Nikon Wednesday 2012: #8

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Feb 21, 2012.

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    A good Wednesday to everyone, and a hope that you've been out, Nikon gear in hand, making photos. I was inspired by a recent thread started by PN member David Fred. He was exploring the work of fellow UK photographer Matthew Seed, who does some striking strobe-lit outdoor equine scenes. I don't keep horses, but I do have dogs ... so out I went to work on an in-the-woods scene with my faithful canine subjects.

    The idea was to go for that sliver-of-sunlight-in-the-woodsy-clearing look. I used a Buff Einstein at full throttle (640WS) in a gridded beauty dish up on a 13-foot light stand. That makes a pretty bright, but nicely constrained puddle of light. With that power over the afternoon light, I was able to use a high enough shutter speed, and stop down enough, to create a nice dark wooded environment with a fairly well-lit dog.

    Has another photographer's handiwork had you stand up, grab your gear, and give it a go? Share a photo!
  2. A golden throated marten
  3. Goodmorning Nikonians! Thank you very much for the commenting on my picture last week. This week‘s picture is of a dandelion seed in a red tomato. Yes, I put him there myself. No, I don’t know where that idea came from. The seed was full of hope and singing merrily “Fly me to the moooon….” when I found him. And off course he got very sad when he ended up in a red tomato here on earth. But soon he was in a good mood again, and he even posed in front of the camera. He acted like a true professional dandelion seed. A joy to work with.
  4. Riding the lip at Rincon. I'm really looking forward to the D800. This is just a stretch for 12MP with the D700. Even with 550mm I always have to crop to tighten the shot. The D800 will be the next best thing to putting on a wetsuit.

