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  1. I just purchased a Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Extreme 15 inch laptop with a high resolution screen. So far all of my software seems to work properly and correctly scaled. However, ViewNX-i (ver 1.3.2 64 bit) display is spread out to the point that it is almost impossible to read the text, menus, etc and the thumbnail images are pretty small too. Laptop op system is win 10 Pro.

    There is no problem with Capture-NXD (ver 1.5.2) where the display is brilliant and properly scaled. Is there anyone experiencing this problem?

    Changing the screen resolution in win 10 Pro does not seem to affect the size of the text or images in View NX-i.

    Laptop screen specs are: 15.6” 4K UHD HDR (3840 x 2160) Touchscreen

    The Nikon software was downloaded in a combo package--View and NX-D (S-VCNXSP-1900WF-ALLIN-ALL____) This software supposedly had a lot of bugs removed.

    Dell XPS 15 inch high res laptop users are having the same problem.


    Does the just released 64 bit version of Photo Mechanic work properly on high res laptops?

    Thank you.

    Just so others know, the new and latest version of View NX-i still has a bug that is driving me crazy. If you have two windows pcs, one on win 10 and one on win 7, (like I have) some of the features of the same version of View NX-i may perform differently. Assume you have applied Star ratings in win 10. on your laptop. Then you transferred the images to the win 7 machine, in my case a desktop, and do a sort on stars (same ver of View NX-i) , not all of the stars you applied may be recognized during the sort. I have reported this to Nikon a few times and they say that they test new software against current op systems.

  2. I do not have 4K display, but maybe visit to Settings > Ease of Access > Display might help. Choose Make text bigger and adjust slider till sample text is readable. In View NX-i there is slider in top right to change thumbnail image size, if maximum size is still too small one could tick Make everything bigger in Settings panel.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try these. Just to confirm they are in win 10 and not View NX-i. I had made changes to Settings-Display in win 10, but they did not change anything. And in View NX-i I had already made the thumbnails as large as possible. That helped a bit on the images, but the text is so small it is almost impossible to read.

  4. I just used the Settings--Ease of Access settings you recommended. The only thing that got bigger was the file name of the image at the very top task bar. They had no impact on the text sections of the software which remain virtually unreadable. I just used NX-D with the same results. The text size in the top task bar gets bigger, but the text in the software selections does not get bigger. As a practical matter, I cannot easily use either Nikon software program on my new laptop.

    I will contact lenovo and see if they have any thoughts or ideas. Then notify Nikon. This could be a major issue for Nikon if they cannot resolve it quickly.

  5. Same challenge here, it is not Lenovo related since i do not own a Lenovo sytem, there seems to have been a change in version 1.3.0 allready changing the used font , i hoped it would be resolved in version 1.3.2 but it is not.
  6. You could try this though :
    - Right click on the shortcut you use to open View-NXi
    - Select the "Properties" tab ( last tab in the menu)
    - Choose the "Compatability" tab (rightmost in the top of the menu)
    - at the bottom there is a button for "Change High DPI Scaling override"or similar, choose this
    - On the next menu at the bottom there is a chck box for "overide High DPI adjustment, check this box, this enables the scroll box beneath it
    - In the scroll box select the "System" choice (the middle one, not the system extended or application, these screw up things a bit more..)
    then "OK", "Apply" and restart VIEW-NXi

    On some High DPI systems View-NXi confuses Windows in choosing the High DPI settings, the above should resolve this...

    BTW, My system is in Dutch so i had to translate the window text's back to English, so some titles and text's in windows menu's may be a bit different...:)
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  7. c.p.m. You are a genius! A big thanks to you from me. Your translation worked perfectly for my English version.

    I followed your suggestions and now I can read the text lines in Nikon View NX-i and NX-D. Just so others know, the instructions you posted are done while in windows 10.

    I will download the latest Nikon View NX-i manual and see if there are any instructions like this in it.
    If not, I will write NikonUSA and ask them to add a section to the manual on screen resolution and viewing issues.

    Shun, if you have any senior level contacts at Nikon please let them know about this issue and its fix if you are running a high res laptop with win 10.

  8. Hey Joe,
    I think Nikon should repair this issue, the mentioned work-around is just to compensate a Nikon incompalibility in the build of View-NXi for Windows 8.1 and newer which was resolved in Capture-NXD fot High-DPI systems...

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