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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Welcome to Nikon Wednesday, and to summer in the northern hemisphere (we've just had the summer solstice, but the summer weather's been cooking along for a few weeks already, here on the east coast).

    Spent a hot morning, the other day, photographing a little black dog that was outside my usual niche. I heard "Griffon," and thought it would be the wire-haired hunting breed (a larger dog that's right up my alley). But it was a Brussels Griffon, which could hardly be more removed, as a breed, and is about the size of a loaf of bread. Below is Pete, my crazy nemesis for the day. He had tons of character, even on a hot summer morning. This about sums up his quirky personality.

    Used your Nikon gear on a subject that was out to sabotage your every effort? Share a photo!
  2. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Greater Flamingo, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands.
    Nikon D7000 with 200-400mm/f4 AF-S VR @ 210mm, f4, 1/400 sec and ISO 400.
  3. Trying to get a picture of a pelican that kept showing off by diving in the water and shaking off the water.
  4. Night Heron at White Rock Lake spillway.
  5. thanks to everyone who commented on last week's pic. here's another one from that same show.
  6. Hello all, I took this picture at Wrightsville Beach N.C a few days ago on a very humid evening, oh forgot to say in the details using 16-85mm.
  7. Horseheads High soccer.I love this camera lens setup. D300s 300 f4-d iso 1600 1/1000 f4
  8. Congressional CC Bethesda, Maryland. 2011 US Open, Wednesday practice round. Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez on the practice tee.
  9. Thanks to those who commented on my photo last week. This is a scenic rest stop on Lake Kabetogama in Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota.
  10. Hello Everybody,
    thank you very much for commenting on my photo last week.
    This week a photo of a model Gabrielle, I liked the sunshine in her hair on this picture.
    Nikon D700, 24-70mm f/2.8@ISO 280, f/4, 1/100, fill in flash
    Have a lovely week,
  11. The base of the Yosemite Falls, 18 May 2011. Shot with a Nikon F using the Nikkor-O 35mm f/2 on Efke IR820 Aura (with a Hoya R72 filter).
  12. More indoor macro. Found a few stowaways on this flower.
  13. a little more conventional this week, from Guffy, Colorado
    D700 24/70 2.8 @f16 iso 560 1/200 sec
  14. Wow, Simon, that North Carolina picture is just incredible!
    The following image is not my favourite image ever, but it is a photo of a non-caged bird taken with a 28mm lens on an FX camera, which I just think is pretty cool. =)
  15. Here is mine for the week. Nikon D700 + Nikon 105mm macro D and sb900 of camera.
  16. From a car show several weeks ago...
  17. Craig - Nice shot with the old iron.
  18. I took this picture last week at home after buying some nice strawberries. I am very surprised by the good response this picture has on flickr, at the moment there are more than 50 faves. I hope you like it too. Have a nice week! Here in Germany we have a long weekend starting tomorrow.
    Nikon D80 - Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 @ 1/320 f/2.0
  19. local patrons at Duarte's in Pescadero, CA after our race... evidence that my D3 isn't broken... enhanced in LR
  20. Customer at the local camera store - test shot with my new 50/1.8 AF-S - actually taken before I traded the old 50/1.8 AF-D and a first series 24/2.8 AF for it.
  21. [​IMG]Matt - that dog face reminds me of someone (*_*).
    Jana - love that backlighting and a beautiful model also.
    My car needed some repair so I did a walk through the small town of Laprairie Quebec and shot some images. This one is the entrance to a house that must have an artisan as the owner. Many of the homes have a historic look to them. I hope to process a few and upload to PN in the near future.
  22. I was at a camp in Salla in Eastern Lapland last week. This picture is from Oulanka National Park and was from taken on Thursday an hour before midnight.
  23. Good morning Everyone! Last Sunday it was a warm day and some people stayed by the lake till late...That gave me the opportunity to take that picture. I felt like going back, to the more "relaxing" years...hope you like it! Cheers!
  24. It wasn't this set of basalt columns that tried to sabotage this photo, it was the sea hitting the narrow wave-cut slab I was standing on...
  25. I recently caught this one of my son who regularly sabotages any shots I take of him with strange faces and moving around a lot.
  26. Good morning All...Here is mine for this week, caught my eye as I was crossing the street!
    "Regarde le ciel " means "Look at the sky"
  27. Enjoying the photos, especially R. Milloy and John Dileo's tight compositions and different but both lush color.
    Here's one, I hope I haven't put up here before, but it's taken with I believe the D200 and 50 1.4. Tunes late at night, out doors at Lark in the Morning.[​IMG]
  28. It's O-Bon season here in Hawaii, so lots of Bon Dances. I'd swear the dancers were going out of their way to make shooting difficult.
    Nikon D7000, Nikkor 35mm f/1.8, ISO 1000 f/2.5 @ 1/40 sec
  29. Great stuff this so far this week! Among my favorites: Simon, Jana, Bogdan, Allan.
    Here's a busy bee.
  30. I captured this image on a recent visit to the west coast of the USA. an ocean bleached conifer trunk with Arch Rock in the distant background, captured from just a little further north of Arch Rock at Rockaway Beach - Oregon. I used an ND filter to smooth out the chop of the ocean waves and converted to B&W in PS.
  31. on the beach last week
    D70, 70-300mm
  32. Half Dome last april.
    Thank you for viewing.
  33. hbs


