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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Sep 20, 2011.

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    A happy Nikon Wednesday to you all, and thanks again to all who participated last week - lots of inspiring contributions. In a bit of a departure this week, some on-they-fly fun from an early morning at a local 5k run. The organizers placed musicians at strategic spots along the route, and just before the final stretch, a young group of guys specializing in Metallica covers was positioned to give the runners a final jolt on their way to the finish line.

    Feeling a bit of whimsy, and as an exercise, I put an SB-900 on the sidewalk camera right, set to fire as a CLS slave. A quick test exposure to make sure I was getting some rock-and-roll drama, and then a shot straight to JPG. And while sitting in the grass next to the band's bass player, piped an image from the D300 straight into the iPad that lives in my Urban Disguise bag. About 45 seconds spent in a cool app from Nik called SnapSeed, and the image below was on its way by e-mail to the band. SnapSeed is actually a very capable straight-up editor, but you can also use its "grunge" filter for fun and games as seen here. I know, I should stick with dogs. Used your Nikon gear to produce anything strictly for amusement? Share a photo!
  2. Tropical bird at the Toucan Palace at the Winnipeg Zoo. This guy was fascinated by my camera and just sat and posed for about 5 minutes
  3. American White Pelicans.
  4. Hello Everybody,
    thank you for your kind comments on my photo last week.
    This week a little bit different pin up.
    Have a nice week and I look forward to seeing all your photos.
    Nikon D700, 24-70mm f/2.8@ISO 200, f/7.1, 1/125s
  5. The Sketch Artist
  6. Thanks to Tiffany for her comments on my picture last week. This shot shows a car that brings about amusement every year at the Minnesota Street Rod Association Back to the 50's Car Show. It is a pint sized version of an old Mercury that brings plenty of looks from the crowd.
  7. No iPad. But I used my D300 with 17-55 f/2.8 and my SB900. On a tripod. Aiming at a somewhat wilted flower arrangement in the lunchroom at one of my clients. Overhead fluorescent lights on. Everything set to minimize background. On-camera flash set as master to off-camera SB-900
    From last summer. Nothing new recently.
  8. Back to my usual macro subjects…
  9. Here is a shot of an old Buick Roadmaster that has been totally neglected. I pass it almost everyday and this morning I decided to stop and capture a few shots. This was taken with my D300s.
  10. My first Nikon Wednesday post. Reenactors at Ft Phil Kearney in northern Wyoming earlier this summer.
  11. I will definitely come back and comment. Decided to take this photo after I prepared dinner. The colors caught my eye
  12. This is from a session in the back yard earlier today (actually yesterday now that it is past midnight). I decided to see what I could do with shallow depth of field, which is a bit of a departure for me in that I'm usually striving for more depth of field with my macro work. It's a small bunch of crape myrtle buds just starting to bloom.
  13. [​IMG]
    Filipino Folk Dance by the Parangal Dance Company at the San Francisco International Dragon Boat Festival
  14. My mother's dog (very playful and loves chasing tennis balls).
  15. Among the flowers: a Monarch butterfly.
  16. [​IMG]Good day to everyone. Lots of beautiful images and too many to mention:
    Jana well captured and figuratively appealing (*_*)
    Steve - love the car - love the colors.
    Jose an appetizing dinner and good image.
    I had not visited the Lachine rapids (near Montreal) for quite some time so I went there yesterday and the pickings were slim so i shot some turbulent water. The only thing I did different on this was to change my picture control on the D300 from Neutral to Vivid.
    My Nikkor 70-300mm was stretched to the limit and with the camera on a manfrotto tripod and Vibration Reduction turned off, I shot a few images because you are never quite sure what you are going to get because the waves seldom repeat the same action - always a small variation. And how do you chose which one to share? - It is hard to explain but when you see it, it stands out.
    All the best and thanks to everyone who mentioned my last submission.
  17. Sunrise over the village church 5:47 AM.
    Have a nice week all.
  18. Thanks to everybody who commented on my last week's picture of a cat.
    This picture is of the Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek Redwood State Park, CA; it was used a set for filming some scenes in Jurassic Park -- this is mentioned in all guide books, so it has many visitors.
  19. here's another live concert shot. 70-200VRII, D3s.
  20. The Cowboys...
  21. Happy Wendsday all. Here is a shot from a trip over to Vermont last Friday.
  22. cleaning the catch of the day on a wharf off the boardwalk at Bamfield British Columbia
    D70, 70-300
  23. acm


