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    A good Wednesday to all you Nikon folk. Hope everyone's managing to stay cool, as much of the US is feeling some real summer heat. Here in the valley that feeds the Potomac, it's tropically steamy. I had cause to cross the river into Virginia before sunrise the other morning, and on my way back across the Legion Bridge, saw a heavy blanket of fog hiding the rocks and water. I swung down into the Carderock area on the Maryland bank, and popped through the layer into a shrouded, damp world that this photo only begins to convey. Had your Nikon gear someplace transformed by the weather? Share a photo!
  2. Finally caught an egret snaring a dragonfly.
  3. Happy Wednesday to everyone!
    About the only good thing about being between jobs is that I have more time to do photography, when I'm not out looking for a job that is. Here's one from this past Sunday. It was taken on the banks of the Pearl river in Jackson, MS as a storm was rolling in. Not long afterwards, I was thoroughly drenched when it started raining before I could make it back to my truck.
  4. A nice Snow Leopard taken on a sunny July weekend
  5. D300s, f5.6, 1/1000 sec, Iso800, nikkor 300 4f + 1.4 nikon converter. Handheld.
  6. Well, it's another travel shot from me. This is an IR shot taken with my IR converted D70 & the Nikkor 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 G. This is also a shot from Gotland, Sweden. We were driving north to visit another island just north of Gotland. Waiting for the ferry I saw a windmill. The sky was just so inviting for an IR shot. I have wanted to photograph a windmill for so long. I had to run as usual & almost made us miss the ferry.... ;-)
    D70, f/10 @ 24 mm, 1/500, ISO 200 shot in A mode.
  7. This is a photo of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Maine.
  8. Bill --- wow!
    All I caught was a very yellow Smart car driving up JFK St. in Harvard Square.
  9. Hello Everybody,
    thank you for the kind comments on my photo last week, I really appreciate them.
    This week our photography group had a theme Vivid and I chose to send in a photo taken during my last session with Miss Bertie Page, as the hat she wore had such bright and cheerful colours.
    Have a nice week and I look forward to your photos.
    Nikon D700, 24-70mm f/2.8@ISO1100, f/2.8, 1/80s
  10. Every morning for a month, I have stepped out on the balcony to watch the sunrise in Baja, Mexico. Finally some rare clouds developed, creating the best sunrise of my visit here. Nikon D80 w/Tamron 17-50 f/2.8.
  11. Matt - may I just say I love your shot. I love the mood in it :)
  12. The Blues Singer
  13. Happy Wednesday all, I'm actually early this week, 95-97 here in Central NJ today.
    Not far from my house the river area is being all dug up and so the critters are getting displaced. Yesterday I looked out the kitchen window to find this woodchuck eating the newly sprouted clover in my yard. So I immediately thought Wed. Pic. and grabbed my trusty D200 with 300mm 4.5 Ais Nikkor and shot through the kitchen window screen diffuser.
    ISO 125, f5.6, 125th
  14. My daughter rescued this dragonfly who was floundering in a brook she was in...we let him dry out and we straightened his bent wing...and off he flew. My daughter Ellie has such a great way with critters, makes me smile. Enjoy your Wednesday all!
  15. Dew drop of leaf.
  16. caught the tail end of a fashion show the other day... this young model is all of 7 years old.
  17. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon D7000 with 50mm/f1.8 AF-S, wide open @ f1.8, 1/60 sec and ISO 1600.
    Ryan will be 4 next month. Like a lot of kids in these days, he likes to play with the iPad and electronic games. He learned to use toothpicks from adults.
  18. On a cloudy day.
    happy Wednwsady all.
  19. OK, so this shot will never win an award, but it's beautiful to me because it includes three very special women: from left, my Mom, my wife and my mother-in-law. Both mothers are serious Seattle Mariners (baseball) fans so my wife and I treated them to a game at Safeco Field in Seattle two weeks ago. The Mariners lost to Atlanta, 5-3, but as I think you can tell, everyone in our group had a good time.
    Aren't we lucky to have photography to capture all kinds of precious memories?
