Nikon Scan 4 and Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard . . . Any Issues?

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  1. Hello,
    Now that the weather has turned colder I'm going to use my increased indoor time to do some more scans from 30 years of pre-digital shooting, and that means hooking up the Coolscan again. The last time it was out, the included Scan software ran flawlessly on OSX 10.4 Tiger. I have the new iMac now and haven't reinstalled the software.
    With all the issues that Capture is having with Leopard, I'd thought I'd ask if anyone has noticed any performance issues with Scan on a Mac running OSX10.5 before I hook everything back up again.
  2. I'm working with Canon 20D camera and just got a new Mac Mini with Leopard (Mac OS X 10,5). In this case, I've had no difficulty in transferring pictures and working with them with Photoshop CS3. I have, however, installed several updates to software since starting out. Both Apple and Adobe seem really committed to resolving these issues as quickly as possible and I would advise logging on to get the updates for both before trying to work with anything. They seem to be issuing updates on a daily basis, so far, so somebody must be having some issues. Not me, I'm happy to say. The only problems I have run into are getting scanner and printer driver updates that work with the Intel-based Mini. While that surprises me, it doesn't surprise me much. Everything works fine on my Power-PC based laptop.

    However, Nikon and Mac people will need to address those specifics.
  3. I've installed Nikon Scan recently to use with my Nikon Coolscan 4000ED, and it
    didn't work on my Macbook with Tiger, and it still won't work with Leopard. I had to move
    the scanner into the other room and use it with my (gulp) Dell PC. I hope Nikon will update
    this scanner software to work with Intel Macs. It starts up, displays the splashscreen, and
    then a blank floating window shows up momentarily, and it quits. And I'd rather use the
    Nikon software than the VueScan software as the Nikon software is free!
  4. I haven't had problems with Nikon Scan 4.0.2 and my Coolscan 9000 on Leopard with my G4.
  5. pje


    Mark, Nikon has a posting in the Mac software section of NikonUSA web site that says Nikon
    Scan 4 does not work with Leopard (I can verify that too), but they are working a a version
    that will be compatible with Leopard.

    VueScan works under Leopard with my CS 9000 however I'm not a fan of it for film scanning.
    I also understand Silverfast does not work under Leopard.
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    Here's the link: Will Nikon software be compatible with Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)?
  7. Thanks, Paul. I hadn't noticed that site before.
  8. I have been using a Nikon SuperCoolscan 4000ED for years on Mac's Tiger OS and never had any problems at all. However, in switching to an Intel-based iMac, it's been a different story. Scanner doesn't work. VueScan software compensates somewhat, in that the scanner will work on the Intel ... without certain features, such as DIGITAL ICE, which I'm sure you'll want to use in scanning 30 years of pre-digital stuff. I'm running the on my old Tiger-equipped iBook to scan my 30-plus years of analog detritus.
    Good luck!! Hope Nikon can come through soon with a solution. They should have already!!
  9. Mark: I failed to state that my Intel-based Mac is equipped with Leopard
  10. Hi,

    I have a particularly sad story to report for readers of this thread.

    I have a Macintosh Quad Processor G5 with 2.5GB of memory and 3.5TB of Raid Disk. I am
    running happily Leopard OSX 10.5.1 for all of my imaging and video apps with zero known
    problems. I recently purchased a Nikon CoolScan V ED with 35mm Slide, Negative and APS
    Film Adapters to undertake a project to digitise 30 years of Slides, 35mm Negatives and
    APS Film Negatives.

    I decided to use the Nikon Scan 4 Software, so I downloaded the latest updates from the
    Nikon and was surprised that no updates for Leopard were available, despite updates
    being posted for Vista in December 2007.

    So I am using Nikon Scan 4.0.0 EN according to the About... Dialog Box even though I
    have applied the 4.0.2 Update dated 21 December 2005.

    It works just.............

    Using a Batch APS Scan, each Frame is taking an average of 3 minutes to scan to "High
    Quality" creating a 4.0 to 8.0 MB JPEG File depending on the Image content. A long way
    from the 38 seconds/Frame for 35mm Film Scans which as we know are larger than APS


    Well the very bad news for Nikon is that the Scanner is "grabbing" the 480Mbps USB 2.0
    Bus for 2 - 30 seconds and wheel-spinning during the Acquisition time on the progress
    meter for no apparent reason. The further bad news is that the Macintosh USB Keyboard
    and Mouse "freeze" during this period meaning one can't do anything else whilst

    A further bug is that the Cancel Button only cancels the current Frame scan and scanning
    continues with the next Frame starting.......................APS Films have up to 40 Frames and
    you can't quit with the Nikon Scan 4 Application elegantly. Thank God for the Force Quit
    Applications in OSX!!

