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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Nov 1, 2011.

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    A good Nikon Wednesday to you, everyone, and welcome to November. A busy week, already, with far too much going on. It would be nice, some days, to have instead the daily chores this 2,100-pound American Brahman bull (his name is Eldridge). He doesn't have a lot going on most days, but I suspect he's not to be trifled with.

    Pointed your Nikon gear at a subject that's likely more than meets the eye? Share a photo!
  2. Downtown Plano, Texas ( I live 5-minutes from here).
  3. From a halloween party at work
  4. YEARS of starting these Wednesday threads now, and I managed to screw up my file attachment. It had to happen one of these weeks. Here's Eldridge the Brahman.
  5. Matt, I thought Eldridge might be invisible. ;) My photo this week is visible twice. American Avocet. (D90/70-300mm VR @ 1/1250, f/7.1, ISO 400) Thank you to those who commented on my Kiskadee photo last week. Very much appreciated. :)
  6. a family thing
  7. Tried out my newly acquired Micro-Nikkor 55mm 2.8 AIS on D80 body.
  8. love that shot matt.
    here's one from earlier today at #Occupy Oakland...
  9. [​IMG]After an appointment this afternoon, I stopped off in a nearby park called Angrignon in LaSalle, Quebec (Canada) and found this opportunity. It is the result of combining two images with the focus stack that I use in Photoshop CS5. The first image is focused on the closest leaf and the second image is focused a bit further in. All because I wanted to shoot with a wide open aperture resulting in narrow DOF.
    All the best and i will come back to the forum later in the day to see all of the wonderful images that end up here.
  10. I have been using the 60mm nikkor micro a lot lately. Here is a portrait of my pup Rocco. He loves the camera.
  11. Yesterday was Halloween, lots of kids coming to the door here in Calgary.
  12. took this a couple of weeks ago; the pumkins have been picked and carved into jack o lanterns, the seeds roasted and the pies baked
  13. Shot this the other day as these two sat down in front of me and started practicing on their respective instruments.
    D200 • ISO 100 • Voigtlander 58/1.4 • ƒ/2.5 • 1/500th
    BTW Eric and Tony — love your pictures.
  14. Booo!!!
    Western Gunslinger theme at the local Haunted House.
    Shot this at ISO 6400. Never had the courage to do this before. Figured grainy is ok for halloween. Amazed it's not more grainy. Also amazed the colors aren't all blotchy. Used some NR in LightRoom.
    Flash modifier is a Rogue Flashbender. I think this was a better choice here than a Fong dome.
  15. Last Saturday I went to oldtown of the city with my kid and friends for Halloween walk, and saw a group of youths dancing in the central pavilion with nice music. I snapped some shots and this is the one I like. The focus was on the far couple which of course was not my purpose. I find myself tend to back-focusing my manual lenses on my D200 these days. Anyone knows how to do AF fine-tuning of human eyes?
  16. Great shots Matt Laur, Jeannean, Tony Hadley. Here's a spontaneous shot from my balcony in Los Angeles of a pretty nice sunset. Not to gloat (maybe just a little) but the weather here has been absolutely beautiful the last couple of weeks.
  17. It's been a grey and foggy week.
  18. November brings more colourful sunrises.
  19. Hello Everybody,
    my photo this week from a photo session I did on Saturday.
    Nikon D700, 24-70mm f/2.8@ISO 200, f/7.1, 1/160
    I look forward to seeing your photos.
  20. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    This rower will not get blisters in his hand
  21. Afternoon sun rays.
  22. More of a cliche than Eldridge, but still not cuddly - a swan, with lots of fiddling in post, including the Orton effect, to soften the cliche a bit.
  23. Good Wednesday everyone. Photo from my first trip to Niagra Falls. Had a wonderful time. Nikon D7000 Tamron 18-270mm.
  24. First steps in astrophotography...
  25. This house has a haunted theme all year long with a winged gargoyle permanently mounted on the front. This Halloween, the gargoyle sported an angry bird head.
