanWart, and Mark Sirota.
  36. John Rowsell - I like the water droplets on your first leaf picture.
    Roberta Davidson - I like your second photo of the snowy egret.
    Here are mine for the week. Nikon D800 + Nikon 105mm macro D. Flower from my yard. Enjoy.
  37. From the Magic Wings indoor butterfly garden in MA.
    Coolpix P7100
  38. Attended Spoleto festival lecture by Museum historian Grahame Long at Library Society.
  39. Here's a pair of dueling pistols from the museum
  40. And here's the Spoleto schedule
  41. Daily bike ride with Lily in the woods.
  42. Good Day Everyone, Mine for the week is of my granddaughter playing by herself while waiting for dinner; I don't know which of us is having the greater pleasure.
  43. Some really interesting shots here; I'm coming quite late to the party based on UK time.
    I haven't done any street/candid stuff for a long time, but here's one taken last week during a quick City Break in Denmark.
  44. Forgot the multi-post thing: here's another (with a touch of PS)
  45. And, finally, one in glorious colo(u)r:
    (Or in this case - not! Please see below)
  46. Retry #3
  47. A nice sunset this saturday..... (D700 - AiS 20mm f/3.5 - ISO 200, 1/640, f/8)
  48. The yellow of summer (D700 - AiS 35mm f/1.4 - ISO200, 1/6400, f/1.4)
  49. Hi, everybody.
    Some impressions from a nearby field. Made with Nikon D300s, Nikkor 200-400mm f/4 VRII, at 5.6.
    Hope you like them.
    Regards, Miha.
  50. Second impression...
  51. And the last one.
  52. Decided to show one that's posing.....
  53. Happy Wednesday everyone. Great pics. I particularly liked Rick M's heron and Miha's impressions from the field nearby.
    It's a minor miracle I'm able to post. I had to rebuild the PC from scratch last night after a terminal "blue screen of death". I wish I'd filed all my serial numbers, licence keys and passwords more tidily. Fortunately my photos were all backed up and safe :)
    At the weekend I tried some proper HDR photography (hand-held I'm slightly ashamed to admit). At low tide where I live a wonderful landscape of miniature chalk mountain ranges and valleys are revealed......
  54. Second one. Getting down low gives a "Grand Canyon" like perspective.......
  55. Lastly, something completely different. A fun project with my 7 year old who helped me choose the colours :)
  56. Firt time posting on a Nikon Wednesday. I love checking out everyone's offerings and thought I would join in today... Nikon D3200. Tokina 11-16 2.8. f8. Sunrise over the BC Rockies
  57. D7000 16-85 lens
  58. D7000 16-85 lens
  59. D7000 16-85 lens
  60. Hope you all enjoyed your day...
  61. Some compliments: Mark Sirota's phenomenal fireworks; Robert Wayt's stunning rose with the gorgeous deep green framing; Tony Hadley's amazing color-show at sunset; and Rick Moran's perfectly rendered Green Heron –– beautiful image! And William Nickens' irresistible Hello Kitties in tutus!
  62. Nikon D800, PC-Micro Nikkor 85mm f/2.8 D, f11, 1/200s, ISO 100.
  63. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

  64. Jamie - wow, what a first pic! Awesome!
    Diane - love the sax player. Very peaceful and serene image.
    Chris - path of pebbles is a very nice shot. Good choice doing HDR there.
    william - love that last pic, quite a good shot for such dim light
    Jim - the details may be a bit soft but that's still a pretty shot. Well done.
  65. A new toy, a Nikon Zoom-Nikkor 100-300mm f/5.6 AI-S Macro, on a D4.
  66. Ops. Reduced to 700 pixels wide.

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