  20. The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest
  21. Not my Ma
  22. Flipper?
  23. My first post in this forum! This picture was taken while walking by a sprinkler that was at working in the morning sun.
  24. Big clouds rolling in.
  25. "Simply messing--about--in--boats; messing----Nothing seems really to matter, that's the charm of it. Whether you get away, or whether you don't; whether you arrive at your destination or whether you reach somewhere else, or whether you never get anywhere at all, you're always busy, and you never do anything in particular, and when you've done it there's always something else to do..." from The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame 1908
    So far summer here has been somewhat cloudy and dull and chilly. However there have been a few fine sunny days and on those days out in the boat, well, nothing seems to matter...
    D70 70-300mm
  26. St. Patrick's in New York last December when it was cold there, in the 20s. The fact that it's now in the low 100's here in AZ is the only faint connection to weather that I can come up with. This image cools me down a bit.
  27. Sister, came out to LA to visit. Got some good shots while showing her the town!
  28. Very nice shots everyone! After eight months with no rain, the spell was finally broken a few weeks ago and everything is turning green. This is a wild Lantana flower getting ready to bloom. They call it the butterfly plant because butterflies are attracted to it, but also notice what the blooms look like before they open. :) Four image stack on a dewy morning. D90/Sigma 150mm macro@1/125, f/8, ISO 400.
  29. Well, took a trip to the windward side of Oahu (totally different weather from the leeward side!) to visit the Byodo-in temple at the Valley of the Temples and got interested in some of the details.
    D7000, Nikkor 18-135mm, ISO100 @ f/5.6, 1/250s
  30. It's often the wind that changes things here; our garden has a bed of ox-eye daisies that are usually moving in the wind. So I spent about a week (!) trying to capture their movement. Lots of long exposures, but finally felt happiest with multiple exposures, camera firm on a tripod and just snapping repeatedly with a fast shutter speed as the wind moved the flowers. You may well think it a wasted week....
  31. Good morning All...
    My shot this week is of an old French flag which I found at a flea market Boulevard de la Madeleine this past week-end and I ended up buying it for a mere 2 euros.
    Since tomorrow is Bastille Day, I thought that I'd share...
    Tx to Daniel Owen for commenting on my sunflower last week!
    Michael Ferron, nice shot...!
  32. A little summer fun...
  33. Huntington BeachPier watching a self-portrait-D20 probably 18-70. [​IMG]
  34. Happy Wednesday! Last weekend was a Lumous Gothic Festival -weekend here, so I had a chance to practice my concert photography skills and see some great bands. Anne-Marie Hurst was by far the best performer of the weekend.
  35. Good Wednesday everyone. Wow! Really have some great posts already. Well it comes a time in your life when you have start carrying less as you walk your miles taking pictures. My camera store had a great Demo Day recently and I took advantage of the great buys and purchased a Tamron 18-270 VC lens. Tried it out at the zoo and here is one of the pics from the butterfly house. The macro on this lens is great. Nikon D7000 Tamron 18-270 at 270mm. It won't take the place of some of Nikon f/2.8 lenses, but it sure is easier to carry just one lens around the zoo.
  36. Same old church of last week. Thank you for viewing.
  37. Good morning. This is a photo of Maggie, a border collie mix who is obsessed with playing fetch with only a single object - rocks. Balls, sticks, toys, etc. she ignores. Toss a small rock, and she focuses on the task of retrieving that rock.
  38. Love the wind-blown daisies and the expression of the woman in the yellow car.
    The marigolds I planted about 3 months ago have finally bloomed among some mauve stocks, and my new Samyang 35mm f/1.4 arrived 2 days ago, so here's a picture of said marigolds taken with said lens. D700 - 1/8000th @ f/1.4.
  39. wow, some nice shots this morning!
    From the Running of the Bulls this past Saturday here in New Orleans. It is NEVER a good idea to taunt a bull, especially one with furry skates.
    d700, nikkor 24/70 @ 24. ISO900 f11 and 1/200 sec. He got his due, btw.