  26. Good morning to all. Great photos this morning. We have been without a canine friend since losing our black Lab "Ricky" just before Mother's Day this year. So last Saturday I went to a Meet and Greet at our local county dog shelter to shoot a few photos and rescued this beautiful female Chocolate Lab. Such a wonderful dog. They called her "Lexie" at the shelter so I guess we will go with that name. She is adapting beautifully.
  27. This is a pic from the church playground. I hope these two remain friend for many years.
    Nikon D3, Nikon 80-400, 280 mm, F/22, 1/80 SS, ISO 800
  28. A happy wednesday everyone!
    Matt, your bull-shot is fantastic, as is Hamishs seascape and Ilkas Astrophoto (I wonder what would happen to a picture like this if there was a „clean the hot pixels away” function in the D3).
    I've shot a lot of sports this weekend - here's a handball-picture I like.
    Btw - for this kind of sports 3D-AF-tracking works really well on my D7000.
  29. bms


    Great Photos again, happy Wednesday. Doug R, thank for the mention last week, glad you liked it.
    I had been up most of the night before Halloween so did notget out that day. Here is a picture from this past Saturday instead.
  30. Good morning, everyone.
  31. Nice photos this week as usual
    my contribution this week is from a Dogtoberfest local Halloween contest for pets
    enjoyed this pups costume
    was tempted to change the serial number of the jeep to a D7000 but I got lazy
  32. I haven't been posting here for a long time. Here is my contribution.
    St. Joseph Church in Wilmette, IL
  33. Water Tank Hollow, Rt 44; Potter County, Pa.
  34. I missed last week due to being on vacation in Honduras - photos to come once they are sorted!
    In the meantime, here is an electrical substation shot on a late night road-trip to the other end of the country (22 miles away).
    LOVING my new toy (85mm f1.4). It's scarcely been off the camera since I bought it :)
  35. Here is mine for the week. Just playing with a new to me Nikon F4s. Nikon 105mm macro D for lens.
  36. Our daughter-in-law and granddaughter in her first Halloween costume (bunny).
    D700, 24-70 @ 62mm, ISO 200, 1/500 @ f/2.8.
  37. Some favorites, so far: Matt, Jens, Roger, Hamish, John.
    For Halloween, I went looking for something spooky. This is the old Tennessee State Prison, just before I was "asked" to leave the premises.
  38. A forrest badly damaged by storm : Oostvaardersplassen the Netherlands, Nikon D7000 with 10.5mm lens
  39. A previsualised idea on the theme of "odd one out". I thought I was going to be able to do it in one take, but it was a bit trickier than I thought, and in the end I resorted to multiple images layered in GIMP.
    All source images taken with a D700 + Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro. Main lighting was off-camera flash from a single portable unit fired using a radio trigger.
  40. Good morning Nikonistas. As usual, wonderful pictures. Just a fall pansy.
  41. A recent visit to Golconda, Il at The Garden of the Gods gave me a lot of great images to look at. I think the rock formations date back to an ice age?
    I used my Nikon D90 with a Sigma 24-70 attached. This is a HDR photo done in Photomatix.
    Thanks to those that commented on my selection last week.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  42. Hi all, here's a little guy stocking up for the winter..........
  43. An ordinary landscape is transformed with a wide-angle lens.
  44. This is more than my eyes wanted to see - 16" of snow before Halloween!
  45. Wonderful shots everyone.
    This was the last monarch I have seen in my garden this year.
    D7000 300mm f/4 with 1.4 TC
  46. San Gabriel Mission Museum. D700, 14 mm.
  47. Kris Bochenek -
    Nice shot. Difficult lighting condition. I think you managed the white balance well.
  48. Cheddar blends in well come fall.
  49. Good morning all I took this last week.
  50. Traveling along Pasific Coast on Highway 1
  51. One quick pic from the Zoo last week.
  52. Peak autumn color in the Portland, Oregon area last weekend.
  53. Good morning, a little late posting but here it is......Leaves have slowly started changing colors just outside of Tokyo,Japan so I played around for a while...
  54. Happy Wednesday all. Young kittens were the project this weekend.
  55. @ Doug Santo,
    Thank you! You inspired me to take photos of churches in my area.
    The stained glass windows were red and blue and at one point in time I got strong sunlight trough them causing the color cast.