    All in all a disaster..........

    PURPORT............Clearly the Nikon Product Team did NOT adequately test this scanner and
    its supplied software under Leopard OSX 10.5.0 or 10.5.1 more recently. In fact the
    problem is so obvious that I suspect ZERO testing was done.

    Commentary is welcome. (particularly from Nikon with a FIX Date release!!)

  11. I have an Intel iMac, with 10.5 (Leopard) and have run into all sorts of problems. Printers not working, scanners not working, etc. I bought new printers and a flat bed scanner, but expected Nikon to come out with an update for Cool Scan. I called Nikon, which promised one for this month.
    Meanwhile, I tried Coolscan on my G5 (nonIntel) laptop. It won't work with Adobe CS3 (plug in won't load) and I get an error message when I try CoolScan alone. As a stop gap I bought ScanVue, which works okay, although the architecture is quite different.
    In general, I'm finding with all new software and hardware there are signicant problems, with each company blaming the others (Apple, Abobe, Nikon). It's the customer, though, who gets stuck and who loses out.
    David Asgard
  12. I can empathize with you all. I had the same sort problem with Vista. Interestingly, Nikon ported their NikonScan to work with Vista, but not yet for Leopard. My advice, is to hang in there. Nikon will eventually do what is right.
  13. I just found this thread because, since upgrading to Leopard, I have yet to be able to scan a slide with NS4 on my quad G5. As mentioned above the computer is pretty much unusable when it's trying. It locks up even focusing, sometimes crashes, so far once it's finished the scan but just sits there with a spinning ball when it gets to processing and never finishes. Leopard has been out for a while, you'd think Nikon would have a fix by now. Argh.
  14. Just this morning I heard from Nikon Tech Support when I asked them why my LS8000 ED Coolscan scanner did not work under 10.5.2 on a brand new Intel-based Mac Pro (the 8-core). I already knew, from Silverfast, which is forced to use Nikon drivers that the NikonMAID drivers for this scanner did not function, and had not been updated by Nikon for Intel-based Mac computers.

    Here's what Nikon told me:

    Hi Howard,

    Thank you for contacting Nikon Digital Technical Support.

    Nikon Scan is currently not supported on the Leopard operating system. Our initial testing of Nikon Scan version 4.0.2 and all scanners listed above showed no problems. Preview, Edit, Scan, and Save operations were successful with both USB and FIrewire devices. Installing the 4.0.0 full version, then the 4.0.2 update took a little longer than usual to complete, but there were no problems.

    It is strongly recommended to review software and hardware compatibility issues before upgrades or purchases. It is also recommended you contact the manufacturer rather than third party sources.

    ISO standards usually expect a minimum 90 day period for product testing after a new operating system is released, and we have in the past provided software updates for all major Windows and Macintosh operating systems well within this time frame.

    Please review the following article:

    Answer Title: Will Nikon software be compatible with Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)?
    Answer Link:

    Thanks for using Nikon products!

    Nikon Inc. (USA) Support / Service

    I responded at length, but mainly what I said was that in fact as of today the release of OS X 10.5.0 dates back 143 days (more than 1-1/2 times the ISO standard for updates in response to major upgrades of operating systems, which Nikon claims to always beat...).

    I have noted that there is a 4.03 updater for Windows that Nikon released in mid-January. As Vista was released more than a year ago, I hope it won't take that long for the Mac update to be released.

    In the meantime, Silverfast was VERY interested to hear what Nikon had to say. They told me they are working furiously to TRY to come up with an alternative driver (I use their Ai Silverfast ME software, which I have used for 7 or 8 years, never with a problem that wasn't resolved quickly) that does not conflict with Nikon code (IP violations are actionable). Silverfast seemed to think they would have new software as soon as last week, but they haven't delivered.

    I think this is a mess and, as someone already observed, the proverbial victim is the paying customer. If anyone ever wonders whether corporate global vendors are cynical, this episode is only the latest I've experienced that proves it.

  15. This question (whether my 8000 will work with Leopard), along with Adobe's Photoshop CS3
    + Leopard issues are the two things keeping me on Tiger.

