Nikon Wednesday 2012: #9

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    Hello Nikonistas, and a good Wednesday to everyone. I noticed that Nik Sotware have released a version o their cool little editor (Snapseed) for the Winows desktop. As with so many tests, my dogs are my lab victims. It's even easier when they're asleep. So, here's just such a shot, run quickly through Snapseed for the artsy treatment. It's a fun little piece of software (I really like it on the iPad), and you can try it for 15 days for free. Why not? Have a favorite test subject when you're trying out post production tools? Share a photo!
  2. last weeks catalina island trip
  3. Rincon Point surf competition. Great surfers, but mushy waves all weekend. This guy nailed the lip though.
  4. I moved to Austin, Texas a couple of weeks ago. Great photo ops in this area. Every morning I wake up and find deer in my backyard.
  5. On a quiet Sunday morning in the fall of 1990 the freighter Jupiter, with a hold full of unleaded gasoline, exploded in flames on the Saginaw River in Bay City, Michigan. A passing ship's wake seperated the lines that were off loading her cargo and a spark on the dock ignited over one million gallons of fuel that was still aboard. One crewmember drowned as he tried to swim for shore, Remarkably, the rest of the crew managed to escape the inferno. I was a few blocks away at the time of the explosion and managed to get to the scene before authorities established an exclusion zone.
    Mined last week from an old negative, cropped and tweeked in Fastone.
  6. This is almost as bad as having your bounced check posted on the wall of your local mini mart.
    Nikon F, 35mm 2.8. Ilford FP4
  7. A Golden Throated Marten from the zoo here
  8. acm


    Happy Wednesday Nikonistas!
    Posting a picture taken in January 2012 at one of my friend's new house in Goa, India.
  9. My puppy is growing up quickly and he really likes to play to the camera. Here he sticks his tongue out as he sits on my wife's lap after dinner.
  10. Morning all!
    After straying recently into portraiture, food and landscapes, a pleasant walk in a local swamp last weekend took me back to my first love, macro photography. Here's one of several co-operative subjects I encountered.
  11. From my first outing with my D300.
  12. Painter Barry Marshall's van.
  13. Happy Wednesday everyone……
    I guess I am having too much free time…… I was just fooling around when I took this shot was taken across the table through an empty beer glass. Somehow I thought it was cool…… Cheers!
  14. How to haul a fire truck...
  15. [​IMG]
    d90/40/2.8 micro nikkor
  16. Snow Geese on Fir Island in N.W. Washington
  17. Every time I come to London I try to find another one of the griffins. Here's one just north of the Tower of London.
  18. In response to Matt's challenge, albeit nothing as fine as his: this is the trash area outside the Trader Joe in Eastchester NY. I took the picture because I was struck by the geometric and textural variations; I played with it extensively in PS and ended up with a couple of b&w versions and several variants of the color, ranging in saturation, blues, yellows, reds, etc. It was fun and I learned a bit.
  19. Here is mine. Small woodland bird. Enjoy. Nikon D700 + Nikon 70-200mm VR I.
  20. acm


    Vince, very well seen and well composed too!
  21. Hi and happy Wednesday! This one is another one from last Wednesday, dogs indeed are excellent test subjects when trying out new gear/techniques.
  22. acm


    Matt, always love your dog pics, and this one too is excellent!
  23. Goodmorning Nikonians! And good night to those of you who are going to bed now!

    Thank you very much to those of you who commented on my picture of the dandelion seed in the tomato last week. Much appreciated :)

    The effect with Snapseed looks great, Matt. And I like the position and the big paws of your dog in that picture. Many great pictures here already. Just to mention a few: Cory A.’s landscape, Sandford E.’s van with the paintings and René V.’s portrait with the beer glass effect. That was cool, René!