  40. Good morning around the world. Great pics today so far. Just a banana spider havin' breakfast.Nikon D3,Micro Nikkor 105 2.8 AIS,F/4, SS 1/60, ISO 320
  41. Happy Wednesday everyone!
  42. Good Wednesday morning to all and some really great shots already this morning. Spent all last week at my camper at Lake Le Boeuf in Waterford, Pa. Here is a shot taken last Thursday morning about 5:45AM doing some Bass fishing. The sun is trying to burn through the early morning fog and mist.
  43. Wishing for cooler weather here in Virginia. This is from a trip to Tangier Island.
  44. Matt, I love your picture.
    This one was also made on a foggy morning. D700, 400mm f/2.8 AIS, ISO 200, 1/640 @ f/4.
  45. Harry's 4 months old as of yesterday. He's doubled his weight since we got him May 15. He now weighs an impressive 1 stone (6.35kg or 14lbs).
  46. As usual, lots of beautiful photos today. Definitely some images I'd put on the wall. Still on the bike kick.
  47. Slate Run, Pa.
  48. This years twin fawns are getting more comfortable and daring in their surroundings and we now see them daily if only from the safe cover of ferns.
  49. I saw this woman walking last Sunday morning here in Milwaukee. Don't know where she was going but I silently wished her luck.
  50. Osprey - Hope you enjoy. Nikon D700 + Nikon 20-700mm VR I and 2x teleconverter.
  51. Great Shots thusfar, as always. Motion Capture of Purple Martin looks eerily like a stealth fighter.
  52. Happy Wednesday everyone. This shot is from our local wildlife refuge. A couple of bucks in velvet.
  53. Happy Wednesday,
    Wow everyone has great pictures as usual. I am really impressed by Bill's capture of the egret and the dragon fly. I took this picture at this years Manawa Rodeo. D90, 50-200 F/4-5.6G. @ 165mm f5.3 1/640s.
  54. Along the river in Harrisburg PA this past weekend
  55. Bill, Judd, Christopher, Sanford, Jennifer, Robert, Le, Aguinaldo, John, Kent, Tim...great stuff!
    Mine is a cliche shot of some old pottery in window light.
  56. Bill, did that Egret snag the dragonfly off it's perch? (I see part of the stick and it's position is perched.) Stealthy egret! ;-)
    John, that is a funny looking bull! lol
  57. Wonderful shots, everyone !! Bill wonderful capture . Matt, Kent and John love the fog shots.
    John F , like your flower shot . Not a waste of time IMHO !
    John Harper, wonderful shot, you can see the focus and intensity in the eyes , great capture.
    So many marvelous shots, wish I had time to comment on all of them.
    My shot is a female eastern forktail damselfly portrait.
    D7000 105mm micro with extension tube
  58. Taken last week in New Bern N.C
  59. I tried messing around with HDR and not wanting the all out eerie look. I actually like all the looks one can get from HDR. Taken with my Nikon D 90 and Sigma 24-70 lens.
    phil b
  60. Happy Wednesday all!
    My niece (7) having some summertime fun in Uncle Mike's cedarstrip canoe last week.
  61. Greetings all. Again I get to enjoy a varied and eclectic mix of photography. Love wednesday just for that.
    Decided to get out for a bit last sunday and did a steam train excursion. The drive and commitment of these enthusiasts is incredible. But I must say there is something about a steam engine that elicits an emotional reation. Such a sense of power and purpose.
  62. Church of the Ascension, Sierra Madre, CA. D700, 14 mm.
  63. An Old Fashioned on the 4th of July.
    Nikon FM2N Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 @ 1.2 Kodak Gold 200
  64. Youghal beach, County Cork
  65. Many cool images as usual. Wandering around a rose garden with my '64 F/Tn and 85f/1.8.
  66. Last week on July 3rd we had a terrific storm move through Arlington and Washington DC.
    As the storm moved from behind me and down the Potomac river you could see boats racing down the river to safety. I was at a wonderful vantage point on the roof at Top of The Town in Arlington waiting for a bridal party to arrive as the storm moved through downing trees and cutting power. The only elevator lost power while I was taking these photos trapping some of the wedding guests for a few minutes. When the storm hit the building the windows were awash with rain and I couldn't show the more dramatic clouds. Stepping outside with the lightning wasn't a wise option. The storm blew through very quickly and we were able to get pictures of the bride and groom with the sunset clouds behind them as well as the Washington Mall.