    I was only able to get my 8000, as well as my other flatbed scanner, to work on Tiger (with
    an Intel Mac), by starting up Photoshop under Rosetta. Is this still an option with Leopard?
    Can anybody verify with first-hand experience?
  16. By any chance did anybody try Hamrick's VueScan software? I ditched the Nikon scanning
    software with my LS2000 years ago. I got faster, better scans in return.
  17. Lots of interesting views. I just updated to Leopard (PPC) and everything works except,
    Nikon's software for my LS-5000ED which launches but shortly aborts, and Silverfast's
    software for my Epson V750, but this was known and Silverfast has an update for a price.
    And their software for any one Nikon scanner isn't cheap. So, anyone heard from Nikon? I'm
    more curious if this will take a few months or a year or so, and people have to pursue other
  18. Problems here too with Nikon Scan 4.0.2 on a Leopard PPC G4 machine using a Nikon CoolScan V ED. The main issue is that scan times are near 5 minutes a slide, and that's with most features turned off. It appears that the scanner is activated for a few seconds, the CPU then runs in the high 70%'s for 30 seconds, then the scanner scans a bit more, and repeat repeat. Something is definitely wrong.

    I also tried the VueScan free trial, but it locks right after the splash screen. That was a couple of weeks ago, so I haven't tried the version released yesterday; but confidence is not high.

    "we do not plan to make any compatible version for the following software:

    Wir planen nicht, kompatible Versionen der folgenden Softwareanwendungen herauszubringen.

    - Nikon Scan
    - Nikon Capture
    - Nikon View
    - PictureProject
    - Camera Control Pro
    - Wireless Camera Setup Utility
    - PictureProject
    - COOLPIX Remote Control
    - Wireless Connecting Utility
    - WT-3 Setup Utility

    CHD 1500 on a Nikon product that's not even 2 years old........... NEVER AGAIN !
  20. I thought I should add since people asked about VueScan: I have been using my 5000 with VueScan (Quad G5 PowerPC, OS X 10.5) with no problems at all. (But maybe it doesn't work on Intel machines?) This even allowed me to rediscover something I used to know long ago: I can get better colors (closer to the actual slide color) from VueScan than from Nikon Scan. But I think Nikon Scan's scratch removal routine is better.

    I did find that after completely uninstalling and reinstalling Nikon Scan that it doesn't crash any more, it just takes an insanely long time to scan a slide (like over 30 minutes) and locks up the computer while it's working.
  21. I switched from Nikon Scan to VueScan shortly after purchasing my CoolScan 5000 a year ago. VueScan works well with
    my Intel MacPro running OS X 10.5.
  22. I'm using Nikon Scan 4.0.2 on my Mac Pro (early 2008) running Leopard 10.5.4 and it works without any problem at all. I have also bought Vuescan - simply because there were so many reports that Nikon Scan 4 doesn't work - but it turns out that I don't need it. A bit unfortunate spending of money, there. I also like Nikon Scan 4 better than Vuescan because it offers stronger (in my view) dust removal. Also, I think Vuescan is restricted in that it doesn't produce big enough jpgs. The top setting (Archive) will only give 10MB files whereas the top setting in Nikon Scan delivers 30MB images with much more data. Of course there's the tiff option in Vuescan but in some of my workflows I don't like/need that option. Also I have found that Vuescan produces more blue hues in bright white parts of an image, whereas Nikon Scan gives a better balanced image quality in this respect.

  23. After many hours of trying to get Nikon Scan 4 to run correctly on my Early 2008 Mac Pro 8-core machine under the latest version of
    Leopard (10.5.4), I am happy to confirm the earlier responder's comment that Nikon Scan 4 will now run under Leopard on my Mac Pro
    without problems. Initially, after installing the Nikon Scan software and the 4.0.2 updater, I found that I had no tools pallet when Nikon
    Scan opened under Leopard 10.5.4. This rendered the software useless for working with my Nikon ED9000 multiformat film scanner. I trashed the Nikon Scan software folder, emptied the trash, searched for all library and user library preferences having to do with Nikon
    Scan and trashed them. I emptied the trash, rebooted my Mac Pro and reinstalled the NikonScan software and the 4.0.2 update. Still
    no luck at having a Tool pallet appear when the software opened.

