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    Happy Nikon Wednesday, all. Last Sunday morning we enjoyed a semi-annual indulgence, that being a dawn Carbohydrate Pilgrimage to Bethesda's own Tastee Diner. I first ate something bad for me there in ... 1976, I think. THey've updated the jukebox technology, but that's pretty much all that's changed. Same menu, same dishes and silverware, same ambiance, and same maple syrup. It's illegal to leave without having a stack of pancakes. Spent a recent morning in a greasy landmark with your Nikon gear? Share a photo!
  2. Egret at Bachman Lake, Dallas, Texas.
  3. d700 70-200 vr2 at 200 f11 1/250sec iso 400 sb-900
  4. Love the photo Matt. I think I'll have pancakes in the morning! No such indulgences of that kind for me this week. My indulgence was Monday morning sloshing around in a yucky canal watching various forms of wildlife; mostly little minnows, a turtle, and of course...bugs. Second time I've been able to get a shot of mating damselflies, so will share that one. D90/Sigma 150mm/Sigma 1.4x teleconverter @ 1/180, f/8. ISO 400.
  5. Just told my son the amount of the US national debt, while at our favorite playground.
  6. This one is from my recent visit to Algonquin Park - Logging museum (Canada)
  7. Barbershop in Amman City Center
  8. Wow, already some great stuff here!
    This was the sky I saw, last Thursday.
  9. Where are the dogs today?:)
    From Copenhagen The Bicycle Town.
  10. Someone ask where's the dogs?
  11. I haven't participated on this thread for a while, but I'm always keeping an eye on it.
    Here's something from a session I did last weekend.
  12. Yikes, I posted the wrong photo! Here's last week's moon.
  13. Good Morning Nikonistas,
    Mmmmm Pancakes, great shot Matt all that's missing is the Bacon & scrambled Egg...suddenly my cornflakes seem inadequate this morning! Sorry...anyways...
    Here's my contribution to this weeks visual carnival, have been taking shots at work of the guys in the shops making all manner of things...
    Nikon D40X (18-55mm F/3.5-5.6G) @ 42mm, F/5.3 @ 1/4s, ISO 100[​IMG]
    This guy is grinding the edges of a piece to prepare it for welding...
  14. The day has just started and already their are some great shots posted.
    Mine this week is from a recent trip to Cheeckwood Botanical Gardens outside Nashville, TN. A beautifil place. It is an HDR and I kept it as "normal" as I could with wanting the highlights to stand out.
    I used my Nikon D90, Sigma 24-70 @28mm, f2.8, 1/320, iso 200
    phil b
    benton, ky
  15. I recently had the opportunity to visit Olympic National Forest in Washington State...a simply stunning place that I need to get back to very soon. Visiting such a place with a baby does limit the amount of hiking and photographing one can do, but I did manage to get a few good shots. This is one of my favorites. It's Sul Doc Falls, a very reachable destination (about 1.5 miles round-trip).
  16. Happy Wednesday, everybody -- already many great photos.
    Mine was taken last week at a dog show.
  17. Newport Beach Pier in Newport Beach, California, is a popular place in the summer time. People come here to fish and to have fun with their loved ones , whiling away their times on the beach or watching other people having fun. This picture was taken in the afternoon, when the sun was low on the horizon, and shone brightly at the pillars of the pier.
  18. The joys of going wireless at the Monterey Bay Blues Festival.
  19. the sleeping seals woke when we approached, so we stopped took a few shots and left them alone
    D70 70-300mm
  20. Good Wednesday morning everyone! This one is from Saturday.
  21. Good morning All...My contribution this week is a shot of a small town's fireworks for Bastille Day. I had never shot fireworks before and found it quite challenging.
  22. Greetings all. Another week, another wonderful wednesday. And for a change of pace a chicken and mushroom pie for breakfast. From my side another pic from my recent steam train outing. A sad reminder of the throw away mindset of current times. Have a wonderful wednesday all!
  23. Thanks for the kind comments on my daisies last week; here's something unlike both daisies and carbo loading - some rocks, weathered from the Permian to the ice ages, on a local hill. B+W seemed to suit them.
  24. This little guy was putting on a show for me.
  25. Hello Everybody,
    thank you very much for the kind comments on my photo last week, I very much appreciate them.
    This week a photo from my very interesting photo shoot I did on Saturday, I had one of the burlesque performers from Brisbane modelling beautiful military uniforms for a new uniform hire company, we had such a wonderful time and the uniforms are outstanding.
    Have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing all your photos.
    Nikon D700, 24-70mm f/2.8@ISO 200, f/6.3, 1/125s
  26. Concert in the park had just ended when a father started tossing his little boy playfully into the air. I sensed a silhouette opportunity but knew if I was going to get the shot, I'd have to get it now. I focused, set the exposure to aperture mode, and hoped for the best while shooting directly into the late evening sun.
  27. Took this one while doing a photoshoot out on the beach in Winthrop Massachusetts. Just before 8 PM, the light took on a gorgeous hue and the sun was setting just enough to shoot right into it as a sailboat happened by.
  28. Hanging out at the beach!
    D7000, Nikkor 80-400mm VR, ISO 200, f/5.6 @ 1/800sec
  29. Esplanadi Park in Helsinki.
  30. Another photo from my weekend at the Silverstone Grand Prix and my first dabble with photoshop.
  31. Happened to be in the windy city when Marilyn was unveiled, last week.
  32. acm


