Nikon SC-18/19 Sync Cords

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  1. Does anyone know where I can purchase a Nikon SC-18/19 Sync Cord ? The "18" is 5 feet in length and the "19" is
    appoximately 9 feet in length. I looked all over ebay, but nobody seems to have it except in the UK. I would like to get into
    Macro work this year before the end of the summer.

    I have two Nikon SB15s(still one best little flashes ever built) a Nikon FE2( although an F3 would probably be better suited
    for this, due to the mirror lock-up) and a PB-6E extension bellows with various extension tubes. I also have a cheapo 4
    Way Macro Focusing Rail Set with Fine Control that I purchased from Hong Kong(it works). So far have 1 "John Shaw"
    type clamp for a small flash that attaches to the tripod and extend about 12" from the bellows body. I think I purchased it
    from Really-right-stuff, but another clamp would allow a 2 flash set up. That's why I'm looking for a SC-18/19 so that I
    sync both flashes together.

    If anybody is into Macro and can give me some recomendations other than the Sync cord it would be greately
  2. Harry, as this technology is about 20 years old, most of the components have long since
    been replaced by newer components.

    Best bets to find them are:

    - Photonet Classifieds

    - eBay (I saw a SC-17 not too long ago)

    - Your local electronic 'classifieds'

    - Classifieds

    - If you haven't done so, just google SC-18

    Or you might just use PC cords and 'do the math'.

    Good luck
  3. "Harry, as this technology is about 20 years old, most of the components have long since been replaced by newer components."

    It looks like I might be able to use the SC-15 which they still sell at B&H. Also there is the TTL SC-27 & SC-28 which look like replacements for the SC-18/19. I'll call B&H and find out. Or I might just have to use a PC cord and do the 'Math'. It's just more fun doing it the old-fashioned way !
  4. Using google I found

    the SC-18 here

    and the SC-19 here

    Prices are about double what I paid back when these items were 'new technology'.
    Of course the dollar was worth more back then.

    At those prices you might check out the Nikon SU-4 slave. You would need two --
    one for each flash. You would also need a small inexpensive flash to put into the
    hot shoe to trigger the SU-4's. It's a cordless solution but slightly less reliable than
  5. Great Googling Rich Thanks !
  6. Is the Nikon SC-18 or -19 functionally any different than any other Male to Male PC cord made by any manufacturer?

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