    My picture this week was taken at the local beach in May 2010. The pattern was made in sand by the wind. I didn’t notice the shape until recently when I was looking for a ripples picture. This is all made by mother nature. She did a great job. I just took the picture, removed the background that was above the round part, no cutt was made. I copied and flipped, made it 3D “by hand” and added a red layer. And it turned out to be “The Valentine Torso” :)
  24. Happy Wednesday to all. Jose, excellent work as usual! Bluebirds nesting is a sure sign of approaching springtime weather.
  25. Good Wednesday all. I use cats for experimental work.
  26. Hi everyone, this is a picture of some kids chasing bubles in Guadalajara Mexico
  27. A little red winged blackbird singing near Lake Washington
    D7000 Sigma 50-500mm f/4-6.3, ISO 1600 1/160s f6.3
  28. This week I have chosen a ram's head with a runny nose. Decolorized all but the head. I like the patina. Can anyone guess what it is from?
  29. Must give a shout out to Chris Speaker's Woodland bird, very nice. This photo is from Las Vegas D700 and 50 1.4 [​IMG]
  30. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    They are still around here - may be a little polishing would do
  31. Not testing a new technique here, but a new model. Think I should use her again? I sure do.
  32. My contribution this week is not exactly made in postproduction but it differs from the usual pictures so I hope you will like it anyway. This photo is part of my series of deliberately unfocused and overexposed pics. I am just trying to make some abstract pictures studying how much one can omitt in the picture and the motive is still recognizable.
    Made with Nikon D300s, Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR (I), defocused and overexposed at least 1 stop.
    Would like to read your comments.
    Thanks for looking, Miha.
  33. Bill, could it possibly be sitting on the hood of a 1951 or a 1952 model of a Dodge Coronet?
  34. Am determined to learn use of flash for macro in remote places; this is the start. Yes I should have used a tripod, but don't have one that would have got as high as this lichen. SB600 on camera, pointed vertically and diffused.
  35. A few dedicated surfers braved the cold weather here in South Florida a few weeks ago (40's).
  36. Again Venice during the Carnival.
  37. At Enchanted Rock, north of Fredericksburg, Texas, last Saturday.
  38. Cat O Nine tail reflections in the pond. Ashand county Ohio.
  39. [​IMG] I attended a cabaret show and caught one singer purring "Amoure" "Amoure". Taken without flash at ISO 2500. I particularly liked the shadow.
  40. Taken yesterday.
    This is Ilhéus, Brazil.
    thank you for looking.
  41. Just a quick grab of this colourful display of balloons. Strange, you'd think these street events would be full of great photo opps, but I usually come away disappointed. Anyhow, here's one of the better shots.
  42. Engagement session
    D3s + 85mm f/1.4 AF-D - 1/4000, iso 200. f/2
  43. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario
    This is what Harry feels about_____________.
    • baths
    • daylight savings time
    • gas prices
    • Nikon and Apple rumours
    Got any peeves that Harry can help you express?
    (D90 Sigma 85mm f/3.5 1/125 ISO 200)
  44. Taken at Wild Animal Park in San Diego
  45. Good Morning Wednesday :)
    Past Sunday went to cemetery to capture owl, I did find an owl but shot didn't come out as nice as I thought of as well as owl was hiding in the tree and I was short of focal length, btw, i was using 70-200mm with 1.7x. Anyway, I did get nice picture of nut hatch and one woodpecker. This week submitting an image of nut hatch.
  46. bms


