Nikon Wednesday 2012: #6

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Hello Nikonistas, and a good mid-winter Nikon Wednesday to you. Here in the US, we've just had one of peculiar local holidays (the Super Bowl, which is a food preparation event that includes, also, some televised sporting activity and very expensive commercials). I've attached a quick shot of the chili we made for the occasion. Our poor dinner guests had to avert their eyes as I set up a slaved SB800 across the table for some short lighting. But such is serving food to a photographer!

    Used your Nikon gear to shoot anything cultural, spicey, sports-related, or fattening? Share a photo!
  2. Squirrel?
  3. Woops. Here's that chili. It was NOT made of squirrel.
  4. Last night, South Sound, Grand Cayman, under a full moon.
  5. Goodmorning Nikonians! Happy Wednesday to you all. Thank you very much to those who commented on my picture last week. It was much appreciated. It made the Wednesday even better.

    (My favorites from last week were the pictures from Matt Laur, Jonathan Parkhouse, John Farrar, Michail Tsypkin, Tanay Bhattacharya, Gej Jones and “the winner” Tom Mann with his magnificent abstract work. I wish I knew how to add elements to a picture to make art like that.)

    My picture this week was taken last night. The lake is about to freeze, and the ice was making some very loud and strange sounds. They scared me because they came so suddenly every time, and it was turning dark. I have never heard that before. It must be powerful forces at work. When I had finished shooting, I turned around and there was the moon rising over the mountain top. The moon was full, and it reflected beautifully in the lake.
  6. Good Start. Love the photos and the Squirrel looks great. Didn't have time to shoot this week with all of my school work. This is one from two years ago.
  7. Ralph, one of my dogs.
  8. Morning all, I took this at the weekend on Topsail Beach N.C, there is hardly ever a person on it this time of year, in the distance is a little house that is on stilts into the ocean.
  9. As a former professor, I know it is sometimes difficult to get everyones attention. This group of generally attentive eagles was photographed on the Nooksack River in NW Washington.
  10. Well it's not spicy... at least I don't think it is. But it is fairly warm. As seen at the "Rainforests of the World" exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences.
    D200 • ISO 500 • Nikon 105/2.5 Ai • ƒ/2.5 • 1/180th
  11. Matt,
    Did you get odd looks from the others in your house, while setting up a shot of your plate of food ?
    It looks good. Can you send me the recipe ? :)
  12. American White Pelican landing at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas.
  13. From Jan. 2004, a street in an Ohio River town.
  14. On Monday took a trip to Ano Nuevo State Park to photograph Elephant Seals. While being guided by the ranger, an Alpha male started clearing the beach of younger upstarts and the next thing we knew, they were within 15-20 feet of us. This caused a lot of excitement with the rangers and the photographers had a field day. Someone said it was like an E ticket at Disneyland. (Pleeez don't make me explain what an E ticket is!)
  15. [​IMG]Good morning. Mine is of a piece of ice with an abstract shape (Fish?) hanging from a shrub. I had to be lying down in a foot of snow, got under the ice and pointed up to the sky. The polarizer helped with the color. Lots of excitement in the air with the new Nikon 800 36Mp being announced.
  16. Good Wednesday morning to all. Great shots so far.
    Ron, great shot of those Eagles. Most folks never see one at a time let alone 4.
    Bill, I love that Pelican landing. Perfect timing.
    We finally got a nice wet snow fall last week here in Ashland County Ohio so I took the old Nikon N75 out and captured a wooded area on our daily walk through the woods. Later that afternoon all the snow had melted. Crazy winter.
  17. Happy Wednesday all.
  18. Last sunset of 2011! Taken from San Joaquin Wildlife Reserve, Irvine, CA on New Year's Eve 2011.
  19. Moonlight. Lights and mist in the valley; snow and cloud on the mountains. And a bonus - the small red dot in the centre is Jupiter. And yes, the 20 s exposure means the planet and stars are starting to show trails.
  20. Tribute to Nina Simone concert, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  21. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    My grandson Brandon asking my advice on getting a D5100...
  22. Happy Wednesday...... Another ducky in flight......
  23. cjk