    I then looked through the library preferences files very carefully for anything to do with scanners. I found the ImageScan.plist file and
    trashed it. I rebooted my MacPro, started my Nikon ED900 film scanner, waited for it to warm up (green light stops flashing), and opened
    Nikon Scan 4 software. Voila -- there was my tools pallet. I scanned six 2 1/4 in. Hasselblad color negatives and several 2 1/4 in.
    slides with no problems whatsoever. The speed with which the program ran seemed no different than on my PC.

    Frankly, I think it is (1) remarkable that this program,which has not been updated by Nikon in over 3 years, runs at all under Leopard; (2)
    That Nikon should be ashamed of selling a $2395 film scanner with software that dates back to 2001. I will not be buying Nikon products
    in the future since they show no desire to support them.

  24. A few things, which haven't been mentioned so far:

    >> "I already knew, from Silverfast, which is forced to use Nikon drivers that the NikonMAID drivers for this scanner
    >> did not function, and had not been updated by Nikon for Intel-based Mac computers."

    SilverFast 6.6 adresses Nikon film scanners directly without any detour through the MAID-module now.

    >> I also understand Silverfast does not work under Leopard.

    The new SilverFast version 6.6 supports all Nikon film scanners on Mac OS 10.5 Leopard,
    where Nikon closed their support for Nikon Scan on Mac OS.

  25. I just discovered this thread, after posting an update to another thread I started about Nikon Scan and the Mac.

    The name of the thread is:
    Nikon Scan with LS-4000, focus point resets between scans

    (Sorry, I'm not sure how to post a link, and I don't think I'm supposed to cross-post).

    As far as I know, the deal is that Nikon scan will not work with Intel Macs when using a motorized film loader (My experience
    with this problem is limited to the SF-200 slide loader).
  26. I was having the same problem many of you reported: unable to launch NS4 on my G5 under Leopard 10.5, with a firewire LS4000 ED
    attached. It had worked just fine under Tiger and Panther. I followed Tom's suggestion and looked for "ImageScan" files under preferences
    subdirectories. I had to look really hard for any files related to the scanner and its software, since many of them do not have "Nikon" in their
    filename. Then I reinstalled, updated to 4.0.2, and it launched just fine. I had a question pending at the Nikon website about this when I finally got
    it to launch, so I updated my question by suggesting that if Nikon does nothing else to support these products, they at least should include an
    effective "uninstaller" app with their software so that one can in fact effectively uninstall and re-install the software, which as a general rule
    solves many software problems and conflicts, not just Nikon's. But if you can't effectively uninstall, you may not be able to re-install, and thus
    your stuck with software that doesn't work. I hope they follow my suggestion.
  27. Peter, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately the problem I described is hardware-based, and Nikon has known about it for a
    long time. The solution you posted won't work, as far as I know.

    Nikon knows that their software won't work with an Intel-based Mac, while using a motorized attachment like the SF-200 or SF-
    210. That's the case with my equipment. I don't think this problem exists with Macs earlier than those with Intel processors.

    The fact that Vuescan solved the issue quickly, and they are a small company, makes me even more disgusted with how Nikon
    has ignored this issue. They are a big company, and it would not take many of their resources to at least write a bug fix for this
    issue. They have no excuse.

    From what you've described, there are likely some other issues with Nikon Scan running on Leopard.
  28. I was able to use my Nikon Coolscan V (LS-50) with OSX 10.5 scanning with the standalone Nikon Scan 4 application. Photoshop CS3 doesn't recognize the Nikon Scan plugin at all. But the standalone app works fine and I am pleased to be able to scan on my Mac instead of my PC!!
  29. Interesting, I haven't ever used the plugin with Photoshop.
    But again, the standalone application won't work with OSX 10.5 if you are using motorized attachments like the slide feeder SF-200 or SF-210, or the roll film scanner. A silly but very problematic bug that Nikon should have fixed ages ago.
    Nikon, what's the holdup? Do you not listen, or care about your honourable customer base?
  30. Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to add an update from my experiences. I have been saving up for almost 3 years to get a MAC to do my photos on. Had a PC before and it was okay, but having seen a MAC in use I thought the MAC would be better. December 2008 bought a new 8 core Mac Pro, HD screen, extra 1tb hard drive, Pantone screen calibrator, Photoshop CS 4, Aperture 2, OX 10.5.2 and wow aren't MAC's great, I'm was so happy, then to my Nikon scanner.
    I bought my Coolscan V initially to run on a PC and so the software bundle I have is only for PC. So I went on line to download Updated software from Nikon only to find all links to Nikonscan software for the Leopard disabled. So I wrote to Nikon and here is there response.
    Dear Glenn,

    Thank you for contacting Nikon Support,

    Unfortunately the Mac OSX 10.5 Operating System is not fully compatible with Nikon Scan software. Nikon has no plans, at present, to release a version of Nikon Scan that is compatible with the Mac 10.5 Leopard operating system.