    Happy Wednesday Nikon folks. My entry today is a shot I took in my balcony last week with sun shining from the back of the leaf.
    Nikon D90, AF-S Nikkor 105 mm f/2.8 Micro, Hand held.
  24. Again embracing the autumn colors.
  25. Merry go round
  26. Hello fellow Nikonians! Been several months since I've been here on a Wednesday. This image was shot at MacBeth Glacier, north of Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Prov. Park, British Columbia. Because of its location outside of protected park boundaries, this magnificent area is being encroached upon by heavy logging and a proposed ski resort despite local opinions. The Purcell Mountain Range is vital habitat to the endangered Grizzly Bear and Mountain Caribou that have been declining in population primarily because of habitat loss. Locals dedicated to the protection of the area have erected an elaborate display of hoisted cars and bungalows painted in opposition of the "Axe-orz!" and live along the roads into the area.
    PS. Don't fark with the mountain pirates after they've had canned corn.
  27. Happy Wednesday to all of you! Humor is a big part of my life, I hope you have fun with this "getting to know you" scene. Take care!
  28. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon D700 with 24-120mm/f4 AF-S VR @ 24mm, f4, 1/320 sec and ISO 3200, SB-900 flash
  29. The Summer festival season is barely over and the club season already started with American noise rock band health playing the KiFF in Aarau, Switzerland.
    Nikon D700 at ISO 2500, 14-24/2.8, 1/160s @ f/2.8, RAW processed in Adobe Lightroom 3.
  30. My contribution was made with Nikon D300s, Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8, wide open for selective focus at 50mm.
  31. Good Morning Wednesday :)
    It's been long time posting here on Wednesday thread.
    Past Friday went to Rowes Wharf in Boston. Took series of pictures, before sunset, Goldon hour and after sunset. But I liked the one during Goldon hour and here it is.
    Shot with Nikon D90 and Tamron 17-50mm on Tripod
  32. Letting go...
  33. I was just hunting for a shot around my house when this little bandit showed up. We have 3 pecan trees in our yard. The squirrels come and fight us for the pecans every year.
    Nikon D3, Nikon 300 2.8, Nikon TC-20E II, !/400 sec, f/5.6, ISO 800
  34. Pink...
  35. F5, 24-70, Astia 100, Coolscan 9000.
  36. More fireworks...
  37. It is American football season in the northern/western hemisphere. So here is a shot from my older son's game this past Saturday (age group is 12-14). On the first play from scrimmage they ran a quick trap and took it to the house...
    D700 + AF-S 200-400 @ 330 mm, ISO400, 1/2500s @ F/4
  38. Self Explanatory
    Nikon D90, NIKKOR 50mm f1.8, ISO400, f2.4, 1/1500
  39. bms