    Greetings to all, a snapshot taken while waiting for friends to arrive for dinner during a recent trip to Paris (France).
    At "Le timbre poste" (post stamp), Porte de Vanves. Place not quite as small as the name suggests, I've seen much smaller joints in NYC. But it was packed...
    Food was good, and the beer, divine. Photos taken later that evening were a lot less steady!
  24. Did this on saturday, looking for details at the Rio's Botanical Garden while testing my recently acquired Nikkor 500mm f/4P IF-ED.
  25. Happy Wednesday! My photo doesn't fit any of the categories other than it was shot with Nikon gear this past Sat. (D90/Sigma 150mm @ 1/250, f/8, ISO 640)

  26. Irish Trad Band "3 Mile Stone" D200 and 17-35 [​IMG]
  27. Taken from my seats in row 64 in 2010. GO BLUE
  28. Yesterday my D700 started displaying this peculiar error message. I don't know what to do about it.
  29. We had a beautiful full moon last night. So I did some long exposures bracing my camera against my porch column. Nikon D3x, Nikon 28-300 3.5, F/4.5, 55mm, 5.0 sec, ISO 200
  30. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Ready for action - not a soldier, but a xe om = motorbike taxi
  31. coffee shop mascot
  32. Amongst chaos in this world is pure simplicity. It was soo easy to get lost from the worlds drama and get caught up in this moment. I was snow shoeing at Emerald Lake, RMNP Monday, scouting for some scenics and enjoying the day, when this bird fluttered around me to capture my attention for a couple of quick stills. I did not have the ideal lens attached to my camera at the time, but took some shots, with this being the capture of the moment. February 6, 2012. Nikon D700, Nikon 24-70 f/2.8