  67. Summer fun:
    D700, 1/250, ISO200, f6.3, sigma 20 1.8, SB-28 at 1:1 triggered trough softbox right with phottix strato.
  68. Hi! I am just going to jump right in :).
    my daughter wanted to have her pictures taken and we were having a lovely day - until the photo shoot. The clouds rolled in and I had to hike my ISO up so it came out a bit grainy, I am still so in love with the shot though. I rarely "do" portraits mostly nature so this is WAY out of my league.
  69. Lots of beautiful pictures this week. John Farrar: I love your daisies. That was time well spent. :)
    I've had a busy week and so I haven't done much picture-taking. This is a quick snapshot of my son, who was supposed to be finishing a school assignment. (We homeschool and he has dawdled over American Lit this year.) I came around the corner and found him playing games on his iPod instead. The punishment? No dunce cap, but I do have a camera. ;) Honestly, it's been so hot that we all are very unproductive and I understand the temptation.
  70. Been a while since my last submission. Got this Lionfish while diving Curacao.
  71. little yeller bird on a butterfly bush...
  72. Gorgeous, William the colors.
  73. Great shots everyone, my shot gives me the feel of an old horror film, I expect a werewolf to jump out. Old Church shot in infrared and converted to negative.
  74. Ethiopian Sunset
  75. Nice selection from everyone this week!
  76. Hello everyone on Wednesday afternoon/evening,
    Wow I'm so glad that I'm off today, that's why I have time to look around PN and found this thread. You guys are very good in photography and I try to learn from you all. This picture's taken with Nikon D7000 18-105mm f/5,6 ISO 500 Have a good day everyone!
    Please help I haven't succeeded in loading the picture!
  77. Great stuff. Compliments to Rich Johnson, Nathan Sanborn, Jeannean, Aguinaldo (wow), Tom Pennal and Nicolaie (wonderful lighting).
    Caught this one walking around on the weekend, 2 littermates disagreeing on who gets to bring the stick back to shore.
  78. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Cleaning the rice field prior to harvest
  79. acm


    Hello folks! Today I am posting a picture I took about two months back on film but got it developed this week.
    Nikon F90x, Kodak Gold 200
  80. HELLO Sirinat, at the top of this in Matt's original posting is a purple link that says "right here". Just click that and follow the directions. ;-)
  81. Hello everyone..
    I haven't been very active with the Nikon Wednesday post for sometime, thought I'd catch up :)
    I went to Silverstone over the weekend for the British Grand Prix. I was sceptical months before the race as to what lens I might need to take some decent photos. I initially settled for the 200-400mm, later then 300mm+TC and even the 400mm & 500mm. Unfortunately, they were not available that weekend which left with no choice but to rent the 600mm. You could say this was a blessing in disguise since I had general admission tickets, I didn't have clear view of the tracks to take a shot, not with the wire fence all around. Nonetheless I found a spot that gave me a clear line of sight of the cars coming down the track and I needed max focal length! I even got a few shots with the 1.7TC, which were not bad at all!
    The weather was strange on Sunday as it rained quite heavily in one end of the track, while the other half was sunny. Naturally this caused a dilemma for all the people without an umbrella and also for the teams as they had to make a tough decision regardomg the tires for the cars! With the cars going through the water on the track at 150mph+, it created some dramatic effect and I managed to get some decent shots.
    The 600mm is truly an amazing lens and I would definitely add it to my collection of lenses, if I could find more use for it, other than the occasional motor sports and wildlife.
    This is a photos of the Lotus Renault car driven by Vitaly Petrov.