    A quick one:
  40. I'm on a motorcycle trip to Atacama Desert, Chile, and the scenery is unbelievable.
    This one from the small town of Purmamarca, Argentina.
    Thank you for viewing.
  41. Happy Wednesday! Lots of hummingbird activity lately. Caught this Buff-bellied hummer taking a break. D90/70-300mm VR
  42. Here is mine for the week. It is a wolf talen at the Lakota Wolf Preserve in northern NJ. Hope you like it. Nikon D700 + Nikon 70-200mm VR I.
  43. This past Sunday there was a concours automobile event here in CT and in the midst of the pristine showpieces was this fun area
  44. Greetings all.
    I got asked to do some fun pics of a friend of mine and her daughter. Love the mischevious expressions here.
  45. Good Bye Summer !!
  46. Morning all, taken on Wrightsville Beach N.C
  47. Great pics so far! Here's mine for the week.
  48. Last of this year's Black-eyed Susans
  49. nikon d300s nikkor 300 f4 1.4 nikon converter f 5.6 250 sec iso 320
  50. Playing with my flash, and with my favorite subject.......
  51. [​IMG]
    D300 50mm f.1/8 iso 800
  52. I think this is a female. Someone told me there were little ones around, so I used my 70-300 lens, and kept a safe distance.
  53. [​IMG]
    Dew covered catepiller. Head or tail?
    Nikon D300 w AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm 2.8 GED
  54. there's an annual event goochland county, va. every september called "field day of the past," which is more like a three-day county fair. along with the rides, exhibits, food and hawkers of t-shirts, there was a rodeo. that's where i caught this young rider, who was participating in a national high school rodeo event. it's a great event!
  55. I've been playing with a "new" softbox that was laying around here for almost a year *ahum*. The only model available was myself. Be warned, I might switch you off too :)
    D90 w/ Tamron 17-50, SB-80DX through 80x80cm softbox.
  56. D700, Micro-Nikkor 105mm f4, 1/5th @ f11, tripod
  57. Matt, just picked up SnapSeed for the ipad and what a blast. For the few bucks it cost, it can really do wonders to a photo.
    Here's another from my Golden Gate series. Shooting for fun when in San Fran recently, I lucked out when the fog lifted earlier in the day, offering a somewhat rare unobstructed view of the bridge and city. But even in June it's a bit chilly on the hillside.
  58. Nook and artifacts. D700, 14 mm.
  59. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Kitchen model 2009 rural area in Laos
  60. A quick picture from an antique show last weekend. As usual, I'm about to run out the door. I'll look at all the entries tonight.
    P.S. to Matt: I've gotten spoiled with the apps on my iPhone. Anytime I have a few extra minutes, I find myself playing with all the different effects. It's like a huge box of crayons!
  61. Last Friday the forecast called for the first heavy or hard frost of the season. My photo comes from that shoot.
    The photo shows the frost steaming off the 18th fairway as the sun hits it for the first time. I was in the right spot at the right time for the shot. As someone who doesn't relish getting up early, I'm glad I made the effort.

  62. Jyrävä Falls, Kuusamo, Finland.
  63. Deep Thought
  64. My contribution this week is a poster for a Jackie Kennedy exhibit at the JFK library in Boston. The poster was cropped, resized and converted into B&W with Photoshop CS5. Enjoy!!
  65. Sorry for the last post. Try again
  66. There are pirates in the woods.
  67. bms


    OMG, just notice I posted the wrong pic! That is not Nikon and NOT digital.....! Anyway, I was too rushed this morning.... at work now, too late :(
  68. One of my first portrait attempts...
    (image too big...trying again)
  69. Smaller image to fit...
  70. Hi! Almost missed this weeks thread... This one is from weekend, just a light test - done strictly for my own amusement.
  71. This was taken at TREVARRO gardens in Cornwall With Nikon D80 55-200vr well worth a visit if your passing, the Peacocks are very tame and are happy to display for the price of a few scone crumbs
  72. Hi All
    Great Pics once again my contribution is from Ventnor gardens on the Isle Of Wight again I loved the way the petals folded over the bud ready to bloom
  73. Great photos so far this week - love the one of Jens F. Mine is from 2 weeks ago due to bad spring weather here.
  74. Hi Everyone,
    This is my first post to Nikon Wednesday; here's hoping it's successful. Also one of my first attempts at macro photography.
  75. This is from a recent wedding at the W hotel in DC.
    Here we have the ringbearer!
    The Edge
  76. Happy Wednesday everyone! My favorites this week:
    Bill's pelicans
    Chris C's lizard
    Greg K's dog
    Tony's rapids
    Juho's autumn colours
    Thomas G's wide angle rockstar
    Simon's spade
    Ole Ronny's singer
    and Gej's golf course landscape
    I decided to test my old 70-210 AF zoom, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Here's another protrait of Merlin given the B&W/coloured eyes treatment.
  77. It's been hard to take time off but I did this last week. Some night lights. Hope you like it :)
  78. People watching a street performer in Helsinki, with the clock tower of the railway station in the background.
  79. Good evening or morning!
    A lot of interesting and/or beautiful photographs - my personal favorite so far is Juho Nivas „autumn colors”.
    Here's a picture shot this evening:
  80. Happy Wednesday all, so many awesome shots, mine will be another strange one, lol.
    This is another from the shots I made after Hurricane Irene, the little shallow creek areas at a nearby area were very flooded and so the native carp came up into areas they would never be looking for food. The water was brown so I re-worked the colors in PSE using any combinations that would bring out the fish. Enjoy
    Nikon D200, ISO 125, 50mm AF-D
  81. THE LOST 40 - Northern Minnesota
  82. Hello, I am new member and this is my first post. I have been watching this forum a little while. I am impressed with the community quality of the forum and am hoping to get some constructive comments on my images. Thank you for your understanding.
  83. bms