    Hi Nikon fans! Nikon Wednesday is constantly improving its own standards! Great pics here everywhere! Today I'm putting a rain picture I took last Saturdai in Poona, India while I was visiting there for a conference.
    Nikon D90, AF-S Nikkor 18-55 VR.
  33. Good morning Nikon People!
    This week I had the opportunity to attend a general rehearsal of a dance company, in a theatre a few hours before the show. Almost no light, as the technicians where still setting up and programming the lights. I could set up two flashes, but only where they let me, rather far out of their way. Once started I was not able to move them around or adjust anymore... Nice practice under restricted conditions though!
    Nikon D90, 55-200, Sb600 with CTO gel, and SB-80DX
  34. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Wave albatross pair, Espanola Island, Galapagos.
    Nikon D7000 with 200-400mm/f4 AF-S VR lens @ 290mm, 1/320 sec and f8, ISO 400. I stopped down to f8 to increase the depth of field to accomodate two birds.
  35. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    The shad flies have been out for a couple of weeks now. Their larval form lives in the lake and they emerge at about the same time and head directly for any light source ay night. This is a little guy that was on the front window (rotated). They don't do much damage, unless you are trying to catch fish!
  36. The 1958 Chevrolet Delray.
    Thank you.
  37. Good Morning Wednesday :)
    Past weekend had a chance to shoot model at an urban area with graffiti on the wall. It was nice photo shoot due to my first time outdoor portrait with a model. Used Nikon D90 with Tokina 50-135mm and SB600 mounted on a hot shoe with diffuser.
    Shot in Aperture f/4 1/100 ISO 200.
    PS: Looks like buttons on the "Response" are not working , trying to link the image from other website and it's not opening a window to enter the site url. But popul link is working on "Confirm" page.
  38. Good Nikon Wednesday Morning to all. Great way to start a day is by admiring all the wonderful shots submitted to this thread. Matt I am a sucker for a good stack of pancakes and those looked pretty darn good. Mine was taken while doing some late afternoon Bass fishing.
  39. Great photos so far. Mine is of a Malachite taken at Wilderness National Park this Sunday.
  40. Wonderful shots so far today!
    This summer, the anoles are quite plentiful. Trying to find something other than an anole, I got up before sunrise. I was greeted with high humidity and dew point which produced this wonderful dew. An anole is what I found , and seeing him covered in dew, I was quite delighted.
    D7000 105mm micro 20mm extension tube
  41. There's an area on Nantucket that looks something like the African savannah. Inspired by this, someone with a sense of humor has installed plywood gazelles.
    D700, 24-70 @ 48mm, ISO 200, five bracked exposures at f/8 combined with Photomatix.
  42. This week in Northeast Pennsylvania our Asiatic Lilies are in full bloom.
  43. Hi All,
    Well I have been absent for a while, but got some decent stuff on our vacation in Kauia, Hawaii.

