Nikon Wednesday 2011: #33

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Aug 16, 2011.

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    A tip of the hat to you, Nikonistas. I spent a couple hours this morning photographing the exhibitors at our local agricultural fair, and I simply cannot resist the draft horses. Or, in this case, a young (and particularly tall) draft mule. She's still a kid, and likes to play. With hats. Had your Nikon gear pointed at something youthful this week? Share a photo!
  2. Pro golf event, Dallas, Texas.
  3. A young Red-Tailed Hawk in flight at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy "Birds in flight" show at the Winnipeg Zoo
  4. More Hand Signals
  5. Protestors. San Francisco.
    D200 • ISO 320 • Sigma 30/1.4 • ƒ/1.8 • 1/250th
  6. No animal photo but in honor of the dog days of summer, here is a shot of the annual appearance of pea soup water in a pond.
  7. Hello Everybody,
    thank you very much for the comments on my photo last week.
    This week another one of my Film Noir shots I did of my make up artist Rachel.
    Have a lovely week and I look forward to all your photos.
    Nikon D700, 24-70mm f/2.8@ISO 200, f/5, 1/125s
  8. This photo is simply about the sacrifice of our military families.
  9. [​IMG] Shot this one this afternoon - - colors from a boat in the water.
  10. Hi Guys, Thanks for the kind words for cowgirl. It's a little more serious this week. I grew up 15 miles from Watkins Glen. Thats where I started my photography career. I love this race track. It has once again rewarded me for coming back. I didn't see any AP shots on the wire. I might be the only one to capture the crash. Thats why my local paper gave me so much for it. HA! I took 12 shots at 8 frames per sec. to capture the whole crash. I used my D700, Nikkor300 F4, 1.4 nikon converter at F5.6 1/2500 sec ISO 500 focal length 420 MM note the radiator & Fan!
  11. Been on vacation for a while. Didn't have a laptop but today we have a new edition to our family. "Rocco" is an energized Chihuahua who decided to cooperate for his first pictures. Shot with my D300 and Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 lense.
  12. On State Road 4, in Santa Rosa county, NW Florida-USA. The windshield as a "filter."
  13. a local flower stand
  14. It seems like I get just
    one or two good hummingbird shots each week.
  15. So early and yet so good. I love everything that has been submitted.
    My photo this week is from a trip our Photo Club took, we ended up at a Winery in Southern Illinois (not for the wine) but because this particular winery has a few Humming Bird Feeders and is known to have hundreds of birds there. We were not disappointed. But I had my eye on their dog walking around greeting everyone as dogs do, looking for a treat or something. Whereas I did get some Humming Bird photos, I liked this one of their Jake so much I decided to use it this week.
    Hope that you like it.
    I used my Nikon D90, Sigma 70-200 @185mm, f2.8, 1/400, iso 200, tripod, other than resizing, white balance and some slight sharpening was all that was done post.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  16. Have a great Wednesday's my son and a friend. When I need a smile, I will forever look at this photo.
  17. my shot this week is kind of an available-light experiment i did in a local nightclub. i like the colors and the atmosphere it evokes. cropped to remove a distracting lighting fixture, but otherwise straight out the camera. used a D3s and sigma 50, tech stats are f/1.6, 1/50, ISO 4000.
  18. From a wet summer. Tried to frame it.
  19. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    It obviously tasted delicious !
  20. Fiddling a bit with HDR and B/W conversion.
  21. Many eyes of fish seen through a fisheye.
    Many thanks to those who mentioned my last week pic.
    Have a great week.
  22. Nikon F3HP, Nikkor 105mm f/2.5, Kodak Portra 400
  23. D300+300/2,8 AFI, ISO200, 1/160s, F6,3 :
  24. Two days of heavy rain has its compensations.
  25. August Nights!
    Have a nice week!
  26. It seems like I get just one or two good hummingbird shots each week.​
    martin, there's a lot of motion blur on that shot, which might rob detail. i'm guessing you used f/16 to try to increase DoF to help insure an in-focus capture with all the subject movement, but perhaps 1/200 isn't fast enough for hummers? i realize that's the max flash sync speed on a d90, but you might want to try a faster shutter, wider aperture and higher ISO -- with no flash.
    interestingly enough, i just saw a PBS show on them. i had no idea, but they are actually predators who feed on insects. their wings can beat 100 times a second, so to actually freeze their motion, you need more speed.
  27. Finally finished processing the images of Open Air Gränichen.
    Nikon D700 at ISO 400, 14-24/2.8, 1/160s @ f/4. RAW converted in Adobe Lightroom 3.
  28. Taking a late afternoon snooze on the subway.
  29. Happy wednesday to all. Beautiful pictures, out of which, especially below caught my attention :
    Matt's horse, Bill's golf player,Bogdan's fair fun,Jennifer's naughty kid,Jen's landscape,Paul's dragonfly... I know many are upcomming to the forum.
