Nikon SB-800 Low Battery Symptoms

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  1. Question: Do low internal batteries cause the SB-800 to exhibit symptoms like AF-Illum not firing, zoom head not moving, in addition to slow recycle and going into Standby mode.
    Could not find any other thread with this info. Thanks for any input...
    Situation: I use the SB-800 with a D700, and use a few different Quantums to power the high-voltage part of the flash. I use Maha Powerex 2700 AA's to power the -800's internal circuitry. Often I shoot long events and later in the evening I'll get some symptoms in the SB-800 such as:
    1) the AF-Illum won't fire in low light situations when it normally would (I know to put the camera on AF-S, etc.)
    2) the zoom head does not Auto-Zoom (again, assume that I have the settings correct) and won't even display the current focal length.
    3) flash goes into Standby even when Auto-Standby is turned off*
    *I know this is a clear sign of low, or near depleted internal AA's. But this symptom comes right at the end.
    Since I'm using a Quantum, I don't experience any increase in flash recycle time - so are items #1 and #2 early signs of low AA batteries or might it be something else (loose connection w hotshoe) these things symptoms of low internal batteries.
    Thank you in advance for your input.
  2. Do the all the symptoms stop immediately when you change the internal batteries?
  3. .. 1) use central cross type focusing point..
    .. 2) make sure your flash head is not tilted, rotated or bounced, no diffuser or bounce card extended
    ..2) no diffuser dome installed, make sure the micro switch on the SB800 body is not pressed-in or damaged.
    ..2) try another Nikkor zoom lens..
  4. +1 with Elliot.
    I guess these are new symptoms and not specific to this lens combo and it usually works just fine?
    If it's acting weird, change the batteries. If that fixes EVERYTHING, it was the batteries..;-)
    If it doesn't, it's something else...sadly, probably something that you can't fix yourself.

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