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  1. Does Nikon continue to honor the warranty if a lens is resold within the warranty period?
  2. It depends on where you live, different countries have differing laws concerning manufacturer's warranties
  3. I've been told by Nikon USA that they don't honor the warranty on a resold lens even though it is within the original warranty period.
  4. Nikon USA doesn't honor the warranty if you sell it.
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    Nikon Canada warranties are not transferable.
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    See condition #1 from a Nikon USA warranty card:
    This warranty extends to the original customer purchaser only and is not assignable or transferable.​
    As far as I can tell, that rule is the same in a lot of countries, but local law in some countries may require Nikon to have a different practice.

  7. Okay, thanks
  8. As I recall, California law does not require such registration, or did not when I last looked.
    Practice, when last I was in the Nikon Repair Facility, West Coast, was they were not asking about 'registration within ten days' at least for products carried into their CA facility by customers.
    It may be different if something is mailed in from out of state, depending on what state it's mailed from, and if the New York repair facility is enforcing the ten-day registration period in the above copy, it might behoove a try to send first to the CA repair facility (where they're very nice and pretty liberal.)
    Nikon West Coast repair facility in LA area has a pretty good repair policy or last did several years ago when last I used them; they treated me well, and since I often had to wait for last minute rush repairs, I often let other customers 'go first' so I got a first hand view of their customer treatment policies, and for the most part they were exemplary.
    Oh, the 'ESC' is in my opinion, a warranty no matter how it's named, but I am sure it's easier on the bookkeeping to not to have to set aside assets on the books (probably) in the same manner as they must for a 'warranty' if Nikon were to admit their ESC was in fact a legitimate 'warranty'. (I practiced law in CA for nearly two decades, but it's been about a quarter century ago; however I'd be surprised if the law has changed, but I cannot be cited as authority and do not provide legal advice).
    John (Crosley)

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