Nikon Wednesday 2012: #3

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Jan 17, 2012.

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    A good Wednesday to everyone. We had shirtsleeve weather here in the mid-Atlantic area yesterday ... but it's headed back to wintery, now. Working through some post production chores on an earlier shoot, shirtsleeve weather came back to mind again when working through this photo of a Fairfax County Fire & Rescue trainer watching a fleet of heavy equipment maneuvering in some tight quarters.

    Who cares what the weather's doing. Had your Nikon gear outside? Share a photo!
  2. Canada Lynx expressing his opinion of the photographer
  3. Pelican at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas.
  4. Love the photos. My shot is from my classroom last Thursday. We had a minister visit and brought his guitar. He gave the kids a great sermon on Christian duty and got my 8th graders up out of their seats singing and dancing.
  5. Happy Wednesday.......
    I'm still working on images from last year...... I just found an expensive one :)
  6. Street Vendor, Buenos Aires Argentina
  7. My wife is a glass artist. One of the things she makes is pendants.
  8. Abstract vision
  9. Good Wednesday, everybody! Great photos already!
    I made this shot in the lobby of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, overlooking it from the stairs.
  10. These girls are really good. Shot this with a D-700, 70-200 vr2 at 200mm ,f2.8 at 1/640sec,ISO 5000
  11. poplyfe@mlk tribute concert.
  12. Good morning, taken at the weekend. I like your cat Lorne.
  13. Wow, love that shot Simon!
    Mine is from a local festival a few months ago. Haven't processed anyting more recent, unfortunately.
  14. Two Bald Eagles clamoring for position. Taken on the Nooksack River in Northwest Washington State
  15. Working on old negs this week. This is a shot taken with my old Nikkormat FT2 and a 50mm f2 lens during the late 70s in California. Originally shot in color, I've been playing around with b&w conversions.
  16. A shot from last May.
  17. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    Here's a discovery. Chaos takes a break now and again (but for only very brief periods of time).
  18. Good morning everyone.
    Thanks to those who commented on my photo last week.
    This is from the lokal harbour.
  19. Flower arrangement
  20. Shot yesterday out my kitchen window--Sharp Shinned Hawk with its prey (Hairy Woodpecker).
  21. Trying the Nikkor 600mm f/5.6 IF-ED, handheld.
  22. Kids got talent
  23. The local Ice Festival happens during the day, but an estimated 10,000 people show up making photo's nearly impossible. So my wife and I go down later and take pictures. It was in the teens that night and after about 45 minutes the flashes and the camera started acting sluggish, so I didn't get all the pictures I wanted. This is one that I liked.
  24. Our highest mountain over a lake with foreground rocks - no wonder this view is a local icon for photographers and artists. This pic doesn't transcend the cliche, but the lake was flat calm, the dawn light fantastic and the moon a bonus.
  25. [​IMG]
    Nikon D7000; AF-S 17-55mm f/2.8G; ISO: 2500; f/2.8 @ 1/200th.
  26. My contribution this week was taken up in Gig Harbor, Washington, on a chilly and peaceful winter morning.
  27. Happy Wednesday! Wonderful photos so far, and know there will be a lot more to come. We've been having some gorgeous weather too. This White-tailed Kite was photographed while at South Padre Island recently. Great beach weather for humans AND hawks! Thanks to those who commented on my dew drop photo last week. :) D7000/70-300mm VR@1/4000, f/8, ISO 400.
  28. Still working on old negs, last summer's tryout with the new to me F.
  29. D700, ISO 200, 85mm f/1.4 AF-D, SB-900 bounced from ceiling, 1/60 @ f/2.
  30. A photo from last fall
  31. Mikhail, I'm surprised they didn't have you thrown out for taking pictures…
    Anyhow, this is Pickles the slightly neurotic Hawk-headed Parrot. Apparently they are one of only two types of parrots that can control their red crest (cockatoos are the other). They'll raise their crest like one of those things from Jurassic Park. Pickles, of course, only showed off when he thought he was alone.
    D200 • ISO 1600 • Nikon 105/2.5 Ai • ƒ/2.5 • 1/40th
  32. Hi all, here's a snap using a D200 and probably 18-70. 55 Freeway, Costa Mesa CA
  33. Pier Night shoot... really surprised how usable the high iso is on the D7000.
  34. The harbor at Mackinac Island, MI from last summer
  35. Simon, I really like that shot. For me, peaceful and spooky at the same time!
  36. The family pooch celebrated his 11th birthday this week. Still bright-eyed and bushy tailed his only concern is that his favorite dog food is now 99 cents a can, that's almost $7.00 in doggie dollars. Happy Nikon Wednesday all.
  37. I met Kevin while doing a stranger street portraiture project.
    Nikon D90, 50mm, f2.4 for 1/500 sec.
  38. Went out early yesterday morning to try some dew shots. Nikon D3x, Nikon 105 AIA 2.8 macro, F/16, 1/60 sec, ISO 50, SB 900 flash
  39. Great shots this morning. Favorites were Simon, Bill O Joe E. and Aguinaldo.
    Mine is a close up of some windows in an old barn. I thought the black and white version looked better than the color.
  40. My son got to play again this year at the Bank Atlantic Center, home to the Florida Panther's hockey team. And yes, he did make the save!
  41. Great Shots abound. Female Harlequin plays in the swirl off Barnegat Light jetty in NJ.
    No Snookie sighting that day...
  42. I haven't used my Nikon much this week (shameface). I've been using a little Kodak compact digital instead that has a great 12x Schneider Zoom fitted. So here's a shot taken last summer from a cafe table. It's kind of indoors and outdoors at the same time.
    Taken with a D700 + 28mm f/3.5 PC-Nikkor with some vertical shift applied.
  43. Finally got some snow and cold here in Milwaukee.
  44. My image this week was taken with a Omega D View Camera with a Nikon 210W f5.6 lens. Image is of Birch Trees located across the entrance to Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.
  45. Hi All,
    Some shots I really like so far:
    Mikhail T.
    Gary S.
    Simon J.
    John F.
    Kent S.Rick D.

