Nikon T 270 f6.3 and rear elements 360, 500 & 720.

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  1. Does anyone know if this lens works with the other Nikon telephoto rear elements
    360, 500, and 720. The 360 rear element certainly fits onto the shutter but is
    that the same as the Nikon T 360 f8? Mr Cad in the UK, who are selling the last
    of the Nikon lens stock, say they work perfectly. I have my doubts, certainly
    the aperture scale is wrong.
  2. The 270 Tele and the 360, 500 and 720 lenses are not compatible. The 270 is a stand alone lens. The 360, 500 and 720 rear lens units work with a common front lens and shutter. The 600, 800 and 1200 units also work together with a common front lens and shutter that is different and larger than the 360-500-720 series. I have the Nikkor 270T. It is a fine tele lens, just not compatible with the other Nikkor tele lenses.
    Dave B.
  3. David's answer is correct. The Nikon LF lens brochure has a page showing the two Tele lens groups, showing how one front component can be used with three different rear cells to make up a 360, 500 or 720 mm lens, and another front component can be used with three different rear cells to make up a 600, 800 or 1200 mm lens. The 270 mm isn't shown on this page.

    Of course the 360 rear cell screws into the shutter of the 270 mm lens -- they are both in Copal 1 shutters -- the 360 rear cell should screw into any Copal 1 shutter.

    Maybe if you just tried the 270 front cell with the 360 rear cell you would get a decent image, but it would be a gamble; better to use the 360 rear cell with the front cell designed for it.
  4. I own the 270mm Nikkor T-ED, the 360mm T-ED and the 500mm and 720mm rear elements.
    I have tested the rear elements from the 360,500,720mm lenses on the 270mm and found it
    to be very unsatisfactory.

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