    I am finally home. Here is the pic I wanted to post...
  84. Hope you all had a great Wednesday...
  85. Happy Wednesday to all.
    Got my first opportunity to participate in a model shoot. I've got a ways to go... The event was rather frenetic, something to get use to I guess with models and all running around. This is one of the models, Trey, during a more quiet moment.
  86. Shot this at a local park
  87. Greetings from the depths of central Ontario (instead of northern Ontario).
    Bink, Harry and I are vacationing about 700km from home on the shores of Lake Huron at a place called Sauble Beach. This is where I spent many summers as a kid. It is a prime vacation spot for about 7million people from southern Ontario. However, vacation time has ended. The beach is 12km long and we counted less than a dozen people on it today despite the 25C temperatures. This young lady was one of the few.
  88. I was revisiting scans from vacation negatives - this is a schooner gam of the fleet out of Rockland and Camden Maine.
  89. My wife and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary on Sept. 10. We spent part of the day doing a 20-mile bike ride on the Banks-Vernonia State Trail, near Portland, Oregon. The trail overlays an old railroad route. I took this as she crossed the Buxton Trestle, which is 700 feet long and 80 feet high.
  90. Well this is one of the best weeks I've seen here for use of color and just too many to shout out. I do like Thomas G's band, but also so many others, especially some of the flower photos, usually not my cup of tea just look really nice. So what I do? B/w of course:) Portland wedding D700 and 24-70.
  91. First time post in Nikon Wednesday! Went for a film noir look on this shoot; Nikon FM3a, 1600 Neopan, 50mm f/1.8 AF
  92. Thank you everyone for the compliments last week. very much appreciated.
    Before fall really kicked into effect here, I spent my last few days before the rains shooting macros. Decided to put a 14mm E2 tube on my 28mm 2.8 AI-S. Monopod to steady/brace with and really enjoyed myself getting "close" to everything. This little fellow was about 1cm long, on a good day. :)
  93. Sketching a new sheet film project, -something that doesn`t happened since a long time ago-, with my digital camera. My brain is getting dry, I guess. Now, the most difficult task, to find enough free time to work on it...
    D700 @ 1600ISO, 24-70 (32mm), f2.8 - 1/125.
  94. Robert Wayt, congratulations on a fantastic anniversary! I really love shots like yours, it's like I'm there watching this. Such a beautiful place, I hope to get out there in person one of these years in the future. I really enjoyed all the other woods shots this week too.
  95. [​IMG]
    Camera Nikon D40
    Exposure 0.005 sec (1/200)
    Aperture f/8.0
    Focal Length 18 mm
    Focal Length 18.3 mm
    ISO Speed 200
    Exposure Bias 0 EV
    Flash No Flash

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