    I haven't done much lately, but today I have a small contribution. Interesting the way dew melted from above the stem and then refroze lower.
    D90 70-300 VR
  46. Pachinko Parlour, Nagoya Japan. Nikon D200 50mm f1.4, 1/400 sec f1.4
  47. 35/2.8, tri-x
  48. Rick Dohme - Great Hibiscus shot.
    Here is mine for the week. I call it colorful colorado. Enjoy. Nikon D700 + Nikon 105mm macro D and sb900 off camera. Vignetting added in post with lightroom.
  49. Great shots !
    Great white egret coming in for landing.
    D 300 300mm f/4 with 1.4 TC
  50. Let me try this again -- Here is picture
  51. Out for a hike and loved the look of these leaves.
  52. Ok lets try this again.
  53. Looks like 'Try again Wednesday' for some of us!
    Pachinko Parlour, Nagoya, Japan. Nikon D200, 50mm f1.4: 1/400, f1.4
  54. Our Lady of the Angels, los Angeles. D700, 24 mm.
  55. What an amazing variety of quality work! Inspiring.
    I don't get out much any more because of health issues, but the last time Lovely Wife and I went on a local photo excursion, I took a few shots of this heron on the Indian River Lagoon in Melbourne, Florida.
    When I got the pics on the computer, I loved how the intense light glaring off the water gave the photos of this guy a dreamy quality.
    Nikon D90 with 18-200mm lens @90mm; f/22, 1/400s, ISO 200
  56. My contribution was made (if I remember it right) with Nikon D200, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 wide open.
  57. Hope I'll get it right this time.
  58. I rode downtown late Sunday to catch Shockoe Hill Cemetery when the sun was low in the sky -- it has a way of accenting the carving, and sometimes makes unreadable inscriptions legible. Mostly, I just froze my tail off, because it was really cold...
  59. Sometimes, I question my qualifications for even posting to this forum. The contributions appear to be way over my skill level!! My entry was taken at a local car show last fall.
  60. Mickey, When I first started posting to this thread one of the questions I asked was "are the photos entered, juried". If they would have said "yes" I would have turned and ran the other way. By the way the photos of the old Ford or Merc are great.
  61. Went out to get some pictures of ice crystals one morning and got a flock of canada geese taking off into formation over my head :)
  62. Nice work everyone! My friend was testing his new f-100 video camera at Bronson cave in Los Angeles. The cave is the original Bat-Cave from the TV series Batman. My buddy was trying to figure out what lenses to use with his new camera and I convinced him that Nikon was great with a sweet range of manual primes in the same mount, he agreed. I decided to go with him and have some fun myself. I used two SB-900's white balance was set to tungsten so I corrected the key light and let the background light go. Nikon D700 and Zeiss ZF 50mm 1.4 at f/5.6 Have a great Wednesday everyone!
  63. Hi folks! Beautiful shots again from everyone. This one was shot through our living room window one morning before heading out to work.
  64. Wow. So many beautiful photographs this morning. A few favorites: Mikhail, Bogdan, Michael Mixon. And John Rowsell, I love the "sauce"!
    We spent part of the MLK, Jr. holiday at the Arboretum. My family has been in Texas since the 1850s, so I'm always drawn to the educational section with the sod house and log cabin. This is the rope bed from inside the sod house.
  65. Wonderfull work this week all. I really like John Rowsell's Corgies and Bogdan's future photographer and model My contribution is a low tech skate sail.
  66. Some amazing stuff once again!
    I've kept it sweet this time. Not one single truffle survived the shoot :)
    D90 with Tamron 17-50 and off-camera flash with 1/4 CTO.
  67. bms