  56. Vancouver, British Columbia
  57. Okay, so it's a corny foliage/mirror image shot but it's my first with a DSLR Nikon.
    D50 w/ 28-85 Tamron
  58. 2011 Richmond, Virginia Zombie Walk held last Sunday in Cary Town.... Look, it's Janis!
  59. As an amateur to photography, I really look forward to Nikon Wednesdays! There have been some excellent photos again this week. This is the first picture I took with my 50mm 1.8 lens. f 6.3 1/200 with D5100.
  60. Finally managed to lock myself into darkroom for a day and develop & print films that have been in my fridge for ages. This one is from studio workshop a while back, and is scanned from a print (my neg scanner is acting up, again...).
  61. Great shots this week. Late October, just a couple of weeks ago at Kiawah Island, SC.
    Discovered that the D300 works better on flying birds with the middle choice on AF mode... Not the single spot, not the big white rectangle.
    Oct 2011 Kiawah Island Wood Stork -- D300, 300mm f/4 AF-EDIF
  62. Great to see everyone's photos. My favourites so far are from Tony Hadley, Jens Frederiksen and Lisa E. This is from some night shots I took a few days back.
  63. Good Wednesday, everybody! Many terrific shots already -- as usual.
    Here is the monster I photographed in my backyard on the eve of the Halloween.
  64. Hello my dear friends! I hope everything is well with you! Take care!
  65. Sandhill cranes at Bosque Del Apache, NM
    D700 80-200 Nikkor MF handheld
  66. Happy Wednesday everyone. Wow! The standard is really high this week. My favorites are:
    Matt's portrait of Eldridge
    Hamish's landscape
    Chris's sub-station
    Martin's prison
    Simon's stained glass window
    Lisa's giraffes
    Steve's kittens
    and Karissa's phone booth
    Mine is a simple portrait of my youngest daughter taken in window light with a single reflector. She was trying on a costume for a Halloween party and completely failing to look scary...
  67. Canada Geese on the wing
  68. Riding down the road recently I caught this shot of a beautiful black Lab riding in the back of a truck. I mostly got shots from behind, but during a stop he turned and looked directly at me!
  69. Great contributions this week, fellow Nikonistas! Washington, DC, in the midst of a Fall Snow storm this past Saturday, October, 29th. National Cathedral.
  70. Happy November to all.
    My favorites so far: Jeannean's Avocet - would love to get such a great shot of this beautiful bird, Curt's Pa Road - I can almost feel the chill, beautiful scenery, Simon's stained glass skylight - did it project that image so clearly on the wall? Amazing!
    Here's my contribution to the collection of fall leaves.
  71. Nikon Buddies,
    Looks like lots of fun was had by all, especially Matt L, Tony H, Hamish G, Georg S, Chris C, Lisa E, Sebastian M, Mikhail T.
    As for me, I tried to capture a golden moment.
  72. What a great week for photos! I usually don't have time to really study the pictures until the evening, and tonight I spent quite a lot of time here. Just want to mention a couple of favorites: Mike Farler's geese, Chris Wick's little witch, and Rodeo Joe's matches.
    Thanks to Jamie, Chris, and Karissa for mentioning my picture.
  73. Here's a photo of one of the groomsmen at a wedding I shot on my B-day 2 weeks ago.
  74. Halloween lunch party at work.
  75. Thanks to Georg S, Martin Z, Chris Wick and Jamie Harre for your kind words.
  76. Simon's stained glass skylight - did it project that image so clearly on the wall? Amazing!
    Jim it's a HDR image, I had to add one side of the building as it was only 3 sided, then I added the stained glass window and the reflection, it started out as an experiment and then I ended up liking it. I did add a spooky face to one of the windows but at this size it doesn't show up very well.
    This a very nice picture of your daughter Chris Wick, it converts very nicely to B&W using the orange channel too if you haven't tried that.
  77. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Holloween at Farmker's Market with "Harry Potter"
    Nikon J1 with 30-110mm/f3.8-5.6 lens @ 30mm, f5.6, 1/125 sec and ISO 140 with VR on.
  78. Lisa and Simon, thanks for mentioning my picture.
    I hadn't tried a B&W version Simon. I agree it does look nice :)

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