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    Hello Nikonistas, and a good Wednesday to you. I spent a couple days last week shooting a dealer's inventory of large commercial motor coaches and trailers. The sort of vehicles that are used to transport race crews, their vehicles, and their mobile garages. One of the trailers was a double-decker with a 6,000 pound hydraulic lift to get multiple cars up above the working area while on the road. It was a really challenging collection of close quarters, mirrored surfaces, odd light, and converging lines that made 12mm a special sort of crazy.

    Here's one shot from the nose of the trailer, looking back at a car on the interior lift, and one of the compartments. Only had a few minutes to set up each shot, and had a devil of a time hiding the three speedlights and their reflections. Whew! Had your Nikon gear out in a maze? Share a photo!
  2. Reflections of fall
  3. Good morning Nikon comrades!
    I'm still processing shots from my Honduran vacation, including some rather large panoramas of the Copan ruins which I plan to zoomify and post on my website eventually.
    Also, Pirates Week starts this weekend, which means another huge folder of images to be sorted and processed, but also hopefully some nice pics for the next few weeks :)
    In the meantime, here is an illuminated segment of Camana Bay, This little island's closest approximation of an American-style shopping mall.
    Thanks to Chris Wick and Jamie Harre for their kind words on last week's effort.
  4. American White Pelican
  5. Low tide in the fog at Lubec Maine, the easternmost town in the continental U. S. The bay is impacted by some of the extreme tides of the Bay of Fundy.
  6. Relaxed in Pittsburgh
  7. Hello Matt, et al,
    Was out last week shooting the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida. Had to shoot some chromed, highly reflective air horns used on yachts. Hit the big tent around midnight so no one else was around. But a torrential rainstorm did leave it's mark on the trumpets. Nothing like a set of toots from Kahlenberg.
  8. Her first modeling portfolio headshot.
  9. Man with apples
  10. Baxter
    This is a friend of a friend. He turns 13 years old tomorrow.
  11. While my dad was in town visiting, we decided to take a trip down to the USMC museum in Quantico, VA. The blue sky and fall colors made a nice addition to the interesting architecture of the main building.
    D700 + AFS 24-70 @ 58mm, ISO200, 1/1250s @ f/5.6
  12. Jonsrud Point, Sandy, Oregon (east of Portland). This was about 40 minutes before sunrise. On a clear day, you'll see the Sandy River winding through the center of the frame while Mount Hood towers in the distance. But on this calm morning, fog and clouds rule.
  13. Good Morning Nikonistas,
    On the approach to Remembrance Day I'm posting this image in thanks to the Men & Women of the RAF and especially the Red Arrows who have sadly lost two of their number this year.
    Thank you for the wonderful displays, Thank you for defending our skies and the skies above our brave troops.
    D40X (50-500mm F/4-6.3G) 420mm, F/7.1 @ 1/640s, ISO 800[​IMG]
  14. [​IMG] Autumn is almost over here in Quebec. Here is one taken on the river front of Candiac Quebec. The fallen leaves are only present on the grass for about 5 days out of the years. I consider them a symbol of the time in the year that I thoroughly enjoy.
  15. This angelic-looking figurine caught my eyes while strolling trhough a local nursery. Taken with a Nikkor Micro 55mm 2.8
  16. A little later than usual and already some great stuff is up. This was part of my series last week of our newest family member. Here he is being shy. D300 with Nikor 60mm and SB 900
  17. Caught this little balance-artist pecking away at a seed as she stood perched on a little branch. Fascinating to watch.
  18. Men at work.
    More than 2 years ago some half brains drilled 1 inch holes into the roots of 6 100 years old tress, filled them with some kind of acid and the trees slowly died. Yesterday they all went down.
    Have a nice week all.
  19. [​IMG]
    D200 • ISO 160 • Nikon 85/1.4D • ƒ/1.4 • 1/1500th
    So, apparently the 85 is too slow to be useful for shooting fast moving subjects.
  20. The photos from Robert Wyatt and Tony Hadley really stand out so far. Stunning vistas. My contribution this week is from Halloween, specifically my son taking a much-needed water break after his first cuteness-for-candy trade adventure.
  21. A bright cloudy morning at a beach, Traeth Niwbwrch; time to play
  22. My post for the week. I went duck hunting, but the swan was more compelling.
  23. Happy Wednesday! Lovely photos so far, and know there will be many more. I'm very grateful the Buff-bellied hummingbird is a year round resident here in south Texas because I love them. (D90/70-300mm VR @ 1/125, f/8, ISO 640) Thank you to those who commented on my photo last week. Very much appreciated. :)
  24. Good morning,
    it's a pleasure to discover the inspiring variety of this weeks contributions.