    Here is my contribution...
  30. Happy Wednesday everyone. Last Wednesday was the first day of moderate summer temperatures after 40 days of temps in the high 90's and 100's, so hubby and I went to the zoo for some walking and picture taking. I am still getting used to the Nikon D7000 after the D300 and the new Tamron 18-270mm lens after carrying the 70-200 and 17-50 lens for the last couple of years. I do miss the f/2.8 though! Here's a photo of the Scarlet Macaw in the Avian House at the Detroit Zoo. It's the 1st time I've seen them in my many trips to the zoo.
  31. [​IMG]iNikon D700 600mm 1.7TC
  32. Purple...
  33. Coolpix P7000, 6mm (28mm full-frame equivalent), 1/60 @ f/2.8, auto ISO (269).
  34. Love the photos of Don H and Tony H. Mine is of one of my grandson's favourite horses although not the one he is learning on.
  35. A couple enjoying the afternoon sunshine in the hills.
  36. Here is a musician who lives on his sailboat.
    Nikon D90, NIKKOR 50mm f1,8G, f2 for 1/3000 sec, ISO200
  37. Here is mine for the week. D700 + Nikon 105mm macro D and sb900 off camera. Enjoy!
  38. A great start to this Wednesday!! So many lovely photos already as usual. Really loved the below:
    Lorne's hawk, Jana's portrait, Tony's reflection of water, Gary's crash photo, Eric's nightclub shot, Lionel's shot of afternoon snooze, Ismail and Elliot's flowers.
    My photo this week is of a flower known as Aparajita in Eastern India. It's mostly found in tropical equatorial Asia and its actual scientific name is Clitoria Ternatea. Happy Wednesday you all!! Go Nikon Go!! :)
  39. I love the "crayfish catcher" and "camel tongue" pictures. Not sure if I'd risk getting that close to a camel though - that camel spit is a devil to wipe off your lens!
    Mine's a very safe picture of a detail of the stained glass in Ludlow church, England. D700 + Tokina 28-80mm, 1/800th @ f/8, ISO 3200.
  40. Great pics this Wednesday morning so far. This young toad is hangin' out watching the sunset. I'm having trouble getting releases from these under age models.:) Nikon D3, Sigma 150 2.8 macro, 1/80 sec, F/13, 800 ISO, SB 900 Flash.
  41. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    The Temiskaming Kennel Club Dog Show is on this week (you didn't know?). Harry isn't a breeding dog so he's not participating. There are so many beautiful and handsome dogs! This chap's eyes are so 'human' looking.
  42. Wonderful shots again today. Thanks to those who commented on my photo last week, I do appreciate it.
    Little skipper enjoying the lantana.
    D7000 105mm micro with extension tube
  43. Good Afternoon Nikonista's,
    Holiday over :( But what a set of images...hopefully you'll like too...fair few will appear on here.
    Gone for another of the four piece that blew (and continue to do so!) everybody away at the Hearbreak Bar in Benidorm. Hope you like.
    D40X (10-20mm F/4-5.6G) 10mm, F/5 @ 1/2s, ISO 1600 Flash: SB-400
  44. Ah! sorry...looks like somebody forgot to set the conversion to the 700mb file size!
  45. Hello wednesday! Loving what I have seen so far.
    From me is another dog photo. Time to rustle up some human victims, err . . . subjects again.
    Taken with a D300 18-55 kit lens.
  46. A boundary umpire throwing the ball in over the weekend.
  47. This baby grasshopper is pretty was about 3/8 of an inch long. (D90/Sigma 150@1/250, f/6, ISO 400)
  48. Heading back in from an evening on Long Island Sound
  49. Trying to keep a child's spirits up amongst the devastation that surrounds him after the tornado outbreak in Alabama in April, my colleague Todd allows this young lad to play and have a few laughs as he pours water over Todd’s head. We were on-site as part of our company’s disaster response team, and were assessing the damage in Toney, AL, northwest of Huntsville. Every home on this street was destroyed, but the neighbors persevered.
  50. Church of the Angels, Pasadena, CA. D700, 14 mm.
  51. Not as much action as gary sempler's, but I like the colors. From New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the return of the Indy cars on August 14th.
  52. Greetings Nikon Lovers. I was visiting my parents house recently and the hummingbirds were quite active at one of their feeders. I was able to set my tripod and camera on a table a few feet from the feeder and using the remote, fire off a bunch of pictures. In hind sight I should have pushed the iso higher, so I could have stopped a little more of the wing motion.
  53. Nikon D-80 No flash used. Propped the camera on a folded towel on the floor. [​IMG]
  54. Looking for something colorful on the weekend, I visited the Des Moines Botanical Center and found some nice afternoon light on the outdoor sculpture and flower beds.