    On Father's Day, my son and future daughter-in-law invited my wife and me to go to the Dale Chihuly Exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. It is a photographer's dream - definitely a place for fast wide lenses, VR, and high ISO. Here's the well-known Neodymium Reeds on Logs display.
  34. Hello wednesday! I don't know about the rest of you but this can be a little addictive. A weekly fix of Nikon goodness.
    When visiting my dad recently I got to wander around his garden for a bit. 1st time I really wished for a decent macro lens. I did however manage to grab a photo of the extremely rare Ironcrest fowl. I must say it was very accomodating posing for me without flinching.
  35. Shaken, not stirred...
  36. Good Morning Wednesday :)
    My submission this week is from Quechee VT at Balloon Festival. I didn't realize that there was a flowing water near the park and experience balloon pilot will try to go there to give an opportunity to photographers to get nice picture. This was just before the balloon heading towards the land. Still was able to manage little reflection, few people were already took the nice spot for that opportunity. This one is shot HDR with Nikon D90 and Tokina 50-135 using Aperture mode @ f/4 ISO 400.

  37. Yacht racing Pattaya Thailand
  38. A Spring flower in the Shenandoah Valley provides a splash of color on a bright sunny day... warm yellows and hot pinks! Nikon D300 18-55 @ 31mm ISO 200 f8 1/1000.
  39. Sunrise, Corolla, NC
  40. Got to drive this 1937 Packard so I had to take her picture.Nikon D3, Nikon 24-120 3.5, 35mm,1/320 ss, F/8, ISO 320
  41. This is our little Dog who avoids the camera at every chance so have resorted to ambushing her when least expected
    Love the shots so far here is my special ones so far
    Shun Cheung ,Love the colour and symmetry .Bill J Boyd like the tension of waiting for the heron to take off to escape the tide. Jana Hughes, Like the light surrounding her hair, John Farrar unusual angle more used to seeing the patterns on top, Mike Sanderson, this shot brings back happy memories of sailing when I was younger.
  42. Good Morning Everyone!! I captured this just after a Rain in my back Yard.
  43. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    Life is simple when you're a 3-month old pup. Harry can be completely occupied by a ball, a stick and a bone. I'm not looking forward to when he wants a cell phone, video games and the keys to the car. Thankfully, that's a ways off.
  44. I replaced my 35mm f1.8 DX with a 35mm f2 FX and got the opportunity to use it extensively a couple of weeks ago. Very happy with the results...
  45. Hello all
    "Arch of Hysteria" a sculpture made in 1993 by Louise Bourgeois. Part of the exhibition "L.B. : The return of the repressed". Taken last Saturday at Fundacion PROA, Buenos Aires.
    Nikon D300 + 50mm 1.4
    ISO 1600 - f 1.4 - 1/400
  46. A robin harassed this luna moth onto my porch where it took refuge. It took flight approximately five minutes later and fleeted into the sunlight.
  47. A good Wednesday to you all...
  48. D700, 24-70 @ 70mm, ISO 200, 1/500 @ f/11.
  49. Happy Wednesday! Really nice group of photos up so far, and know there will be more to come. Thank you for commenting on my photo last week. As always, it's appreciated. This week's submission was taken at the South Padre Island, TX. jetties at sunset. This was just the opposite experience of Matt's. The herons were everywhere and weren't shy about photos. I thought this might be the norm, but found out later, the herons don't usually hang out here, so I got lucky. :) D90/70-300mmVR/Sigma 1.4x teleconverter@1/250, f/4.8, ISO 800.
  50. bms