    Steve - lot's of energy in your „Streetman”-photograph.
    John - I've never used a soft-filter, but I like your „Cloudy Morning” a lot.
    I've shot ice-hockey last sunday and here's a snap I like somehow.
    The D700 together with the fast 200 is a great combo for all kinds of indoor-sports.
  25. Morning Folks!
    Love the Brass, Tony's sunset, and many others. I lucked out last Saturday and caught this Bald Eagle at the Forsythe NWR in Oceanville, NJ.
  26. I've been perusing Morgan and Lester's The New Leica Manual (12th ed., 1953), purchased from an Amazon affiliate for US$0.01 plus shipping. Surprisingly, it has only two slim chapters about Leica hardware, and the rest is devoted to a rather thorough treatment of general photographic technique—including developer formulas, brain-numbing depth-of-field equations, and darkroom floor plans—along with chapters on various specialized topics. There's a chapter by Alfred Eisenstaedt, one by Ansel Adams on printing, and one by a cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra who started photographing musicians when, for reasons not explained, "Eugene Ormandy gave me his Leica." An eclectic, entertaining mix.
    So, inspired by the grainy, low contrast black-and-white pictures in this cool old book, I went for something of the same look in this digital image. I didn't entirely succeed in capturing it, but it was fun trying.
  27. Nice shots everyone! This is a great time of year for saturated colors.
    This is shot of Tule Elk in dense fog. Taken last week at the Tule Elk Reserve @ Pt Reyes National Seashore in Marin County, CA. The elk are out in great numbers. Get there at sunrise while they graze close to the roads and trails.
  28. [​IMG]
    Nikon D3s; AF-S Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G
    x2 Nikon SB-600s + CTO + 1/4" honeycomb snoots; x1 Quantum Qflash Model T + CTO + blackwrap snoot.
  29. Good Morning to all. Took some shot at a small pond a week ago and found this guy hangin' out in this ear tree. Still jealous Jeannean of your beautiful hummingbirds Nikon D3, Nikon 80-400, 400 mm, F/9, 1/125 SS, ISO 500
  30. Had My gear surrounded by 20 or so Pugs..... This is Sophie, the one eye wonder pug.
  31. Morning all;
    Longtime film shooter here, finally made the digital plunge beyond the P & S stage with a "like new in box" (really) D50. Still negotiating the learning curve.
  32. Good Nikon Wednesday morning to all. Great shots again today as usual. I am always so inspired by all the wonderful photos that everyone sends in. We took our daily walk at our local county park yesterday and I took this shot of the last of the fall colors. This scene will soon be covered with snow and ice. Brrrrrr!!!
  33. Tarpon Springs FL. From our camera club trip last weekend.
  34. Greetings from the depths of Northern Ontario.
    Harry (right) now has a big sister. Hattie joined our family Oct 26. She's 9mo. old (2 more than Harry). It's been entertaining, to say the least.
  35. Campbell Run; Tioga County, Pa.
    Nikon D700 w/16-35 & PF
  36. Spectacular shot Matt! Mine harks back to the little bit of late sunshine we had a month ago. Some totally unseasonal Red Admiral butterflies appeared from nowhere to feed on the equally unseasonal buddleia blooms.
    D700 + Tamron 90mm macro. Some tone and colour adjustment done in GIMP.
  37. [​IMG]
    Nikon D90 NIKKOR 50 mm f1.4 @f4 for 1/1000sec, -1sv, ISO200
  38. Here is mine for the week - just a close up of a Hibiscus flower. Nikon D700 + Nikon 105mm macro D.
  39. With the Halloween Snow having put our power in its treats bag, not much else to do but go for a walk in the woods on a sunny day. D700 at ISO 1000, 24-85 at f/13
  40. Seven days is a long time to be with out power (no running water too, because of a well). My little family, along with hundreds of thousands of others, managed and we now have power, and now the incredible clean-up begins. My 3 acres are a mess. A large portion of my trees are either down or destroyed. It's very sad to look out into my yard...and to drive around where you see the actual magnitude of destruction. This pic was taking from our car as we drove up onto a Statey marking a car that was stuck on Rt. 9 the morning following the storm (looking for coffee, which was a fruitless effort). It looked like it's hood was crush from a tree. I wish I could shake every single utility worker's, emergency responder's and DPW's hand to thank them for busting their humps to restore the power and insure safety for thousands of New Englanders. Well done people and thank you.
  41. My contribution this week was made with Nikon D300s, Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 and B+W 110 filter. This is a 10 stop (1000x) ND filter. Exposure time was 30 seconds at f/4.5, Iso 320. Focal length set was 10mm.
    Hope you'll like it​
  42. Good Wednesday everyone. Great pictures as always. Nikon D7000 Tamron 18-270mm. The power of the Niaga Falls has left a lasting imression on me and pictures help keep that memory fresh.