    If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking on the link below to update this email.

    Kind Regards

    Fergus Redmond
    Nikon Europe Support
    So I have written and expressed my disappointment but I do not think they will change their minds, unless we all choose to make a stand and all write at the same time to Nikon in Japan and ask them to kindly release an update. In the current economic climate if we can get enough names to write maybe we can effect a change, after all surely they will not want to alienate that many existing customers?
    So without a PC and with no MAC software I now have a £500+ scanner that is useless. Thanks Nikon.
  31. If anyone is going to PMA2009 in March (Las Vegas... see )
    and is unhappy about the current indifference Nikon is showing toward Mac OS X, I would encourage you to protest the Nikon booth and tell every attendee you can that they should avoid this product if they own or would ever consider using a Mac.
    It's truly shameful that a company of this size would take this stance. It's probably a relatively easy fix, too.
  32. Hello,
    There is a petition online to Nikon Corporation about the issue touching Nikon Scan and Mac OS X 10.5 every interested person can sign.
    Please render Nikon Scan software compatible with Mac OSX 10.5

    Maybe that will help all of desapointed Nikon film scan users ?!
    If we are a lot of people to make this request... maybe rocks will roll ?
    Please read it, sign it and spread it all around the Internet !
  33. Hi Everyone,
    Great to hear that this thread is alive and well. I am certainly not ready to give up on this issue, either.
    I also spent a bunch on a new 8-core Mac Pro about a year ago, to learn that Nikon Scan won't run on it. From what I understand, the incompatibility has existed even before Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), with Macs that have Intel chips.
    It's unfathomable that Nikon won't make the relatively small effort it takes to bring their software up-to-date for Macs. There are so many reasons for this, to name a few:
    -- Photographers and graphic artists commonly use Macs, and this trend is probably growing.
    -- This lack of respect for their customer base, and the lack of support for their products is a costly inconvenience to us, and an embarrassment to Nikon.
    -- I chose a Nikon scanner because I trusted they would continue to support the major platforms for years to come. The LS4000 scanner & SF200 feeder were expensive, and I never imagined that support would be abandoned.
    -- Such neglectful obsolescence should be illegal. It is especially irresponsible considering that our society is aiming to be less wasteful. My four-year-old scanner is not ready for the landfill yet, and I should not be forced to buy third-party software.
    I'll certainly sign the petition, and help to spread the news anyway I can.
    I hope that some people can make it to PMA2009 as Brad suggested. For a large corporation like Nikon, this is an easy fix. Tiny little Vuescan stays right on top of these issues, so I'm sure it would be nothing for Nikon to get on it.
  34. Has there been much progress with this?
    Perhaps it needs to be posted in several places. Even though there are "only" 98 who signed up so far, that is a small proportion of the people who have been unfairly affected by this.
  35. I have problems since installing Mac OS X 10.5.7. I decided to re-install 4.0 Full and 4.02 Update. That seemed to resolve the initial problems of being able to scan previews of color negative film strips. I was able to scan an entire frame and NikonScan presented the scanned image on screen. However, NikonScan crashed when I tried to save the image to file.
  36. Looks like I'm able to save image files now. It took a few iterations of scanning. NikonScan crashes with some frequency when making adjustments and clicking any button to reload the preview.
  37. This situation is pretty shitty, but I have another solution. If you can get a copy of Photoshop CS, install it and then drag the Nikon Scan Plugin 4 into the appropriate plugin folder - Photoshop CS/Plug-Ins/Import/Export. The plug in will appear when you use CS and should work just fine. Just make sure that you don't use this version of Photoshop with any other versions. Voila!
  38. There are some workarounds (all fairly crappy as the above post indicates) if you are scanning individual slides. THE REAL PROBLEM COMES WHEN USING THIS SCANNER WITH THE OPTIONAL BATCH FEEDER, the SF-210 Auto Slide Feeder for Nikon Super Coolscan.
    Batch feeder is the only practical way to batch scan a large number of slides. This holds about 50 at a time, unfirtunately the ONLY software that supports the batch feature is Nikon Scan. Cannot do it with VueScan, or Photoshop, or anything else!
    I feel like a prisoner with this Nikon harware, stuck using an old PowerPC Mac and old version of Mac OS X (10.4, Tiger) in order to do my batch scanning. Even then, it's SLOOOOW.
    Someone needs to come up with a new batch slide scanner and some decent drivers.
    I looked into getting rid of the Nikon crap, and getting one of these Braun devices
    but reading the reviews it seems suffer from the same software problem on the Mac.... lame old PowerPC software that is not compatible with Intel Macs (that have been out for several years.)
    I just bought a new Canon 5D Mark II so I won't be shooting slides anymore and don't have to worry about this problem in the future. No way I was going to buy anything Nikon after this experience.
  39. Simple solution for Intel Macs running Leopard 10.5 or Snow Leopard 10.6
    1. install any PC emulation software (VM Fusion, Paralells, or virtual box, i use VM Fusion 2.0.5)
    2. install Windows XP (or later)