    Happy Nikon Day! For once, great sunny weather in Maine..... here to stay?
  51. On the prowl ...
  52. After the weekend.......Nikon F4, Kodak 200
  53. Lots of great shots today, as usual. Came across this lily, another grab & go shot.
  54. Last week I visited Living History Farms during the last hour of a very warm day, hoping for some lower angle light work. This Blacksmith was pretty much worn out and probably ready to go home. (Had to crop an out-of-focus fence rail from the bottom)
  55. Wonderful shots today as always! Matt, love the expression on Pete.
    Still very hot and so little rain. Insects seem a hard to find. This is one of the first and few dragons have seen this year.
    D7000 105mm micro with extension tube.
  56. Fusebox, D700, 14 mm. Thank you to Bill Nelson for his kind comment last week.
  57. The best this far for me: Roberta, Jennifer, Mark M. This tulip is from my garden.
  58. Great pictures this week everyone ! I took mine on Sunday:
  59. local immature hawk i caught up with last week, making a big racket...
  60. Happy Wednesday,
    I just returned from an all too brief vacation to South Dakota. While visiting the Black Hills everyone must stop at Mount Rushmore and take a picture of the Presidents.
    Nikon D90, Tamron 28-75mm, at F9, 28mm, 1/250s
  61. Months of cool, wet weather sabotaged this year's Portland, Oregon Rose Festival -- there were no roses blooming. So I went to the archives for an image of more typical times.
  62. Happy Wednesday to everyone! As usual greeted by a lovely dog photo from Matt... I just love those!!
    My picture this week is almost one month old. He's a local boy at Jagannath Ghaat, Howrah Bridge, Kolkata. He was very excited about getting photographed so I told him to sit beside me at the steps and then I took this. Hope you all like it... Take care! Happy clicking!!
  63. So many wonderful shots! I can't wait to come back later and spend a little more time viewing them and reading some of the back stories. Mine is another garden shot from my local arboretum.
  64. B&W conversion gone wrong...
  65. All the pictures are great!!! This is my First Contribution.
    Nikon D200 / Nikkor 18-55mm
  66. Great stuff this week.
    Here's a competitor at a recent US Air Guitar regional championships.
    D3S, 24mm @ 1.4
  67. Wow, I'm so inspired by the beautiful pictures today. Jeannean, I spent a minute or two looking at your scene of the herons and fisherman. I really like it - the lighting and depth of field, and the way the man is framed by the herons.
    This stalk of maize (we think) popped up along the neighborhood bike trail this past week. It gave the neighborhood something to talk about as we slogged through our evening's exercise in the heat. And I used it to experiment with different compositions and Lightroom settings. Sadly, it was uprooted by the storms we had Monday night.
  68. Great shots again. My favorites so far are from Simon Jenkins and Andrés Arteaga.
    Here's mine, shot with the trusty D90, but with the Sigma 12-24 this time, and SB-600 for fill.
    Have a good week y'all!
  69. I've been away a few weeks, glad to be back. Very nice pictures already in. This little guy had other interest than following is friends.
  70. Another shot from the Chilhuly exhibit. I think I was there about a week before Harvey. High ISO, I did this one without benefit of VR. Sat on my posterior, locked arms on knees, let breath out and click.
  71. Wow, some really great shots today. I jut got back from a fishing venture at my camper in Pa. where I took a photo of a mama mallard and a couple of her ducklings
  72. Happy Wednesday all.
    I am really liking my new D7000 and 70-300 VR combo. This shot is of my god daughter playing tee ball in hot South Texas.
  73. Good evening all. Again it's Wednesday; and I am impressed with most of the contributions. Congratulations especially the photos :
    Eric's singer, Simon's evening, Jana's portrait and its beautiful backlight, Cory's flower, Bogdan's old sailor, Andres's strawberry, P Watson's portrait, Matthew's view, Aguinaldo's peak, Harvey's fine arts, Ray's Baloon, Mike's Sailboats, Anura's raindrops, Alejandro's arch, Jennifer's beautiful flower, Nicolaie's brick walls, Robert's rose, and Paul's flowers.
    My image is from a few months ago, an early spring branch.
