Nikon V1 for occasional press work?

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  1. Professionally, I'm a writer and broadcaster - not a photographer. But occasionally I find myself with a client in a situation where a camera would be handy. Last night, for example, a client invited me to cover an event featuring a Corporate Very Big Cheese and they had forgotten to book a professional photographer. Had I had a camera of sufficient quality with me, I could have helped.
    I am also a hobbyist with a D7000, a bag of lenses, and just enough knowledge to get myself into trouble at the kind of event I've just described. But I'm not going to carry around a big bag of DSLR gear on the off-chance that a client needs a favour. Rule No. 1 - hire a professional.
    But something smaller for an emergency? Perhaps. And if that something smaller also took the bigger camera off my back when walking or on holiday...hmmm, interesting. And if that something smaller could, on occasion, even take something like my 300mm f4...well, that could be a real proposition.
    So after a long preamble, has anyone had any experience using a V1 under press or semi-press conditions? In-house PR or magazine work, maybe? Is the quality acceptable for the kind of emergency I've described?
    (And yes, I know that most quality issues derive from the monkey behind the lens!)
    And if it's a yes, it'll do fine, which lens?
    Comments, thoughts, alternative suggestions - all gratefully received.
  2. Hi Chris,
    I've never even handled a V1, but I've shot a ton of pictures for the press (mostly small papers).
    I would say, a V1 is perfectly fine for occasional press-work, just like good P&S-cameras
    (a lot of professional writers I know carry a Canon Gxx or a Nikon P7000 or something similar) or very old DSLRs like a Nikon D1.
    And pictures of extraordinary „events” like spectacular crashes and so on will be printed regardless if taken with the lastet Nikon-pro-gear or an old cellphone.
    Happy shooting, Georg!
  3. V1 or N1 cameras are pocket size, if with the pancake lens. It would work nicely in the scenario you described, when there are no hired photographers present.
    Otherwise, there are similar size cameras providing better quality pictures. Sony NEX series is one to mention. You do need a camera that will handle well, even if in low lighting conditions.
    There are other otions to consider, e.g. from Leica, Fuji, Panasonic
  4. The Nikon 1 system is all right. It's not anything like your D7000, which is a camera that redefined its class, but the V1 and J1 perform OK. I use a Panasonic G2 as a backup to my Nikon D200 system (none of it professionally), and I enjoy the results. The quality that these smaller interchangeable-lens cameras provide is acceptable for web use and for print. In fact, at web sizes, I'd challenge you to differentiate your D7000 from my G2. And, as you mention, turning your 300mm AF-S into a super telephoto is a nice bonus.
  5. Unless you are a dedicated Nikon guy I think you might want to think about the Sony NEX like and a pancake lens to go with it.
  6. I have a V1 and except for some foibles concerning the back of the camera (cheap dials), it would work perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with the IQ and the viewfinder is pretty nice. Well, except for an annoying lag as it switches from the back panel display to viewfinder. Little engineering glitches and bean counter crap hurts what I think is a nice piece of engineering. Especially the autofocus, which is really fast. The high ISO is also good for a small sensor.

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