Nikon Retailer in Las Vegas?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rob_shooter, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Hi

    I am travelling for a trip to Las Vegas next month from the UK and as the pound
    is so strong against the dollar I am looking to see if I can pick up any bargain

    Can anybody recommend anywhere in Las Vegas that may be worth a visit while I'm

    Thanks in advance.
  2. "bargin lenses" and "Las Vegas", these 2 do not mix. Prepare yourself to pay 1.5 times or more than in your home town, an easy guess without even knowing where you come from.

    If you win BIG in a casino, then there are 2 or 3 Photo dealers on the Las Vegas Boulevard called "The Strip". One is in the shopping center area.
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    You can try visiting Nikon USA's web site: and then click on "Where to Buy."
    Eventually they'll ask you for the first 3 digits for your zip code (postal code). A postal code for Las Vegas is 89119, so just answer "891" and you'll get a list of stores in that area.

    Before you go, do some homework and get an idea how much each item you are interested costs at B&H and then see whether the stores in Las Vegas can match or at least be close to B&H's prices.
  4. Rob,
    Casey's Cameras on E. Tropicana (1550) would be a good start. Just east of the strip, Las
    Vegas Blvd. If you don't have a car, it's a short cab ride. I believe you will find their prices
    far below UK retail. As much as I like to try to buy from brick and mortar retailers,
    selection and delivery via online sources is much easier with generally good return
    options. Independent retailers just can't afford to carry a wide selection of professional
    If LA is part of your travel agenda, you'll find the selection at Samy's to be very good.
    Several locations in LA, Venice and Santa Barbara. Their mail order service is also very
    Hope your dates coincide with the Nellis AFB Air Show, early November, just north of Las
  5. Let me add to Dave's info. In addition to Casey's Camera on Tropicana, there's Sahara Camera on Sahara (what else) also east of the strip and a manageable cab fare. Nice folks there, however, the prices won't amuse you. The best prices I've found in Vegas on Nikon/Sigma/Tamron hardware is at the Ritz Camera store in the outlet mall on Las Vegas Blvd a couple of miles south of the strip hotels. Most strip hotels should have shuttle service to this mall. The stores that sell cameras on the strip in amongst the mega-resorts will have the highest prices you'll find anywhere.

    Be sure to see the Bellagio fountain show and the Conservatory inside (they do remarkable stuff with flowers).

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