    Happy Wednesday!
    Rene, nice, why so "koi"? :) Simon Jenkins, love that one.
    Rain and sleet have turned the outside here to a yucky mess, so here is a shot from oru warm living room. Leo, not so aptly named after his African cousins who have to be more than cute to get food, is relaxing, which he does 90% of the time (the other 10% are spent chasing after... anything)
    D7000, 105 Micro VR, edited on the iPad (original is pretty sharp)
  68. Wintery weather continues, yesterday we got more snow and there was a blink of sunlight through the clouds this afternoon.
  69. Good Morning Everyone, I sat down to make a list of my favorites this week...there are so many: Just to mention a few--Lorne, Bill, Simon, Chris, Michael, Rick, Doug, Roberta. I hope everyone has a good week. My shot for the week is of an old hand-drill on my workbench.
  70. Simply too many great photos today. This is a picture of my late cat, Jinx. Shot this with a friend's D70 a number of years ago. Don't remember the exposure or lens. Jinx is now frolicking at the Rainbow Bridge.
  71. Here is mine for the week. My Youngest daughter was walking up to me as I was laying on the floor taking pics. Just happened to catch this pic. Going to have this one printed and framed for my wife.
  72. Well, like Ron, I also was checking out the Bald Eagles in NW Washington, but I went on a boat trip down the Skagit River. My shot is of a molting juvenile who watching us pretty intently.
    Nikon D7000, 300mm f/2.8G AF-S VR w/TC-14E II
  73. A nearly frozen feathered friend, hiding from the snowflakes.
  74. Fun as always looking at the Wednesday submissions. Lots of great work, but a few of my favourites so far: Rene' Villela, Bogdan Nicolescu, Bob Dein and John P.
    Not quite shirtsleeve weather around here. After scrapping at the car for awhile this morning I gave up and grabbed my camera.
  75. Happy Wednesday everyone! Particularly wonderful pictures this week. My top three are:
    Gary's cheerleader - fantastic timing/technique
    John F's dawn lake - wonderfull light/mood
    Aguinaldo's water lilly - the pink really leaped out of the screen!
    I am shooting my first wedding in 20 years on Saturday (favour for an old friend); so I have been practising like mad.
    Having a bit of a love affair with my new 35mm f/1.8 AF-S DX + SB700 combo. Here's one of my youngest (Lucy) on our bed. I thought the white covers would serve for white wedding dress exposure practice!
  76. dusting of snow yesterday pictured here; today a few inches of snow, cold, and windy; definitely not shirtsleeve days
  77. Thanks John P and Chris Wick for mentioning my photo.
    This thread is getting better each week.
    Best regards for you all.
  78. Karissa, Thank you so much for commenting on my photo this week. To be mentioned with Rene, Bogdan and Bob is an honor.
  79. Statue of 1849 to Dr Henry Jephson, who gives his name to the gardens in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, in which this monument is situated. D7000, 18-55@30mm, 1/40 sec f16, iso200
  80. Happy Wednesday everyone!
    Willows in Boston Common
    D90 | 17-55 f/2.8 @ F8
  81. Just got my 11-16
    it had to be raining outside
    figured that I would break a few wide angle rules
    always thought that they were more recommended guidelines
    here is a picture of my willing pup Cosmo
    using the new lens
  82. Black-Capped Chickadee in -15 C temperatures getting a snack.. just about froze my fingers off.
  83. A very happy Wednesday to all of you!
    Nikon D300s, Tamron 17-50 f/2.8
  84. [​IMG]Good day to every one. I took a summer image and applied a free plugin that comes when you purchase Photoshop CS5 called pixelbender. The plug in was applied and I brought back a little of the original image re the tiger lilies. Please delet this entry.
  85. [​IMG]Good day to every one. I took a summer image and applied a free plugin that comes when you purchase Photoshop CS5 called pixelbender. The plug in was applied and I brought back a little of the original image re the tiger lilies. Please delete this entry - Server error!
  86. [​IMG]Good day to every one. I took a summer image and applied a free plugin that comes when you purchase Photoshop CS5 called pixelbender. The plug in was applied and I brought back a little of the original image re the tiger lilies. Good entry.
  87. My first post to this forum taken with a D70. I enjoy Nikon Wed forum more than any other part of photonet.
  88. It's finally beginning to feel like winter in Northern Va. Even last fall's leaves appear to be huddling together.
  89. Happy thursday, I'm late :)
    Simons portrait really stands out - fantastic work! Two shots I really like are Bobs street portrait and Steves ice-skater.
    My D7000 broke last week and I had to use my D700 for soccer.
    I've missed the crop-factor, but not the tiny finder.
  90. One from a few months ago. Meet Charli, quite possibly one of the sweetest little girls around.
  91. FAST!
    I was shooting for VeloNews during the Colorado Cross Classic cyclocross race near Boulder, Colorado when JHK shot around me on a hairpin turn. I did a pan, and I often try for this effect you see...a sense of speed. Nikon D700, Nikon 16-35 f/4 VR, Nikon SB900. October 29, 2011 © Dejan Smaic
  92. Thanks to all who commented on my picture today, very kind.
  93. Welcome Richard...I love your snowscape. Simon, very cool photo. Chris Wick- best of luck on the wedding and your daughter is gorgeous!
    Tony, that Pixelbinder looks like fun. I have CS5 and don't have that plug in. Where did you find it?
    I wish I had the time and space to comment on each photo. So many I like and for so many reasons. Nice job Nikon community!
  94. The Black Crows
    Was playing around last week and had to use my kit lens to zoom in on these guys....figured I might as well grain in on out to the max and "darken" it a bit.
    D80 18-135mm 1/125th @ f10 ISO1000
  95. Haven't posted for a while but I got my picture up early this time. Back now to review the rest of the photos and they're great as always. My favorites were Chris C, Joe E, Aguinalido, John F, Bob D. Also, Garcia's seagull. It has this expression that just struck me as funny, like it can't believe you're really going to try to take a picture in that dim light!
  96. Nikon Buddies,

