Nikon Transfer software not imporing files from camera or card reader!

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by tracy_larsen, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. I have been using the Nikon Transfer software for over a month now with no
    problems. I have been transfering photos from both my Nikon D50 and from my
    card reader. Suddenly the software just stopped getting images from either of
    these devices. I select the correct drive and it shows NO images to download! I
    know the card is not locked, that my computer can recogize both devices and I
    can pull up the images via Windows. BUT Nikon Transfer does not show any images
    on either the card reader or camera when I connect these devices and click on
    the correct drive. Why would this work one day and not the next???? It is so
    frustrating! The only thing I did differently was to remove the expired 30-day
    trial version of Nikon Capture as I have decided to use Photoshop to edit my
    photos. I don't believe this is related as they are separate programs. Any help
    is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. You most certainly do not need any program to transfer your files, it/they just add another layer of complexity and possible problems to transferring images. Simply use your operating systems file manager (with a PC it's explorer) and simply drag the images from the card to the desired folder.
  3. Never use a program to transfer images. It does add another layer complexity, Just drag file from camera folder to folder on computer.
  4. Have you tried to uninstall Nikon Transfer, re-start the computer, and then re-install Nikon Transfer again. Sometimes, this may put back some missing components when you uninstall Nikon Capture. Good luck.
  5. I have nothing to add to the previous excellent replies, except to reiterate what Victor said about shared components. Uninstalling programs eventually will corrupt the hell out of your Operating System which is why it needs to be periodically reinstalled, especially Windows (thank you Microsoft).
  6. I use Nikon transfer to import my files every time. The program correctly rotates the JPGs without loss, adds my field IPTC comments and such. The lossless rotation is the primary reason I use Nikon transfer.
  7. you have probably diagnosed your own problem. so as was suggested, reinstall nikon xfer and that should fix that. but before you do, heed the suggestion to dump the xfer program and use windows' own tools to move photos off your camera/card. if you're not specifying a destination folder for your photographs, then the xfer program is putting them in \\my documents\my pictures.

    i like to create my target folder in windows explorer, and have the empty folder open on the right side of my screen. when the camera/card is detected by windows, i instruct the PC to open the device in it's own window. select all the photos on the device, then right-click and drag to the explorer window. when windows asks whether i want to copy or move, i choose move.

    if you already know all this, my apologies. if not, try it. what you may lose in convenience you'll more than make up for in control over your work environment. besides, as has been pointed out, every software application nowadays wants to lard your hard drive and system with disk- and memory-hogging "utilities" that eventually strangle your operating system. you pay the penalty when your PC takes forever to complete a command.
  8. I am using a brand new notebook and the first day the Nikon photo transfer worked great, then it stopped working a couple of days later. I uninstalled, reinstalled, updated, rebooted and after that it worked once--then stopped working again. Not sure what the issue is but I plan on sticking with the photo transfer app that came with the computer, and is working just fine for both Nikon and Sony. Maybe I'll try it again another time but I don't like not knowing if it will work from one time to the next, so going to uninstall it for now.

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