  43. Good morning to all. Just another fall pansy.
  44. Yet another wonderful group of photos!!
    This time of year the bur marigolds are blooming in the swamp. I was graced and blessed with the appearance of my first gulf fritillary landing on these beautiful little flowers.
    Hope you enjoy
    D7000 300mm f/4 f/5.6 1/1000
  45. Good Wednesday, Niconians! Wonderful captures this week, as usual. The pansy is stunning! I especially liked Mr. Cohen's contribution. Mine is of cedar tree trunk overlooking a cemetery at Rocky Springs, Mississippi. Nikon D5100 50mm 1.8 f 5.1
  46. After the wedding........Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA in early March.
  47. This is a street performer in Paducah, KY. She is one of those that can stand rigid for long periods of time. This lady is really good. She really has great balance as normally she stands atop of a small bucket turned upside down. I used my Nikon D90, Sigma 24-70 @42mm, f2.8, 1/1000, iso 400 on manual hand held.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  48. From historic Shockoe Hill Cemetery in Richmond, Va., taken this past Saturday.
  49. Good morning All.......Here is a pix of my son Alain who just turned 1 year old today!!!!!!!!
  50. London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5.
  51. Hello Wednesday.
    Matt that is some stunning work! I know how tight those interiors are. Miha love your photo. So serene.
    From my side I finally got the film developed that has been living in my F80. This was taken at a local photography expo and it's the stand of a costume hire company. And no I have no idea why there are those bike mirrors on the one costume.
  52. Good morning everyone, took this a few days ago, well over an hour after sunset.
  53. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    He got very surprised to see a foreigner at the playground - I was also the only one amongst hundreds of locals
  54. Wayne,
    If you're wearing something like that in mixed company, you need a way to "check your 6" at all times.
  55. A child's curiosity
  56. This is from a high-energy wedding at the Washington DC W hotel.
  57. Ananda Ashrama. D700, 14 mm.
  58. Move over D50... After nearly 6 years of faithfull service, I decided it was time to give in and upgrade bodies... Welcome D7000... Welcome new camera confusion... Now it's time to play with it until I get it right! It got it's first test drive last weekend out with my dad on his boat.
  59. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    This is the entrance to a local medical facility. That is why you see wheelchairs. In the atrium there is a sculture by Dale Chihuly.
    Nikon J1 with the 10mm/f2.8 lens @ f5.6, 1/30 sec and ISO 100. While that lens shows a bit of barrel distortion, the beam across the top of the entrance is curved; that is not the result of optical distortion.
  60. Last colors of fall...
  61. This fellow nested under the hood of a friend's car the other day, then hid under the engine block for a few hours before we could flush him out. It got nervous eventually and treed itself before I got out my beagle (kidding about our beagle.) It was there for an hour before carefully creeping back down. We moved our cars a few blocks away to avoid a repeat. Much more handsome than the usual opossum, I think.
  62. Mickey A., thank you for the comment.
  63. It's hard for me to single out any pictures this week, but Alex Zepeda's and Steve Vandeford's caught my attention.
    Adam, that's a nice-looking possum. Our dog found one on our fence last night. My daughter volunteers at the Zoo, where they keep two in the Children's Zoo. A couple of weeks ago, one of the Zookeepers was training them. Apparently they will learn to respond to simple commands.
    A picture from a hidden corner of my parents' church.
  64. Hi! This one is from last night, a short portrait session testing my DIY beauty dish - now with actual beauty...
  65. Hi everyone, great photos as always. My shot is of light coming through the dome of the Chapel at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Beautiful church, great school.
  66. Welcome Wednesday to all you Nikon shooters. So many wonderful pictures this week; they all deserve comment. My especial favorites this time around are Erik Christensen's astonished young boy, Le Giao's beautiful figurine, and Miha Hadl's calm fog. My shot is of a piece of garden folk art made from a rusty barrel. Thank you for looking.
  67. D90 w. Tokina 11-16
  68. A Good day to you all lots of inspiration here today as usual, bit late posting as I have been doing Dads Taxi service all day but here is my effort .Remember five a day keeps the Dr at bay.
  69. Here is my contribution for today.
  70. Matt -- very nice work, clearly a very difficult assignment!
    Robert Wayt -- I love it! ho9w would it loook in b/w?
    Alex -- very nice shot!