  33. A web of different colors...
  34. Good morning, with the spring weather in January that we're having, the blooms are out. This image is a Witch Hazel blossom.
  35. These are "Street Portraits" of strangers, always asking permission to photograph, first.
    Nikon D90, 35 f1.8, 50 f1.4 and 86f1.8 lenses, usually shot at f 2.4 at ISO 400.
  36. My image this week was made from the coast line in Maine. Cape Neddick Light house is on the left.
  37. Dog with drool in a storm a few weeks ago.
  38. Some more food
  39. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    This was taken through the kitchen window this past Sunday. It was a particularly dull morning. These ice shacks are about 2km away. I heaped on a bunch (too much) of faux tilt-shift to mask the hillside in the background.
    Hope your days are brightening up.
  40. Dejan Smaic - Very good bird picture.
    Elliot Bernstein - I like you spider in it's web picture. Great DOF.
    Here is mine - It's a Christmas Cactus flower. Nikon D700 - Nikon 105mm Macro D.
  41. I spent time on the ice Saturday at an ice fishing competition. Photography equipment, ice, and adult beverages are a dangerous combination. I elected to use the more expendable D-200, I'm happy to report, without incident.
  42. Matt: Did I send you the photo of the young girl with her mother's hand wrapped around her face for Nikon Wednesday?
    Bob Cohn
  43. Bald Eagle in corn field.
  44. Vantaanjoki valley near Ruutinkoski.
  45. Very cold day (-27 Celsius) and a trip with snoeshoes.
  46. Played around with Selective Color last night.
  47. Church of the Angels. D700, 14 mm.
  48. Great shots as always !
    Female Anhinga, sometimes referred to as the Snake Bird.
    D7000 300mm f/4 ISO 250 1/2000 f4.5
  49. AT&T Pro-Am Workers.
  50. a couple of kids at a recent cheer competition i checked out...
  51. H. Bogart's sedan used in "High Sierra & "The Big Sleep".
  52. Beautiful photos as always. I love Doug's churches; always beautiful. I spent the most time examining Bob's portraits; each of them deserves its own showcase. Mine is of many balls of yarn on my daughter's dining table. Probably not too good to eat though.
  53. What a great week for Wednesday Pics! I don't think I can choose a favorite, but I will mention Jeannean's. That is milkweed, right? Hoping it will feed lots of monarch caterpillars this Spring!
    Our Border Collie, waiting patiently, but intensely, for his nightly game of hide-and-seek with my husband. (He is rarely so patient with the camera.)
  54. Kent Shafer, I think the message is clear, you'd better start saving.
    John P, I love that shot!
    Elliot Bernstein: wonderful!
    Cesar Kastoun: Hoegaarden used to be my favourite beer when I lived in Belgium. Now I stumble upon it from time to time here in Spain and I have one whenever I can.
    Roberta Davidson: beautiful bird!
    Mine is from the bicycle renting service in Girona, Spain. D90 and Tamron 17-50 f/2.8.
  55. Happy Wednesday!
    Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA
    D90 | Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 DX
  56. Too many great images to choose from. LOL Kent!
  57. Too many great images to choose from. LOL Kent! I was just playing around in photoshop with this image.
  58. Haven't been able to process any of my pix from my trip to London (UK) yet, so I'll just comment on some that caught my eye.
    John Farrar - almost haunting.
    Rene - someday I'll figure out how to get an exposure done that well when it's so backlit.
    Illka - gorgeous. The part of Canada I live in isn't having winter this year, nice to actually see some.
  59. Wow, too much good stuff here today. As such, all I can submit is Pepper. Pepper knew the end was coming, just didn't know when. How much pain? How much sorrow? Pepper KNEW the frying pan was close...........
  60. This is the 'Blind House' (lock-up) in Trowbridge, Wiltshire:
  61. Hi everyone, lovely shots again! This one is from Sunday.
  62. Just one voice.
  63. Hi everyone, this is my pic. of the day
  64. Brilliant pictures this week! My top three are:
    Lorne's squirrel
    John F's moonlit landscape
    Lisa E's portrait of her collie
    We got snow at the weekend for the first time this winter - just enough for snowmen and sledging! As its relatively rare, the children and the dog always go a bit nuts!
    I took the camera out on Sunday and this is my favorite picture - Merlin our black lab pulling my daughter on her sledge.
  65. It's been a long time posting on Wednesday's thread. Last Saturday was playing my newly (used) purchased Sigma 105mm EX macro lens with a single SB600 and few marbles using Nikon D90.
    I liked this because of the colors and reflection, someone may like it too...
  66. [​IMG]
    NIkon D40 - 35mm
  67. Evening Guys,
    WOW!! One of the strongest weeks I've seen in a while..well done everybody. Rene...Ducky really! Whooper Swan and a cracker too! I'm sitting quayside near Stavanger, DSLR tucked up at old Olympus Compact with me for this trip...I miss my many opportunties...but I'm here for other things for now!
    One from week or three ago...hope it fits in with the rest.
    D40X (50-500mm F/4-6.3G) 500mm, F/8 @ 1/320s, ISO 400[​IMG]
  68. Kris Heylen,
    Thanks for that very nice compliment on my winter scene. I appreciate that very much.
  69. Good Wednesday, everybody - so many great photos!
    Here is my contribution -- I had nothing more interesting to photograph last week:(
  70. Cultural?
  71. Sorry, no food shot handy, but......... maybe you could instead imagine Karl Malden eating a steaming hot bowl of Rice-a- Roni somewhere on these Streets of San Francisco.
  72. Happy Wednesday, all.
  73. Young James -
    Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it.
  74. A frosty morning, the sun shining brightly, and I was able to capture these colors on the grass. This picture is straight from the camera, plus a little cropping in PSE 9.
  75. Not quite a Full Moon
  76. I had a friend ask me to snap a portrait of her after the super bowl party. Tried using the SB600 controled with the on camera flash. I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong in the set up, but the flash was failing to fire intermittently (could have been the hours of drinking and a lack of familiarity with the equipment, or more likely gremlins!). I guess I need more practice with the CLS, and a bit more work on lighting and posing portraits, and less Pabst?
  77. This was taken in Sri Lanka in 2010.
  78. Great captures folks!
    This one was taking last weekend at the everglades.[​IMG]
  79. looks like it was a fine day for all the nikon folk
  80. Strong Tramontane wind in the south of France
  81. Alabama's great running back, Trent Richardson, dives for a1st down in the BCS Championship game against LSU. This was shot with a Nikon 7000 using a 70-300 lens.
  82. North Vancouver
  83. Ilkka -- beautiful. Beautiful composition and beautiful management of light and dark masses. Amazing minimum of flare. And as a 16-35/4 owner, I also must remark: amazing lack of distortion. Of course you might have adjusted for the lens in PS but one hears that the 14-24 is phenomenal.

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