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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by davebecker, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Like many on this forum I've been frustrated with Nikon's lack of software updates. I've tried repeatedly to get Nikon Scan 4 to run with my Coolscan 9000 without success. Happy days are here again! Today I made one last effort. Instead of installing the software from the CD, I downloaded it from the Nikon USA web site. I did NOT download and install the 4.02 update. Rather than crashing when launched, it now works perfectly. I made a couple of strip 645 transparency scans using ICE with multiple scans and all functions work fine. I've used Vue Scan and it is excellent software but it never cut it for strips of 645 film. I tried the demo of Silverfast as well and again I had issues with the individual frames lining up properly.
    As stated above I'm running Mac OS 10.5.8 (leopard) on a 2 X 2.66 Dual Core Xeon with 12 gigs of RAM. I doubt if I will be installing Snow Leopard any time soon now that Nikon Scan is running as it should.
    Could the recent install of the Silverfast Demo have anything to do with Nikon Scan now working? Could the 4.02 update be the issue?
  2. I spent ALL day dealing with this today. Including uninstalling and reinstalling the NikonScan 4.0.0 to no avail. I simply cannot get to use this scanner (8000) and it drives me crazy. I have a bunch of negatives to work through and I cannot get to it. I also have SF demo installed. I'm running on a Mac OSX 10.5.8 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo.
  3. I've had great luck with Nikon Scan 4.02 on Snow Leopard- actually works much better than on Tiger for me, the Photoshop plugin (CS2) even works- always crashed every 2 or 3 scans in Tiger ( I skipped Leopard). I've been diggin' SL for a few months now- everything is a lot snappier, on a 17" iMac. Note that I did do a clean install of the OS, with a fresh download of Nikon Scan, etc.; if you've got a spare hard drive around you may want to give it a shot,
    (Oh yeah, this is with a Coolscan V- not sure if this matters)

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