  82. Hi fellow Nikonians
    Great selection as always favourites this week are
    Jana Hughes Cheeky Ducks - a real sense of fun and great use of colour
    Chris Sperry- a beautiful shot
    Ryan Johnson great puppy portrait
    Peter cohen - stunning and love the contrast in the window colours
    Aguinaldo de paula - very atmospheric
    John P an almost ghost like quality to your scene
    John Rowsell lovely pic of Harry looking so serious
    Don Harper just beautiful
    My own shot this week is of one of the beautiful spring flowers blooming earlier this year at Ventnor botanical gardens on the Isle of Wight
  83. Hello to all. Been long since I posted a photo.
    I just love staying in South Africa, as even in the winter we can go play in the park.
    Have a great week!!
  84. Hello All -- This from 2008, a very interesting white/black sand beach in Costa Rica.
    Shot with a venerable D70, 18-70 Kit lens, polarizer.
    Costa Rica Sandscape -- D70, 18-70 Kit Lens, Polarizer
  85. Happy Wednesday everyone! Thanks to Dawn for mentioning my picture last week
    Too many great pictures for me to mention all the ones I liked, but if I had to pick just a few I'd go for:
    Cory's river landscape
    George's dew drop
    John F's daisies - definitely worth the effort IMO
    Jeannean's flower
    and Le Giao's excellent first post
    Several opportunities presented themselves this week, including another evening walk in the fields near my house. This is my youngest daughter once again.......
  86. Happy Wednesday everyone! Thanks to Dawn for mentioning my picture last week
    Too many great pictures for me to mention all the ones I liked, but if I had to pick just a few I'd go for:
    Cory's river landscape
    George's dew drop
    John F's daisies - definitely worth the effort IMO
    Jeannean's flower
    and Le Giao's excellent first post
    Several opportunities presented themselves this week, including another evening walk in the fields near my house. This is my youngest daughter once again.......
  87. Just a quick infrared taken in my yard.
  88. There are so many wonderful photos this week. Each week I am in awe of all the beautiful photos that are submitted. My sincere thanks to those who commented on my photo this week.
    John P.
  89. No Egrets, Osprey, or Purple Martins around here, just a few Turkeys.
  90. Thanks Dawn Eggleton, Rick Sands and Martin Z. for mentioning my pic.
    Great stuff everyone!
    William Pahnelas and Tom Pernal: stunning images!.
    Best regards for you all.
  91. In front of the main entrance to the Natural History Museum in London on Saturday. There is a second entrance where you don't have to queue at all, but for some reason these people elected to use the main entrance.
  92. Martin Z - - thank you so very much for mentioning my IR shot. Most appreciated. :)
  93. Some interesting photos this week.
    Boogie boarding with my lady friend
    D7000 w/ 70-300mm
  94. The Pictures are really good.
  95. Hello everyone, and happy late Wednesday to all! Lots of excellent photos that give me encouragment. This is my first Nikon Wednesday posting.
    Shot is from the Detroit Riverfest 2 weeks ago. This guy was doing double flips!
  96. Nikon Buddies,

    Fun to look, today, for sure. Among my favorites and "wish I took that" shots are by: Samuel L, Eric A, Le Giao, Jeananne, John H, Tom P, William P, Chris W.

    I'm posting a backstroke.
  97. [​IMG]
    Nikon D700 Focal Length105 mm Shutter Speed1/320 sec. Aperture f8 ISO200
    A Dancer at the Atlanta Renaissance Festival.
  98. Great pic's as usual. Here is mine for week28!
  99. I'm really intreagued this week by the children/young people in all their different environments, and how starkley different their life experiences of the moment seem to be. Wed pic is always my favorite!
  100. Hand me down toothpicks aren't such a good idea ;)
  101. Pascal.. you rascal.. looking at forbidden fruit in the canon thread! Still I must be a rascal too because the Nikon thread has some goodies too... drool!.. Regards guys Miken
  102. Taken a few hours ago, during a trekking in a local area. Too much weight to carry, I opted for a D700 + 50AFS solution... just because I missed that the freezer was empty of film!
    ISO200, wide open at 1/4000sec.
  103. Side by side.

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