    Jen F. - I love it. I'm a sucker for Goldens and bikes!
    Emilio G. - captivating
    Jana H. - the Marines are looking for a few good…err nevermind
    Ray RG - lovely
    Pieter N - beautiful bird

    Mine is a shot of surfers on Kauai at dusk. Straight shot.
    D90 55-200 lens.

  44. New England Forest Rally Stage 10 - 7/16/2011
    #75, Dave Higgins, 2011 Subaru WRX STI
  45. Out for a walk in NY early one morning last week while there on business, saw this interesting perspective of the Chrysler building.
  46. Here is mine from a recent trip to Hacklebarney State Park in NJ. Nikon D700 + Nikon 28-70mm. Enjoy and great pictures everyone.
  47. Good morning, Jana's Marine brought a smile to my face, a much different look than the Marines I work with. My photo this week is from a day at the Tuckahoe steam and gas festival where I was operating a 1917 Peerless steam tractor and getting the steam pressure up. The 'eyes' are flames going into the fire tubes.
  48. A runner competing in a half-marathon two weeks ago here in Milwaukee It was hot and humid and the race officials didn't have enough water on hand, causing hundreds of runners to get over-heated and dehydrated.
  49. Happy Wednesday everybody!
    Nice pictures again and still, since haven't been in the forum for a while.
    Last week Markku's rainbow was AMAZING!!
    Here's my contribution for this week: - "Jump"-
  50. Saw this little guy as I was taking some photos of the lilies in the front garden this past weekend.
  51. bms


    Happy Wednesday - stunning work again. Here is the fruit of my work last weekend. Did not put bugspray on and ended up with about 20 bites - so did the couple.
    Nikon D700, 45mm micro PC-E, I believe ~ f4, maybe 6 degree tilt
  52. Wonderful pictures today. Last of my bike pictures, for a while anyway.
  53. jfz