    Gary S, Aguinaldo de P, Michael M, Garcia J, Bob D, Chris W, thanks for your inspiration.
    Today was an exciting day, as my new D5100 was delivered, along with my new 70-300 lens!
    Here's one of the very first pictures with that combination, of one of my favorite models,
    and outdoors (for Matt). Imagine coming home, staring down the barrel of that bad boy!
  97. Cypress Hill, West Vancouver
  98. Cypress Hill, West Vancouver
  99. Sea World Florida.
  100. Many thanks to everybody who mentioned my photo today.
    @ Alex Zepeda: in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art they are not worried about my camera -- but I never even lift it when I am around their exhibits. The lobby where I made photos has not exhibits, with the exception of the lights installation that you can see at the top of the photo.
  101. Oops. I made a mistake. I resized the photo before the framework.
    I’m sorry.
  102. Better late than never. One of the 1st edited pics from a photoshoot I did last night. All had alot of fun and we all learned something from it.
  103. Thanks Douglas Mosman and Jamie Harre for mentioning my pic.
    Best regards.
  104. Little late! Best pics Gary S., Simon J., Rick D., Ilkka N. This pic is taken from my window. Wind has made snow hanging from roof and sun has made the rest.
  105. Lance, the effect is quite fitting, considering Hitchcock's famous silhouette profile, and his film The Birds.
  106. Nikon FM, 105mm AIS Nikkor
  107. Thanks Jeannean. I'm looking forward to the wedding; the groom is really chilled and some good friends are going. Should be fun! Love your macro work BTW :)
    Thanks also Jamie H. Nice portrait!
  108. Studio Session
    f/7.1; 1/125s

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