  74. Happy Wednesday everyone! Great pictures. My favorites this week are:
    Matt's dog
    Shun's flamingo
    Mitchell's golfer - love the smoke
    Bogdan's portrait of a rower
    Matthew's coastal landscape
    Elliott's cyclist
    Jeannean's herons
    The weather's been damp and breezy over the last week, and I ended up doing portraits by window light (+ reflector) on Sunday. This is my youngest daughter Lucy once again. I really feel I'm starting to get the hang of it now!
  75. Hi this is one of the first pictures I took with my D40 and thought I would share as my sometimes unwilling model here Tigger passed away at the weekend.
    Top 3 pics for me this week Craig Dixon - very Atmospheric
    P Watson Really great character much more fun than standard portraits
    John Roswell really lovely expression.
  76. Another myth busted, spiderman is human after all.
  77. Between jumping and rolling...
  78. Dawn---really sorry about Tigger.
    She was a really beautiful cat.
    A nice photo, too.
  79. House finch or purple finch...Anyone know?
  80. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Jackson Browne on Saturday at the Great Hudson River Revival.
  81. Dawn, So sorry for the loss of your beloved "Tigger".
    John Pender
  82. Thanks Dawn and Ismail for your comments...sorry to hear about your cat
  83. Living in the fast lane, D7000 with 70-300vr @ 70 f/16 1/100 ISO 100.
  84. Random flower from the yard.
  85. Dawn, very sorry for your loss. Great expression on Tigger's face. We had to say goodbye to one of ours a few weeks back, so I have some idea of how you feel. Your departed buddy looks a lot like one that passed about 2 years ago, too. Nice memories, hang on to yours.
  86. Chrome
    Nikon D300 w Sigma 24-70mm f2.8
  87. Dawn, I'm sorry to read about your kitty, Tigger. It always hurts to lose a family member. A really beautiful cat.
    Markku, Thank you for your comment - your photo of the tulip is great, I love the lighting.
  88. My niece holding the goods and enjoying the moment -- remaining blissfully ignorant of what lies ahead...
    D700 + AFS 70-200 VRII @ 200 mm, ISO6400, 1/250s @ f/2.8
  89. Shot with D200 and Nikon 50mm F1.8s ais lens
  90. I, too, was impressed by the Chihuly exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Here is his boat filled with fanciful glass objects. A feast for the senses and the imagination.
    Chihuly Exhibition, Boston -- D300, 35mm f/1.8G, handheld
  91. My pup was definately trying to sabotage my day but I managed to get this and a couple more. Was a slow/day walk and didn't take many.
  92. This picture was taken with my Nikon D7000 and 18-105mm lens. It was taken at Meeks Park in Blairsville, GA. This is my first time posting, so hopefully I have done it correctly!!
  93. As always great shots! Some that stood out
    Beautiful photo Jana H.
    Razor sharp rain drops Anura F.
    Great timing on that shot Gerald H.
    Amazing photo of your little girl Chris W.
    I took the kids out hiking yesterday which was nice seeing as how this spring was so wet that we didn't get out as much as I had wanted. We were hoping to see some deer or other forms of wildlife but no such luck - just lots of mosquitos.
  94. Nikon Buddies,

    Great day, today! Among my many favorites are those offered by Mitchell F, John D, Bogdan N, Dieter S, P Watson, Elliot B, Jeannean, Benjamin S, Nicolaie C, Gerald H, Scott P, Jay P.
    My contribution is from a recent trip to the safari park. You can see these guys were just looking for trouble. Ok, they were looking for food pellets, but still, a bit intimidating...
  95. Fitting punishment for the first politician to order the use of WMD (chemical weapons) in the earlier part of the 20th century. In Iraq in 1919.
  96. have a nice week all.
  97. Halifax Town Clock
    D7000 with 10-24mm
  98. Thanks for mentioning my shot Jay. I like yours too!
    Sorry to hear of your loss Dawn.
  99. Beautiful work everyone. Maybe next week I'll post one of the photos I took in Europe last month. I'm still trying to process them all. ;-)
    Excellent work everyone
  100. Thank You! Ismail for commenting and liking my picture.
    Welcome back Lil Judd, looking forward for "Travel to Europe" images in Nikon Wednesday's thread.

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