Nikon USA: Z5 Yellow Program, 30-Day Free Trial

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ShunCheung, Oct 8, 2020.

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  2. I'd just like to be able to go to a store and handle a Z50 to see if it feels as tiny as it looks.
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    You still can, if you have a “local” store.
  4. How generous of Nikon - of course, the big stores like B&H and adorama have a 30-day return policy every day of the year (you have to pay for shipping when you return an item though). In essence, Nikon's offer just extends their store's usual 14-day return policy to a full 30 days and includes free shipping both ways.

    Shun, you're going for the Z5/24-200 combo?
    I'm not the least bit tempted.
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    I am interested in the 24-200 zoom for video, but not the Z5. The Z6 is much better for video, and in these days I try to avoid SD cards altogether.

    I already have a bunch of XQD and CFx type B cards, such that card cost is no longer an issue.

    I am eyeing either a Z7 II or Z6 II to have two Z bodies. But I am in no hurry.
  6. There is a Best Buy and an underwater speciality store called Backscatter in the Monterey area. The both sell that camera but don't put them out for display.
  7. With COVID, I would be surprised if any stores allow customers to handle cameras. I would be reluctant to handle any equipment that had not been thoroughly sanitized and especially bring it near my face to look through a viewfinder or even look closely at the LCD screen.
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  8. My former local store was still doing it back in May when I was last there(before moving out of the area). They just gave everything a wipe-down after a customer had handled it.
  9. Good - because you can't get it anywhere. Not even from the nikonstore as part of the Yellow Program (how's that for a marketing flop?) What is it with Nikon and misjudging demand? When was Nikon's last product launch where one didn't have to wait endlessly for the goods to be delivered? And if they were immediately available in sufficient quantities - did that not indicate that they were selling poorly?
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    Mary Doo got a 24-200 Z-mount lens fairly recently. That lens is in short supply but you can find one if you look around, may need to wait a short while, but it is not like th 500mm PF in its early days.

    I am a bit surprised that Nikon USA has yet another new program for the Z5. This time it is a $49.95, one-week rently for the Z5 + 24-50mm kit zoom. After a week, if you decide to purchase the kit, that $49.95 rental fee can be applied towards the total cost.

    Nikon Z Test Drive

    However, I think the earlier (by 4 days) 30-day Yellow free trial is a much better deal.
  11. Do they send a demo and replace it with a brand new camera if you decide you want one?
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    Not sure about the Z5, but for the Z50 30-day free trial earlier this year, I heard that some people received brand new Z50 bodies and some received slightly used ones, with maybe a few hundred shutter actuations. Initially I thought Nikon would only send out brand new ones.

    Since that is a free trial, should you receive a (slightly) used Z50 for checking out but decide that you want one, you can always return the trial one for a full refund and then turn around and purchase a brand new one.
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  13. So that means if you do want a Z50 then you should buy one without the Yellow program?
  14. The announcement states: "you can apply that $49.95 towards the purchase of a new Z5 24-50mm Len Kit." The word "new" is in the announcement.
  15. I am not - I found it rather strange that the Yellow Program Offer was only available through the Nikon Store and not through any of the Authorized Dealers (even though many of them already offer a 30-day return policy that is quite similar in practice if not by name). Z5 must not be selling well if Nikon finds the need to establish two programs simultaneously to push them onto consumers. While at the same time, the countdown clock for the Z6 II and Z7 II announcement is running down: buy a Z5 now, the Z6 II is not worth waiting for - is that the message Nikon is sending out?

    My point is that Nikon should have ample supply if they establish a program to push the Z5/24-200 onto the customer. What's the point of the effort if you can't deliver the goods? Why am I out of luck if I wanted to test-drive the Z5 with the 24-70 instead of the 24-50. Why can't I get the Z5 with the 24-70 in a kit?
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    Somehow I thought the earlier Yellow program for the Z50 was available at both Nikon USA direct purchase as well as at the dealers. But it looks like the Z5 Yellow program is only for direct purchase from Nikon USA. In any case, they should have announced both the Z5 Yellow program and this new $49.95 rental program simultaneously, rather than four days apart. At least I find it very confusing.

    Concerning the Z5 vs. Z6 II and Z7 II, those are cameras in different price categories for different customers. The Z6 is two years old and is sometimes deeply discounted. I have read comments that since the prices for the Z5 and Z6 are quite close, Nikon doesn't want to sell the Z5. My reaction is the opposite. The model Nikon doesn't care about any more is the Z6. The Z6 (and Z7) is near the end of its life as a new camera. The Z6 II will at least restore the Z6's original $2000 price tag, while I can see a $200 drop for the Z5 by the holiday season to $1200. Soon there should be a fairly wide gap between the Z5 and Z6 II in terms of prices.
  17. I just came back from a foliage trip to Vermont and Central Massachusetts. I used this lens exclusively with the Z7. This was not by design, as I brought a bagful of other lenses. While I am not sure if some other lenses might have yielded "better" results, I felt this 24-200 was plenty good enough, especially with the added focal length flexibility to easily zoom from wide to tele, to quickly frame and compose. I didn't see any obvious problem, so I did not change lenses.

    The attached demonstrates a closeup next to a wide landscape shot. Is this an "anti-NAS" and "GAS-deflating" lens or what?! o_O

    24-200 Lens.jpg
  18. Agree. Now that I have the 24-200, I am quite sure I will hardly ever use the 24-70 kit lens.

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