    Great shot Matt! Wonderful lighting.
  5. I always enjoy the animal shots. Waiting for warmer weather to get some good portraits of my rat terrier. This shot was taken at the NYHS. These are items that belonged to slaves left along the Underground RR. Amazing.
  6. Another one from the Cayman Cookout a few weeks back…
  7. Taken today at Snows Cut, N.C.
  8. [​IMG]
    Today was the culmination of the carnival season here in New Orleans. Today was Mardi Gras. Late afternoon snack in a French Quarter eatery.
    D700 24-70 nikkor 2.8 at 62mm. 1/80sec F 7.1 iso 1100
  9. The Penneybacker Bridge (aka 360 Bridge) in Austin, Texas.
  10. Hello all. First off, thank you Ann Overland for your comment on my Ducks photo of last week. This week's submission is from the same roll. After taking the shot of the ducks I turned to head back to the truck and found this image had been waiting behind me all along! I liked the way the willows in the background added a bit of drama and depth. Hope it strikes you as well as it did me. Cheers, and happy wednesday!
    Nikon F4/75-300af
  11. d90/tokina 12-24
  12. Good Wednesday, everyone! Many great photos already.
    Here is winter sun on my golden retriever's tail:)
  13. Aaron Rodgers, autographing a football. A rather ordinary looking average size guy for a great football player.
  14. From a recent bike show in Portland.
  15. Hello forum......
    This is my friend's Natsuko Karashigoi..... In English: Friendly Mustard Koi
  16. My image this week is of my Granddaughter, who was visiting this weekend.
  17. Good morning all.
    From a cold morning at the beach.
  18. Good Wednesday all. Doing a little studio work with some "V" Day leftovers.
  19. After the rain; clouds roll back, rivers are high. Y Garn over the Afon Idwal.
  20. Hello Nikonians! What an awesome parade of excellent photography it is! My contribution this week is a macro shot of an orchid, known as Lady Slipper, as I was checking out a Tamron Macro 50mm 2.8 lens on D7000.
  21. Happy Wednesday. I've had a photographic dry spell recently, due to a string of illnesses in our household that have kept me indoors and tending noses more than I'd like. But we did make it to a wedding recently, and while I didn't take many photos (didn't want to interfere with the hired photographer), I did take a few that I sent on to the couple. This one is the one "artistic' shot of the set, taken during the ceremony. I was in my seat (holding my son), but felt compelled to capture the light through the bride's veil before she and the light moved on.
  22. Yesterday trip to Catalina island
  23. Our Boston Terrier, Cedric, doesn't really understand the whole Halloween thing.
  24. 2875 Yonge
  25. Happy Nikon Wednesday to all. Came across this Angel statue whose owner has relegated to the trash heap.
  26. Good Wednesday morning to all. Wonderful shots today as usual.
    The sun was shining into the living room and through the glass door on one of our bookcases where my wife keeps her dog collection. This is just a very small portion of our menagerie.
  27. Good Morning Wednesday :)
    Last Friday went to local garden to see if they have any blooming flowers (with no snow in new england). But it was all dry and cold, came home with couple of nice images. Here is the one I liked, shot with D90 and 17-50mm
  28. Someone gave my wife these pretty yellow daisy's for v-day. I have been trying all my lenses and lighting techniques and wow I'm finding out how hard yellow is to capture and print. Nice work everyone so far. NikonD3x, Nikon 28-300 f/3.5, 200mm, F/9, ISO 50, SB900 flash
  29. Greetings from the depth of northern Ontario.
    Hattie was enjoying some warm rays.
  30. Continuing the playing with the Nikkor 500mm f/4P IF-ED.
    Thank you for looking.
  31. Great stuff, especially Jeff, Simon, John, Garcia!
    I shot this after watching the PBS show about the banjo.
  32. Here is mine for the week. Shot at Edwin B Forsythe wildlife refuge in NJ. Nikon D700 + Nikon 70-200mm VR I. Enjoy!
  33. Strolling through the NJ Flower & Garden Show
  34. Happy Wednesday! Lovely photos as usual. Aquinaldo, I too recently acquired a 500mm f/4P. I'm really liking it, although the MF only is a challenge. This red-shouldered hawk was taken at dusk with that lens recently. I love how the background of a field of dead stalks was completely out of focus. The D7000 didn't do bad in such low light either. (Thanks for the nice comments last week on my butterfly/flower submission. :) D7000/500mm f/4-P@1/800, f/6.3, ISO 4500
  35. My image this week was taken at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado with a 4 X 5 view camera and a Nikon lens.
  36. A belated Valentine's Day still life...........
  37. My dogs a few weeks ago on a windy day.
  38. It only took 15 min for this to go from no shot to this.
  39. Jeannean, I really like the hawk shot.
    Ann O., like the dandelion/tomato shot. That's thinking outside the garden, so to speak!!
  40. A belated Xmas present from my darling wife (yes, I am an egghead).
  41. As always, some great stuff. This is one of the dragons protecting the City of London, taken on Fleet Street.
  42. Let's try that with a picture.
  43. Sometimes there is nothing more fun than to get into a studio and have fun. Of course having a model who is so full of life and energy really helps.
  44. ~ These Beads Flew Through the Air - Right Into Our Outstretched Hands ~
  45. Happy Wednesday to all. Always looking forward to Nikon Wednesday. The hawk and dandelion are my favorites so far. This one is of a bald cypress taken during the fall. Cheers to all.
  46. Trying again.
  47. bms


