Nikon Service Center in London, UK

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by maxim bulat, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know if there is (I am certain that it should be) a Nikon
    Service Center in UK (preferably close to London). As I have recently
    bought a second-hand Nikon F5, I would like it to be checked and
    cleaned. Maybe someone knows the address or some other contact
    details. Any information is welcomed. Thank you beforehand.
  2. Try "" near Vauxhall. I've only used them for a quote, but they are a Nikon Service centre
  3. Grays of Westminster send all their repairs to Fixation and most London based Nikon
    Professionals use them.
  4. Thank You very much.
  5. I thought Nikon had a service center at Kingston upon Thames or thereabouts

  6. I have just spent 3 minutes navigating the Nikon service centre in Kingston (UK) telephone menuing system before I could speak to someone. I was then told that I had to bring the camera in person to their workshops before they would discuss a standard service of my camera. Let's face it a standard service will be a fixed price and any parts required will be charged as an extra. I do not see why that is so difficult given they make and hopefully understand their products.
    I have used them in the past for film scanner repairs and found them slow and uninterested and hoped they might have improved their service. It seems their initial contact with customers is worse than 3 years ago since they have now computerised taking service sales enquires.
    As a potential customer I found this a very frustrating experience. I told them that I would find a company that was customer friendly and interested in having my business.

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