    IR filter + pano
  54. Happy Wednesday,
    A simple iris from Custer State Park.
  55. Very good pics- Thank you Juho for commenting my photo. This is our garden and taken hand held.
  56. From a recent photo shoot:
  57. Night Scene. D700, 14 mm.
  58. Morning all, taken in the local park a few days ago.
  59. Good morning!!! I took this picture this past weekend at my Grandmothers house. Something about sunflowers just makes me smile.
  60. [​IMG]
    Nikon D70s 18-70mm
  61. Wild Caracara bird.
  62. [​IMG]
    Nikon d700, Sigma 105mm Macro, f8, 1/500
    Taken at the Chattahoochee Nature Center Butterfly Festival, 2011.
  63. Here is a picture from a newborn session I had Saturday. There is nothing I love more than the pure sweetness and newness of an infant. This little lady was just about a week old! Taken with my beloved Nikon D2x in natural light.
    This would be my *FIRST* post in this forum! (cue clapping)
    Thank you!
  64. Hi all, so many stunning photos!
    My contribution for this week is from a shoot done over the weekend.
  65. From an afternoon car show (where there was a stand serving greasy hamburgers)
  66. Almost a goal.
  67. Just re-discovered some stuff that I'd downloaded from the camera and forgotten! You can probably date it pretty well from the weather - then add a year.
    D700 with 14-24 zoom; 1/640th sec @ f/13; 17mm focal length. "Perspective" straightened in post.
  68. Happy Wednesday to everyone again. Thanks to Chris Wick for mentioning my photo last week. This weeks photo is from a recent session with my 24/2.8 lens used in reverse, giving both high magnification and very shallow depth of field. This picture was taken at f16. The entire flower is only about a centimeter across, and it more than fills the frame on my D50.
  69. busy in the garden...
  70. Hello my friends! Nice to see you again. Beautiful pictures (as usual). Some that caught my eye so far:
    Jeannean / Emilio Gutierez / Janne Kaakiney / John Farrar / Aguinaldo de Paula / Ray RG
  71. Here is my Basset Hound "Lt. Columbo" playing with a tennis ball this past weekend. He will be one year old tomorrow.
  72. A new job has taken me off my formerly beaten path. Now I travel through swampland. ON the way to work this morning outside of LaPlace, Louisiana. But, @ Jana H, I'd give it up to be your intern!
    D700, 24-70 @56/2.8/ 1/250 ISO 3200
  73. Happy Wednesday everyone, and clap clap Melissa!
    My favorites this week are:
    Matt's pancakes
    Finlay's grinding
    John F's rocks
    Apurva's rain picture
    John R's shad fly
    Roberta's anole
    Panayotis's radio masts
    Its been wet here in the UK, but the flowers and trees are doing well as result. The farmer local to me has left a triangular shaped patch of field to go wild and its now full of poppies. I took a stroll down there with the dog when the showers stopped for a bit.....
  74. The gentleman was taking picuture of his family sitting on a huge starfish. Nikon D3s, ISO 6400, 1/60s, 50mm AFS at f2.8...oh, no, let me back to reality...
  75. Here's a girl jumping during a wedding reception we attended this week. Although it probably suffers from motion blur and possibly missed focus it's still one of my favorite shots from the day. I'm not sure which 60's song they were jumping to. Or it could have been that Chacha slide thing.
  76. The view from my office window...The blackbird was harrassing the hawk and briefly landed on it's back. A series of rapid shots got this lucky moment. Unfortunately shooting handheld through a window with reflective coating on it.
  77. Here is a view of Washington DC from Crystal City as a commercial flight comes in for a landing at National Airport.
    This was taken from the rotating resturant at the top of the Double Tree hotel. I spent some time there on July 3rd weekend with a group of 12 ladies having a class reunion class of 68 from Hoboken, NJ. Fun ladies, very modish and up for a fashion shoot type session around DC. I think I must really have one of the best jobs in the world. A camera gives me access to people and places I would never otherwise encounter.
  78. My nephew's girl.
  79. Hi All
    Favourite pics this week from Finlay Jolliffe, Elliot Bernstein, Samuel Lipoff, Pieter Nel, Roberta Davidson, Rick Sands an Chris Wick.
    Melissa Jordan welcome and a lovely picture
    My contribution is from a rare sunny day in the UK last Thursday taken while having lunch with some friends from a first floor restaurant patio at the base of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth harbour.
  80. Stopped at the Ocoee River in Tennessee last Sunday and watched some white water rafting.Nikon D3, Nikon 24-120, 120MM, F/13, 1/320 sec, ISO 320
  81. [​IMG]
    Nikon D300 w Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8
    Inca ruins at Sacsayhuaman
  82. late this week but at least it's still wednesday...
  83. Lake Mille Lacs Walleye - About a 6lb fish caught last weekend. The guide caught the biggest :(
  84. acm


    Chris Wick, thanks for mentioning my contribution! Apurva.
  85. Little late, but here's a photo from where I will be in a week and shows that old lenses can still do well even on newer digital cameras. Taken with a D200 and an MF 80-200 4.5 (yeah the old one) at Lark in the Morning camp in the early morning. [​IMG]
  86. posting a day late ...
    Still life of a dragon sculpture
  87. Well done, both Richard Snow and Doug Santo...
  88. Taken on past WedNEsDAy, processed a few minutes ago. It is an old box with a sewing kit and some conchs, that probably belonged to my mother or even to my grandma...
    D700 @ 200ISO, 55/2.8AiS Micro, f22 - 15sec., available light.
  89. Sunrise from Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park
  90. Thanks for commenting on my submission this week. It was a fun shoot.
    Doug : I liked the color in your surfer's image
    Panayotis: B&W liked the feel of the color

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