    Jenean -- very nice photo, but isn't that a rather large bug? :)
    here is mine... this is Lago di Misurina which is just east of Cortina d'Ampezzo in the Dolomites (Italy) taken about 3 months ago
  71. My wife at 30 weeks pregnant. Natural Window Light Portrait.
    D700 50mm 1.8, f/5.6 1/40 Sec ISO 800
  72. Veteran at a parade
  73. acm


    Diwali (festival of light) in India
    D90, 70-300 Nikkor
  74. Yesterday studio shooting. This picture was taken in the very moment when the "model" was bribed with a banana.
  75. [​IMG]
    Nikon D3100, 35 mm f1.8, ISO 321, 1/60
  76. Hi All
    Some Great Pics Again
    Love Robert Wayt's
    Seeing Harry's new sister Hattie, Lovely old man Baxter and Michaels' baby Dracula
    Mine was taken at the local Monkey Sanctuary and this little Marmoset finally stayed still long enough to have his portrait taken!
  77. Hi Nikon-lovers. Snapped this one at a surprise party for the 50th birthday of a friend of mine where we all got dressed in genuine cabaret-style. This is one of the "performers".
    Snapped with D90, Tamron 17-50 and SB-600 as a slave at arms length.
  78. Hi Everybody, I wish you're doing fine! Lovely pictures so far! Cheers!
  79. Very nice work this week a swell. Here are some of the many that I liked.
    Chris Court, Robert Wayt, Tony Hadley, Jose Rivera, Jeannean, Kent Shafer, John Rowswll, Curt Weinhold, Miha Hadl, Roberta Davidson, Simon Jenkins, Lisa E, Janne Kaakinen, Andrew Meszaros, Maurice Orozco. Take care!
  80. Testing my new old Nikkor 600mm f/5.6 IF-ED.
  81. Stairs
  82. Thanks to both Georg S, and Lisa E for your kind comments. Lovely work this week. I was especially drawn to Jeannean's Hummingbird, Allan Armstrong's capture, Simon Jenkin's long exposure, and Roberta's wonderful capture of her Gulf Fritillary. Brilliant colors and my favorite this week. Hard to pick just a few as there were many very nice photos that caught my eye. Enjoy.
  83. some interesting and intense colour just before winter settles in
    D70, 18-70 @ 70mm, f/5.6, 1/640, ISO640
  84. Happy Wednesday everyone. My favorites this week:
    Martin Z's portrait of Baxter
    Kent and Paul's children portraits
    Alex's stakeboarder
    Chris S's flower
    Miha's long exposure and Simon's after sunset landscapes
    Roberta's butterfly
    and Aguinaldo's telephoto test shot
    The camera has stayed in the bag this week, but I have been doing some pp work on shots taken when we visited Australia last year. Here's one of my wife and youngest daughter Lucy on Manly beach Sydney.
  85. Nikon D2H / 18-70
  86. Matt, great shot! Looks like very difficult lighting indeed. Mine's not this week but a couple weeks ago. Wandering around town spotted this guy outside a flower/plant shop.
  87. Great pictures as always. Mine is not that special but this is what I think about those low voters without any comment.
  88. Stepped into the way back machine today and scanned a shot I took off San Diego at the 1995 Louis Vuitton elimination trials for the America's Cup. The boats about ready to round the weather mark are Australia and New Zealand with the Aussies in the lead. Nikon FE2 w 35-135 manual focus zoom.
  89. Vanier Park, Vancouver
  90. Tonight's slow ride home
  91. Another film shot with a recently acquired F4s. Shot with an old 50mm F1.8s and Kodak 100 film. Aperture at F2. Took these blooms forever to finally break out.
  92. Always love checking out the submissions on Wednesdays. A few favourites of mine so far: Steve Vanderford, Robert Wayt, John Farrar, Bob Dein, Miha Hadl, Don Harper and David Tasker. Also thanks to Chris Wick for mentioning my image last week :)
  93. Hello all, last Sunday was a kayak expedition at the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge on Maryland's Eastern shore with a brand new Nikon AW100. The camera won't replace a DSLR or Nikonos, but I'm pleased with the combination of waterproof camera, rudimentary GPS maps, and a compact and lightweight form for an adventure in a small, wet kayak. The GPS map does not have much detail, but at Blackwater where, from the water, every point looks the same as the previous point, the camera's GPS position display shows the location and river boundaries, and is handy for correlating position on a chart or for choosing the correct channel to follow. The camera records an NMEA-format position log which is translated by ViewNX and displayed using Google Earth with placemarks for the photos (cool). Unfortunately ViewNX does not produce a report of distance traveled from the log - have to investigate other software. This image is the last of our group returning to the landing.
  94. Thanks, to Karissa for mentioning my work. I like yours as well. I'm curious as to the materials being captured.
  95. It was a little late getting fall started here in Central NJ, but it finally did and I went out looking for abstracts and reflections. Here's one from along the Woodbridge River Creek.
    Nikon D200 180mm AF-D f5.6

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