    Amazing shots! Chris, my absolute fav so far. Mircea, nice, taking the "shoot" literally? Hope it wasn't loaded.... :)
    Not much to do outside here - wet, cold, cloudy. SO I am playing around with photoshop and some crude symbolism.. sorry, that's all I got.
  47. A fence with frost.
  48. Loving all the variety of subjects, especially the dogs and birds! Chris Court, you were my inspiration to try macro photography, so I'm especially fond of your dragonfly. :) Happy Hump day! (D90/Sigma 150mm @ 1/200, f/10, ISO 200)
  49. I got the opportunity to take pics of two 7 wk old Owlets. They along with mom and dad live in the wild about 4 miles from my house. I was there Monday with around 10 other photographers enjoying their family life in a huge oak tree.Nikon D3x, Nikon 300 2.8, Nikon TC-20E III, 600mm, F/5.6, 1/500 sec, ISO 200, SB 900 flash
  50. Here's another from my firefighter series. This guy was just promoted to Captain last week.
  51. Happy wednesday!
    The local soccer-team managed to give away a possible win again...
  52. A few weeks ago down at the lakefront here in Milwaukee
  53. The neighborhood ambassador stopped for a portrait a couple of weeks ago. Always friendly, but never overstays his welcome. A good neighbor!
  54. Playing around with a scanned print from a 120 format Diana+ camera
  55. Matt........ have you ever worked afield with a whitetail pointer? We're now working on retrieving.
  56. Nikon D300s, AF-S 300mm f4, @ 1/400s, f5, ISO400
  57. Following Matt's lead for once . . . trying out Topaz Star Effects.
    D700, 50mm f/1.4 AF-D.
  58. On my way into town the other day I spotted this and stopped my car, took the shot out the drivers side window. Didn't have much time to set anything up so this is all I got.
    I did try to get out but as soon as I touched the door handle they were gone.
    Sort of looks "Spooky"
    phil b
    benton, ky
  59. Hello. I've been practising basic flash technique. D300 Sigma 30 1.4. ISO 1600, 1/15 at F4
  60. Mid-air collision. D700, 300 mm.
  61. Morning all, this was a picture I took in my local park last Sunday.
  62. The proper way to do an elk call
    demonstrated by an expert elk caller
  63. Love all the shots this morning but especially enjoying the dogs and cats . Beautiful shot Matt, Jose and Joe. Janne and Steve yours really made me smile. John still loving your Harry series.
    Chris love the dragonfly. Jeannean another beauty. You and "The Buglady" , Jeannean,are what sparked my interest in macro.
    Playing around with flowers and water drops again.
    D300 60mm micro with extension tube f/20 1/160 ISO 500 speedlights off camera and diffused
  64. My husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary on Saturday. He bought me the perfect gift for a creative person: a balloon shaped like a saguaro cactus. I was thrilled! (Okay, he bought me some dishes, too. They are very nice, but not as much fun!)
  65. wow, great shots as always!
  66. Wonderful work again! Here's mine, from the monthly photographic escapade of our local club, at sunset and 1250 meters altitude.
    D90 with Tamron 17-50 f/2.8.
  67. Trying out some B/W conversions from concert shooting with the D2H and 50/1.4AFD
  68. Ann Overland : You are very close. It is a '53 Coronet. They all used the same hood ornament. Fortunately, I can still remember when they were new. ( :)
    Great shots again this week everybody. Rick Dohme, were you on a ladder or something?
    I learn something every week. Thanks
  69. Immature Bald Eagle
  70. I caught this juvenile little blue heron searching for prey under the ice.
  71. No Bill they were about 30 feet up in a very large oak tree. Mom and dad were very close so they would have messed me up bad if I got close. 600mm got me close enough.
  72. Another attempt at uploading image...
  73. Challenging Matt to his Snapseed request, this photo originally was a bit washed out due to overcast skies, monotone water color and lost texture of the clouds (also that it was shot in automatic mode when I was less experienced a few years ago).
    Played with it on my iPad to give depth to the clouds, lighten subject yacht and add color to the steely water. Great tool for color enhancements and effects.
  74. Cattle drive at the Circle B preserve.
  75. Beyond the horizon.
  76. Second try
  77. Above Tree Line! RMNP using a Nikon D70 with the 18-70mm zoom lens, no VR
  78. Elk in Cataloochee Valley, North Carolina
  79. It's always such a joy to see what Wednesday brings; everyone does such beautiful work. I especially enjoyed Chris's dragon, Cory's beautifully composed low sun, Joe's creamer, Steve's kitten, and Elliot's surfer -- BRRR. Mine is something in my shop that caught my eye. Anyone care to guess what these are?
  80. see Wayne my elk call worked
    got one to come in from all the way over in North Carolina
    the cute shot so far of the week in my opinion is Steve's cat
    and I am more of a dog person
  81. Reflection of Old Post Chapel in Chrome medallion on hearse at Fort Myer's prior to entry into Arlington National Cemetery
  82. Hi Guys,
    WOW! What a week...very strong bunch of submissions...loving it all! I'm still stuck on the barge...should be off next week so chance to go get some fresh images made! This is an oldie from Late last Autumn...liked the motion in it!
    D40X (50-500mm f/4-6.3G) 500mm, f/6.3 @ 1/800s, ISO 400[​IMG]
  83. Colourful Spirits
  84. This is my favorite shot of my son. I've taken thousands of shots of him, but this one sticks out to me. Of course it's had some Photoshop work done. Nothing has been done to his skin tone, I just hand painted the background and some of his hair. I obviously greyscaled the image and them put color back in where I thought appropriate. I would have uploaded the original, but this is the only version I have on me at the time.
    D90 - 50mm @ 1.8 (ISO above 800, but I don't remember exactly)
  85. Nikon P7000.
  86. Ladybirds enjoying the early spring sunshine yesterday. Not up to the standard of Chris Court's Dragonfly though.
  87. [​IMG]
    Tatsuya Nakatani - D700 / 24-70mm / ISO 6400​
  88. So many wonderful images again this week! A cooperative hawk through the trees for my post this week.
  89. My first outing with Voigtlander Nokton 58mm f/1.4, taken last year. Hope we get better blue bonnet this year now that the drought has passed. Can't wait.
  90. Nikon Buddies,
    That bar just keeps getting raised; great shots, today! In particular, Tony H (I also love
    the shadow), Dennis B, Lisa E, Shiang W.
    Not far from the Elk of Cataloochee, I visited a cemetary in Waynesville, NC. This seemed
    like a nice view.
  91. [​IMG]
    Nikon D300s, Nikon 18-200 VR, ISO 400
  92. Hi Pat,
    How far under 1meg is your image? The sticky at the top of this thread specifieds that uploads should be under 300kb - although for some reason the upload page requests that attachments be no more than 100kb…
    Anyway - keeping within the 300kb limit seem to work for me. Aside from that, your upload workflow is identical to mine.
    Perhaps one of the admins will have more useful suggestions as to what might be going wrong for you.
  93. Mustang 65,
  94. ShunCheung

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