Nikon Series 1 Firmware. Long Lens Use...?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mike_halliwell, Aug 31, 2021.

  1. As some of you will know Nikon's firmware for the Nikon J5 meant certain long lenses cannot be used, apparently on their lawyers instructions that people would try and lift the heavy combo by the camera body and shear off the body/lens mount.... and then sue them.

    Will these 'too heavy' lenses be identified in the firmware as a lens list or as an EXIF based concept of the focal length?

    It will let me use the 70-300mm AFS, but not the 300mm 2.8 VR.

    If it's the former, maybe my soon-to-arrive 500mm PF will work as it wasn't even thought of when they wrote the J5 firmware.
  2. I seem to remember that my 300/2.8 AFS version 1 worked on my 1v2, I think. The 1v2 is buried in storage, not sure when I could dig it out to test.
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  3. No worries, I think you're right!

    AFAIK, the J5 is the only 1 Series camera to have such a firmware limitation.

    They finally get it right with a nice CX sized BSI sensor with decent IQ... and then they go and cripple it for long lens use.....:(
  4. The 1v2 seemed pretty tough, but I would NOT pick up a 300/2.8V1 with a 1v2, LOL. Something like a D3s makes a good lens handle.
  5. Indeed, the pick-up-by-body theory is pretty daft!

    I guess whether the 500PF works will kinda answer my question....:D

    Sadly, I suspect it won't, leading me believe its an EXIF thing...:(
  6. I think Nikon wanted the J series to be used by compact camera users who wanted a bit more speed and functionality; they would prefer Mike buying a Z9 to shoot with long lenses. ;-)
  7. Indeed! :D

    However, the highest possible pixels-on-target with the best centre portion of the lens would be nice. :cool:

    I could get a J4, which will allow centre point AF and works with the Nikon WMU app. via internal wifi, but it's a notably worse sensor.....:(
  8. Just in case anyone finds this later via a web search...


    If used wide open, as usual, the AF is pretty good at Single Centre Point. Exposure works as normal.

    I've hand held down to 1/100 well enough so far.
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  9. I guess the EQ focal length is ~ 1300mm.

    Not surprisingly it's hard to aim handheld, but monopod use isn't too bad. A good ball or gimbal head on a tripod should be fine, although I have tried my geared head too and that's good but slow. Ideal for a small bird in a bush!

    The 500mm PF's VR is very good.

    It might need a supplementary sight, like an astro finder scope......:D
  10. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Couldn't find it, but I think Nikon makes an accessory shoe mounted Laser aiming device.
    Edit: Alongside the official unveiling of the Nikkor 500mm F5.6E PF ED, Nikon has announced an optional Dot Sight accessory to help telephoto photographers better track moving subjects. The DF-M1 makes it easier to aim a super-telephoto lens like the 500mm at a fast-moving, distant subject by presenting a wider field-of-view and an illuminated dot target that moves relative to the lens. The Dot Sight accessory will cost $175.
  11. The Nikon Dot Sight DF-M1 was developed for the P1000 but I guess it would work with any hot shoe.

    It's vastly overpriced, but I reckon they don't sell many.... not at that price!

    I'm not sure the hot shoe is the best place, but I haven't tried one. I think the holding it away from the body to look through the dot sight seems odd.

    I wondered about mounting one of these on the upturned foot....

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  12. My cheap Celestron astro 'scope came with a red-dot target finder. One of the most useless things I've ever encountered. Just about usable in daylight, but not at night!
  13. Probably when I'm going to be using the J5 and the 500PF + TC1.4ii.....;)
  14. Never say never Mike.
    When there's that gorgeous yellow moon hanging low in the sky over a small Mexican village, and you've got only seconds before it disappears behind a cloud, and then you can't find the damned thing in your viewfinder... don't say I didn't warn you.
  15. Still trying to find an elegant way of attaching it on the 500mm PF.

    Most dot-sights are designed for firearms of some sort with the rather oddly shaped picatinny rail that's a very, very drawn out hexagon.... ~20mm between wide points. Might have to machine down the foot....:p:cool::D

    The hot-shoe is too close to the normal VF position. For the P1000 it relies on holding the camera body at arms length to view through the sight.

    .... and that leads to the Mexican Moon disappearing out of the picture due to immense gravity effects. Monopod maybe...?

    I think mounting it with a rifle stock might get me arrested, Tazered or shot....or all 3...:eek::(

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