    This is 3 weeks old.... sorry, been up to no good (photography that is). Nikon V1, 10 f2.8, ISO 1600 I believe
  48. One taken from the v-day bunch.
  49. This was a pet Macaw, a very noisy fella. Watching him sunning himself and preening his colorful feathers triggered a reflex action in me to get my weapons. And shot him......D90, 105mm micro AF-D, 1/640, f8, ISO 200. I dunno why, I always loved the AF-D version is far better than the AF-S version.
  50. not exactly what I thought that i would see in a cemetary on the near north side of Chicago
    I was going to Graceland cemetary to take a picture of the death statue
    These coyotes look like they are pretty well fed
    sure hope that they are burying the residents deep enough
  51. Anna's hummingbird. D700, 500 mm.
  52. Jeannean, the 500mm f/4P is a wonderful piece of glass and is worth each penny, and the chalenge to focus.
    I'm loving it.
    Best regards.
  53. Hillsborough River, Florida
  54. Lets try that again.
  55. Anna's Hummingbird. D700, 500mm.
  56. Last try
  57. Great thread today as always!
    D7000 300mm f/4
  58. Driving back from Florida, there's a rest stop called South of the Border in South Carolina. This guy stands guard.
  59. Final salute from bugler after playing taps at Arlington National Cemetery.
  60. [​IMG]Lovely images. Mine is a macro of some ice. I duplicated the image converted it to B&W and then brought back the color of everything that was not ice. Photoshop CS5. Manfrotto tripod, a good pair of gloves, long johns and a safe area of ice - even if it broke through, there was no danger.
  61. As usual, I love all the different types of images presented here. Three favorites today: Bogdan Nicolescu, Gej Jones, and Don Harper.
    Thanks to all of you who gave me advice about the D7000 recently. It performed very well for me over the weekend at the gymnastics meet. While waiting for our Acro exhibition performance, I shot this picture of one of the elite athletes on Saturday night.
  62. Try again ...
    Grey squirrel, Hyde Park, London
  63. [​IMG]Fountain at a winery in Napa valley, CA
    Nikon D300
  64. Always love seeing everyone's work! My favorite this week is John Rowsell's portrait of Hattie....what an adorable dog. The lighting was beautiful! My photo this week is of two unusual manekins I saw at a flea market I felt like if I waited long enough they would come to life!!
  65. Hi everyone! Just stopping by to admire your shots and to add another dog portrait to the set. Cheers!
  66. God kveld Nikon folk. We're still sitting Quayside in Norway...preparations continue for a summer in the North Sea. Cut off from my supply of images I've had a guddle in a hard drive I have with me with some favourites. This one is of our old girl Maddie back in of those favourites that got tucked away. The DOF is off, her nose is blurred but it focuses you in on her eyes...where the dream was in full flow! Great selection guys...brightened up the end of my 12hr shift. Keep em coming!
    D40X Sigma 150mm f/2.8 @ 1/500s, ISO 200[​IMG]
  67. Took the walking tour around Morristown, NJ last Friday, when we had beautiful weather, even though this photo doesn't seem like it ;)
  68. Happy Wednesday everyone. I really enjoyed all the pictures this week, but my favorite three are the landscapes by Simon J, John F and Ray RG.
    Here is a quick portrait I took of one of my daughter's little friends visiting for a play date using window light and bounced fill flash.......
  69. Haven't posted in a while, but was going through some of last year's tiff's for processing. This was our vacation beach in Antigua one morning as the sun just popped over the hills to my left.
    D-700, 24-85 Nikkor @ 24mm f/13, 1/650th ISO 1200.
  70. Great fun looking at everyone's shots this afternoon. Have to make mention of a few of my favourites. Loved the lighting in Matt Laur and Janne Kaakienen's portraits of their dogs. Also loved the lighting in Michael Nixon's photo too but have to give extra kudos for managing to capture the shot while holding your son :) . Bogdan Nicolescu: it was the eerie atmosphere in the work that really grabbed me. Really liked the sculptural quality of Larry Dunn's fountain and the unexpected in Dennis Brabender's capture of wolves in the cemetary. I've been working on still life lately. Wanted to try to capture an impression of the flow of movement I always feel with calligraphy in my arrangement of pen and inks.
  71. Granville Island, Vancouver, BC
  72. I was also at Mardi Gras yesterday. Perfect weather for catching all of the colors (and plenty of beads!)
  73. Aloha Nikonians,
    Dropped by the local bowling alley for this grab shot. Decided to use my 12-24 which has been idle for some time. Converted to b&w in PS.
  74. Portrait of my friends golden retriever
  75. Carlsbad Caverns National Park
  76. Try again. Carlsbad Caverns National Park
  77. Today, at Shenandoah NP.
  78. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

  79. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    In last minute
  80. Throw me something Mister!
  81. Went to a studio lighting workshop this week.
    Nikon D7000, 24-85mm f/2.8-4D IF, f/8 1/100s ISO 100
  82. Venice on Saturday.
  83. A San Francisco seal enjoying the waves.

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