    3. install NikonScan PC 4 (i used the 3 year old CD that came with the scanner)
    4. scan on PC window and transfer the images to the Mac
    Tested on Intel Imac running 10.6 with VM fusion 2, Nikon CoolScan V, (everything works perfectly including ICE, etc...)
    Any Intel Mac user should have PC VM software already installed for any 'PC only' stuff.
    I agree with evryone that Nikon is treating us badly, but at least we can easily use the expensive scanner that we bought.
    Hope this helps :)
  40. Simple solution for Intel Macs running Leopard 10.5 or Snow Leopard 10.6
    1. install any PC emulation software (VM Fusion, Paralells, or virtual box, i use VM Fusion 2.0.5)
    2. install Windows XP (or later)
    3. install NikonScan PC 4 (i used the 3 year old CD that came with the scanner)
    4. scan on PC window and transfer the images to the Mac
    Tested on Intel Imac running 10.6 with VM fusion 2, Nikon CoolScan V, (everything works perfectly including ICE, etc...)
    Any Intel Mac user should have PC VM software already installed for any 'PC only' stuff.
    I agree with evryone that Nikon is treating us badly, but at least we can easily use the expensive scanner that we bought.
    Hope this helps :)
  41. Yes we Scan! with NikonScan 4.0.2 and iMac with Leopard 10.5.8
    Hello everyone,
    yesterday, after a very long story of all wellknown issues with NikonScan and my iMac (2.8 GHz Intel Core Duo, bought in early 2008), I wrote an email to the Nikon Support in USA (well, I live in Sweden, but I didn't assume this would be of any matter, and Nikon USA is the headquarter for support, I think).
    NOT because I wanted help (as all of you know, they can't help) but I wanted to let them know what I found out about how it is possible to run their software on an iMac Leopard, though they are unwilling to update it. It was an offer for a solution, and they should be interested in ideas to make it run, shouldn't they? Their response was ... -
    First, I'd like to share with you what I wrote, I hope it can help all who are hassling with the same problem:
    Hello Nikon support team,
    I'm a professional photographer still using film for all of my work (yes, this is possible, and I'm not the only one :).
    After a few months of trouble and anger I finally found out how to use my Scanner LS9000 ED together with my preferred Nikon scan software your company is not willing to update. Maybe my experiences are helpful for all the other users who don't want to either invest in the overprized Siverfast software or to get nuts with vuescan (which are the only alternatives to NikonScan but don't deliver the same smooth workflow and image results like your software).​
    1. - Make a clean reinstallation of 10.5. and use the retail version, NOT the CD software which came with the computer.
    2. - Update to the latest version of 10.5.8
    3. - Install Photoshop CS2 or, if you use CS3 or CS4, run the programm with Rosetta.
    4. - Install Nikon Scan 4.0.0 by downloading it from the nikonusa support site.
    5. - Immediately update to 4.0.2.
    6. - Use Nikon Scan ONLY as Photoshop Plug-in, NOT as a stand alone program.
    7. - Every time your scanning session is completed, turn off your scanner and immediately delete all .plist and setting memory data in the user/library/preferences section. (These data files are the crucial point next time when you boot your computer. They can cause mouse freeze and/or boot hang or problems with the firewire supply.)
    BUT, adressed to the Nikon management who decided NOT to update the software, I would like to make a note:
    there are a lot of people out there who really like your products, but say that they will refuse in future to buy anything else from Nikon because of the lack of support. An increasing number of Fine Art Photographers are remaining or even coming back to analogue picture taking (through medium format and large format film), a good scanning workflow is vital for all of them. With any such disrespect of customers needs you are loosing clients and a big part of your good reputation.
    Good luck to all collegues with scanning!
    Best regards,
    Gudrun Thielemann, photographer, Sweden​
    And this is Nikons answer:
    Response (David D.)
    10/11/2009 09:13 PM​
    Thank you for submitting a question to this Nikon Inc. (USA) web site. Unfortunately we currently do not offer support to your country through this web site. Please contact the Nikon organization in your region. For local contact information please see:
    Thanks for using Nikon products!
    Nikon Inc. (USA) Support / Service
    Again, Nikon has proved that they are absolutely NOT interested in their customers issues. I'm quite sure, they even didn't read it!!
    Dispite the promises the president of the Company, Mr. Michio Kariya, announces in his adress:
    In the more than 90 years since our Company’s founding, Nikon has accumulated countless invaluable assets, all of which are embodied in our corporate philosophy of Trustworthiness and Creativity. We’ve undergone a constant process of innovation, developing the tools that enable us to provide customers with products of the highest precision and quality. And we continue to ask ourselves “What do people really want?” in order to gain the trust of customers throughout the world. These efforts to advance our philosophy will never change, regardless of the severity of the conditions we face.​
    I'm now an angry Nikon customer. . . Here I'd like to provide another helpful link: . Good luck!
  42. I think it is fair to add the response to a second email I wrote to Nikon support USA as a reply to their first answer. I asked them for please reading again my thread in order to help upcoming future questions regarding that issue.
    This is the answer from Nikon:

    Thanks for your update. In many cases some (or most) functions of scanners work in later operating systems but we cannot guarantee their operation.

    In the end I think at least he read it. Now lets hope that Nikon one day will see they have to solve the problem.
  43. I know this thread is related to Snow Leopard 10.5 - but I just installed Nikon Scan 4.02 (from the CD that came with the Nikon 9000) on Snow Leopard 10.6.4 and it's running fine on my Macbook Pro (2010 model).
    Knowing this, I may attempt to upgrade my Mac Pro with Snow Leopard and install it on that system as well.

    There's a point in the install, where the Nikon Scan software is, well, "running" (searching the hard drive) for some length of time but it eventually finishes and continues the set up. Took a bit longer than I expected on install but overall it turned out to be pretty good.

  44. I'm still waiting for a Nikon Scan update for Mac, I thought one was supposed to be coming.
    Regardless of some solutions some people posted, I refuse to install Windows on my Mac just so I can run a scanner. That's an awful lot of overhead. And I bought a Mac because I don't *want* to use Windblows.
    Also, Nikon's own suggestions to pay more money for Vuescan or Silverfast are atrocious suggestions-- Nikon should promote these expensive scanners as "disposable" if they are not going to update the software. And wait-- don't they currently still sell these scanners?
    The last time I wasted several hours trying, there was still no way to get the SF-200 or SF-210, or any other motorized device to run on a Mac with an Intel chip. With Vuescan, you can run the SF-200 and batch scan, but the software is buggy and annoying. You input some settings, hit the scan button, and it changes your settings. But-- Vuescan was quick to update... if they can make the SF-200 work with the Mac, then why cannot the big Nikon corporation? They cannot afford to release an update for the Mac? I don't believe the technical hurdles are so large.
    All of this is unacceptable, period. Again, I will accuse Nikon of going against their own ethic, and becoming a wasteful creator of disposable, throw-away products... all their scanners. I find it amazing that nobody in the Nikon bureaucracy will get off their ass, and step forward to fix this problem. Or give me back my $2000 plus.
  45. Using a Coolscan IV, I feel sharpness of the Vuescan images -even after repeated scan passes- is inferior to the Nikon Scan images I used to get before turning a -otherwise very satisfied- Mac user.
    Isn´t this a fact? An update from Nikon would be most welcome.
  46. I would love to assemble a bunch of us who have been hung out to dry on this Nikon Scan issue, and go stand in front of their booth at some photo show (like the Expo they attend at Javitz Center in NY), raise a ruckus and make Nikon feel ashamed of themselves for ignoring this. Why do they even still sell the product saying it's "Mac compatible"? Absurd.
    I need to use the batch feeder and have not been able to find ANY workable solution on the Mac. I have to use an old Windows XP PC to do the scanning, what a PITA.

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