  55. flowers in the wild. later this fall a brush against this weed will leave one covered in "hitchhikers"...
  56. This little dame visited us again last week, took this one on Monday when she was enjoying her evening treat. She really loves her DentaStix...
  57. It keeping with Matt's youthful theme, this photo was taken after completing family portraits on the beach, while vacationing at the Outer Banks.
  58. So many fantastic photos, you guys are a talented bunch.
    There was a nearby balloon festival, this particular night was called Balloon Glow, they fire the balloons up at night but keep them on the ground. It was a very dark evening as a mean dust storm moved in, so I didn't get a lot of shots, and most I didn't like and were very noisy, but I got one I sort of liked and I guess that's all that matters!
  59. Tour of Utah, six grueling stages. Photo taken 07/07/2011
  60. walking around this past Sunday
  61. From my two day visit to Yellowstone National Park in mid-July. Taken from the viewing platform at the brink of Lower Yellowstone Falls; The power of the river at high water was tremendous. I stayed there for over an hour as the light changed, then walked downstream to another vantage point. D80 w/Tamron 17-50. Hand-held, stabilized by leaning against the guard rail.
  62. A little later than usual to the party, but glad to be here. Favorites this week:
    Lorne Sunley's bird
    Phil Burt's dog
    Erik's camel?
    Chris Sperry's yellowstone
    Didn't have a lot of time this week, so here's one from a couple weeks back, an outstanding beach day. Did have to spend some time avoiding the 'deposits' from these guys.....
  63. So many great posts!!!
    My share this week is an ad on the wall of a building in Los Angeles.
  64. Hollis Garden, Lakeland, Florida
  65. Happy Wednesday,
    Here is a picture of youth for this week.
  66. Hollis Gardens, Lakeland, Florida
  67. Always a pleasure to view so many diverse posts. Here's a Black Skimmer that just snagged a snack!
  68. Lovely pictures this week.
    Haven't taken any photos recently, but I have started to go through all the pictures that I took during my 4 months visit to Aberdeen, Scotland.
    This photo is from April and shows my daughter on the beach.
  69. Many great photos here today. And, Dolly's back again to say hi.
  70. Early Saturday morning I was trying to make images of the meteor shower. However, the fog didn't make that easy so I decided to look into it as an element of the landscape. This is a lake valley in Nuuksio in moonlight.
  71. Up close on a backyard perennial with extension tube on my old manual 50mm Nikkor 1.8 and the D7000.
  72. Hi All
    Again a lovely selection this week as there appears to be a lot of water based pics here is my contribution taken a couple of weeks ago from the top of a ferry heading into Portsmouth Harbour. I loved the contrast of the Victorian Fort in the Foreground with the Modern Millenium tower in the background. The forts known as Palmerston's follies were obselete before they were finished and now this one is up for sale as an interesting property for someone who doesn't like neighbours!
  73. Black bear sow with cubs feed on salmon near Valdez, Alaska.
  74. Lazy summer night at Lake Omaha in Cherokee Village, AR.
  75. Happy Wednesday everyone. My favorites this week are:
    Alex's protestor
    Gary's crash
    Jennifer's son
    John F's waterfall
    Bob D's portrait
    Ilkka's moonlit landscape
    and all the dog pictures!
    I went camping at the weekend with my sister's family. 4 adults, 6 children and 2 dogs. Here's one of the children encouraging my sister's labradoodle pup to go for his first ever swim.
  76. Being of the age where the Beatles where in top ten, I could not resist adding the caption to this boat in Ryde and felt that adding 2 words might take you back too have a good week until next we convene
  77. Hi all, Some really impressive work again today.
    My photo was taken at a fair this weekend.. one thing is for sure, I will rather stay on the ground and take photos then partake in this crazy fun jump! : )
  78. Wow! Haven't been here in a while - standards don't seem to have slipped any, though...
    Took this one a few weeks ago, in Ness gardens (UK). These are very close to me, so I can pop down whenever they are open and I am free. It captures something of what High Summer means to me.
  79. Hello all, spent a few days last week at a toy train convention. We entertained a lot of kids (young and old) running trains on a huge modular layout.
  80. [​IMG]
    Nikon D3s; AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G
  81. bms


    Happy W-day everyone. This past weekend's labor. Although not the best shot, it is one of my favorites of the wedding.
  82. all photos this week are fabulous!
  83. A slice of LA noir taken with a D700 and a 24-70 at 55mm. [​IMG]
  84. [​IMG][/URL][/IMG]My first attempt with a Nikon 600mm plus 1.7TC and D700.
  85. Gary Sempler, you were in the right place, and took advantage of it. Good job.
  86. Jennifer Meighan, your son and his friend is most precious. I bet you have this on the fridge.

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